Be wise with Lease Police

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram From inception up until the setting up process, how did you start your business?The Lease Police was founded by Peter Macaulay and I in 2000. It was a direct result of my retail experience, having owned and operated stores for 10 years and Peter’s experience as a centre manager for the big shopping centres. The advocacy fills a dire need for small business operators to have specialist advice specific to retail leasing prior to and during a business’s lease term. We initially operated from home offices for two years and specialised in representing small operators that needed advice and representation against landlords in a cost effective manner which most solicitors can’t provide. The business eventually moved to a full office with a support staff and represents retailers in all major cities around Australia.We have excellent and current information on the Web Site and our enquiry rate continues to grow exponentially solely based on business referrals, as we have never advertised. The Leasewise Group was started four years ago to handle the further work of major companies such as Tattersalls, Fernwood, VANA (All Victorian Authorised Newsagents) with their growth and maintenance of Retail Leases whilst the Lease Police specialises in alternate dispute resolution.What is your vision for the future of your business?My vision is to have more interaction for basic enquiries and advice through IT and for our service to be available to every retail business in Australia like an RACV Membership. Each retail site can then call on the ‘break down’ hot line when there is a problem or have an assessment provided prior to entering a lease or buying a business.Has your Greek Australian background played any role in your business?My Greek background is pivotal to my drive and success. Having grown up in the back of shops my parents ran the entrepreneurial drive and work ethic started there. The fact that my parents (like most Greeks) took risks to get ahead is vital to how I approach business.What would you say stands out as the comparative advantage of your business over the competition?Our business is unique in that it does not have any real competition. Some consultant companies have attempted to do what we do but nobody has come close to the spirit and drive and ultimately the results we provide for our clients.How has the Global Financial Crisis impacted on your business?The GFC has probably seen our business grow even further as Australia already has too much retail and rents are already too high therefore the slow down means more people are getting into serious trouble and more people are requiring to use our services.Do you have any advice for businesses facing issues with their leases?Get good advice. Most issues can be addressed. Our business was born as a direct result of “professionals” telling me “you can’t do anything about it”. The worst thing in business in passivity, there is always something you can do. You need to empower yourself and go on the front foot.There are some good lawyers who are well versed in retail leasing legislation, however, their costs may be prohibitive. It costs nothing to send an enquiry through our website and we provide answers and strategies pretty quickly.last_img read more