DICE interview reveals 12hour Battlefield 3 campaign

first_imgThe buzz surrounding Battlefield 3 is slowly starting to grow, fuelled mainly by EA and developer DICE drip-feeding us gameplay trailers and bits of information regarding the game. So far the game looks fantastic, and has already had a stunning two-minute trailer and rooftop sniper scene released. Now we know another vital bit of information about the game: how long the single-player campaign lasts.An interview with DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson during GDC this year has appeared on YouTube from website Games.on.net. During the 6 minute chat we get it confirmed that the single-player campaign is 12 hours long.AdChoices广告Troedsson explains that while Battlefield games are mutliplayer first and foremost, including the single-player aspect allows more new gamers to pick up the game without being thrust into multiplayer from the start. That way the mechanics and a general feel for the game can be experienced in the relative comfort of offline play.The lengthy campaign should come as welcome relief for anyone picking the game up off the back of Homefront which was criticized for only managing a 5-hour campaign.Read more at Games.on.net, via Eurogamer.netMatthew’s OpinionI have to admit that I prefer my FPS games to have a solid and long single-player game, and I only venture online occasionally. But then I don’t know anyone who plays mainly online not appreciating the single-player campaign. It adds value to the game, acts as a testing ground, and at the very least functions as a backup if your Internet connection goes down and you want/need to keep playing.Some may think that removing single-player would see the game launch qucker as less time is required for creation. While it may take slightly less development time without such a campaign, the majority of the work has to be done anyway as pretty much all the game assets are shared between multi- and single-player. The extra time comes from designing the scnarios and scripting the events, but again, a lot can be shared and environments used cleverly to ensure they can be used in multiplayer too. Overall, the single-player campaign adds far more value than the additional time it takes to implement.last_img read more