William Glay Petitioned for the Senate

first_imgReports say Grand Gedians residing in the United States of America, Australia, Nigeria, Ghana, and Liberia have petitioned one William Khon Glay to contest for the senatorial seat of Grand Geddeh County in the upcoming 2014 mid-term election.The group under the banner ‘Friends of William Glay’  said, “As a well connected man, a former regional forester, as well as a former representative of Legislature, we believe in Mr. Glay, due to his vast experience and proven leadership ability.”It was revealed by his supporters that Glay would bring a ‘viable representation’ to the table if elected.Glay’s fans believe that electing him in Senate would bring about the continuation of brighter days for Grand Geddeans, a situation they are said to have enjoyed before the Liberian civil war.The group’s statement further said, Glay’s leadership would buttress an agenda for job creation, better farm-to-market roads, adequate schools and affordable healthcare services for the people of Grand Gedeh.Receiving the petition, Glay expressed his thanks and appreciation to the organizing committee for their thoughtfulness and sense of gratitude.The former law maker said he was deeply honored by the citizen’s request and promised to make a comprehensive response at a possible time.Concerning their endorsement he explained: “The request brought tears to my eyes because you all realize the importance of power and how it should be channeled to bring about improvement in the lives of the people of our county.” Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

President calls for unity, stable economy ahead of “transformational change”

first_imgGuyana’s 49th Republic anniversary…symbols of nationhood, Constitution, must be respected – PPPAs the country continues to tread into a possible constitutional crisis, President David Granger has called on Guyanese to foster unity and work together to ensure economic stability ahead of the impending oil and gas sector.In his message to the nation on the country’s 49th Republic Day anniversary, the Head of State posited that a prosperous future awaits Guyana.“Guyanese eagerly anticipate the transformational economic change which will accrue from the green economy and emerging petroleum sector – factors which will impel the country further and faster into a future of prosperity… Everyone wins when the nation is united. Let us work together to ensure that our country remains secure, our economy is stable and that everyone is safe and could enjoy a good life,” he asserted.However, the President’s statement comes on the heels of stakeholders expressing worry over the impact the current political situation can have on economic development, particularly inward investments.In fact, during a meeting with the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) on preparations for General and Regional Elections, a representative from the ABCE diplomatic community voiced similar concerns.After weeks of stalemate on the way forward, GECOM earlier this week voted to continue its normal activity and to inform the President that new General Elections cannot be held by the constitutional March 19 deadline – a move which has placed Guyana on the brink of a constitutional crisis.Without making mention of or referencing the ongoing situation, the Head of State said in his remarks that establishment of the Republic on February 23, 1970, confirmed Guyana’s independence, consolidated its multicultural character, accelerated social and economic transformation, and advanced nation-building.He outlined that the architects of independence insisted, during independence negotiations, on constitutional assurances for the eventual severing of subordinate ties to the British monarchy by insisting that: “There will be provision for the Parliament of the new State [of Guyana] if it so wishes, after the 1st January, 1969, to bring into operation scheduled amendments establishing a Republic on the parliamentary system.”Against this backdrop, President Granger noted that then Prime Minister, Forbes Burnham, on August 28, 1969, moved a motion in the National Assembly for Guyana to become a Republic with effect from February the following year.That move has resulted in Guyanese, today, being able to celebrate the country’s statehood.“It was a substantive fulfilment of our people’s aspirations to chart their own destiny by refashioning their social and economic relations, introducing new national institutions, affirming sovereignty and advancing towards the goal of self-reliance. The national honours system was introduced to recognise the service of our outstanding citizens,” the Head of State asserted.He went on to say too that today, Guyanese are happy to live in a State that is committed to the rule of law, the independence of the Judiciary, freedom of the press and respect for fundamental human rights.Meanwhile, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) noted that as Guyanese celebrate another milestone, the symbols of nationhood, such as the National Flag and the Constitution, must be respected by all Guyanese, in demonstration of patriotism.In expressing its best wishes to those here and in the Diaspora, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) noted that Mashramani represents Guyana’s history of struggle and pride in self-governance.“The jubilance, through vibrant music and the splendour of the multitude of colours, reflect not just revelling after hard work, as the word Mashramani connotes, but the rich diversity that defines us as a nation… It is the Party’s fervent hope that all will reflect on Guyana’s journey as a nation since attaining the status as a Republic and continued to be imbued with patriotism and pride as we celebrate the occasion of Mashramani 2019.”“Mashramani is also a reminder of the fortitude and resilience of all of our people who remained steadfast in their efforts to building our nation, so as to realise the future we all desire,” the Party said while commending those involved in the various activities across the country for their dedication and efforts.Both the PPP and the Head of State extended greetings to Guyanese both in at home and in the Diaspora on the occasion of the country’s 49th anniversary of the Republic.last_img read more