Rooters beware Nook Tablet may have a signed bootloader

first_imgIn our side-by-side comparisons with the Kindle Fire, one of the few areas where the Nook Tablet was the better choice was in its potential as a hacked tablet. Its extra storage, additional RAM, and SD card slot made it appear to be the more appealing purchase for those wanting to root and flash ROMs. But if you were ready to pounce on it due to this perceived advantage, you may want to reconsider. Initial reports are trickling in that Barnes and Noble may have given the device a signed bootloader, rendering it potentially unhackable.If this is eventually confirmed, and the device isn’t able to install custom ROMs, this could turn out to be an epic blunder for Barnes & Noble. While hackers probably spend less money on Barnes & Noble content, their feverish interest in the Nook Color was the driving force behind the tablet’s success. Tech blogs’ coverage of the reader’s hacks served as free publicity, and it made the device more recognizable to those who would never consider hacking. Taking that geek cred away just when the device gets a rival that is (in most ways) the better choice anyway could kill their slate’s momentum.On top of the signed bootloader talk, developers are also saying that the Nook Tablet won’t be able to boot off of the SD Card — at least not without additional workarounds. Yet another perk of the Nook Color was its ability to boot from the SD card. This allowed the device to run custom ROMs without tampering with the internal memory.While it’s worth staying calm and waiting to hear more before jumping to conclusions, we also wouldn’t recommend rushing to buy a Nook Tablet right now. If you were planning on using it as more than just a Barnes & Noble virtual store, you may be in for some disappointment.via The Digital Reader, XDA-developerslast_img read more