Way Out Wax – Vermont Naturals Pioneers Use of Corn-Based Plastic in Candle Packaging

first_imgMorrisville,VT – In the world of candles, consumers have a hard time finding truly natural candles, even in large natural chain stores and food cooperatives. Most candles contain synthetic dyes, fragrances and additives. Add to that, many candles are encased in plastic materials, which conflicts with the ultimate purpose of creating and selling natural products. The folks at Way Out Wax Vermont Naturals (WOW-VN) think differently. That means using natural material in their packaging, not just in their products.Starting in late November, consumers noticed a new Earthworks PLA (polymer polylactide) plastic wrap on two of WOW-VNs candle lines. Pillars of Aromatherapy Single Scents and Clean AirTM are now wrapped in this revolutionary material. Earthworks PLA plastic is the first commercially-viable packaging derived entirely from an annually renewable resource — corn. This new plastic packaging uses up to 50 percent less fossil fuel and contributes 40 percent less greenhouse gases to the atmosphere than petroleum-based products and, if properly composted, take only 3-4 weeks for complete degradation.Way Out Wax Vermont Naturals has been producing all natural, clean-burning pure aromatherapy candles since 1992, following responsible business practices, by reducing, reusing and recycling waste wherever possible. Its only natural that they would extend these principles into their packaging design. They were the first company to produce all-natural odor neutralizing products with their Clean AirTM line. Now they are the first company to use corn-based plastic for candle packaging.WOW-VNs Creative Director, Elena Esteban completely redesigned these two lines with new labels and packaging with vibrant colors, photographs and PLA packaging. We are responding to both the market and our mission to create clean, fresh and colorful designs that reflect our environmental concerns and the beautiful flowers and plants that scent our products. Adding a completely compostable wrap was simply an extension of this. We are already receiving an overwhelming response. Clearly, its what people want. Theres nothing else like it.PLA plastics begin as the carbon corn plants remove from the air during photosynthesis and store in grain starches. The starches are broken down into natural plant sugars and through a simple process of fermentation, separation and polymerization, the carbon and other elements in these natural sugars are used to make PLA.Way Out Wax Vermont Naturals offers candles to match any mood or occasion. In addition to the Aromatherapy Single Scents line, they offer two lines of scent blends, the Green Mountain Collection, with scents such as Citrus Harmony and Sweet Dreams, and the Vermont Soy Candles line with scents such as Forest and Lavender Sky. They also produce a Bug Out and Hemp Citronella line and a Non-scents collection of unscented candles.Way Out Wax Vermont Naturals candles can be found nationally at natural food, gift stores and coops, large natural chain stores, spas, resorts and gift and fashion boutiques, or can be purchased through their secure website at www.wayoutwax(link is external). For more information visit the website or call 1-888-727-1903.last_img read more