Invader Zim Is Returning to Earth With a New TV Movie

first_img ‘Invader Zim’ and ‘Rocko’s Modern Life’ TV Movies Bring Nick to NetflixAll the Trailers You Might Have Missed from SDCC Stay on target Invader Zim will soon be back on Nickelodeon again with a new plan to take over the world. The kids’ network has ordered a new 90-minute TV movie starring the universe’s most incompetent alien conqueror. Series creator Jhonen Vasquez is behind the film, according to Deadline.Check out the teaser!The movie isn’t in production yet, but we do know it will revolve around Zim coming up with a new, even more, ridiculous plan to take over Earth. Or potentially destroy it. Either way, he’s hoping it will finally get him the respect he craves from the Almighty Tallest. Just guessing here, but I’m gonna say it doesn’t work out the way he wants it to. He’s so very… small. You’re very small, Zim.Vasquez isn’t the only one returning to the show. Richard Horovitz will reprise the role of Zim, Rikki Simons is back as Gir, and Andy Berman and Melissa Fahn are returning as Dib and Gaz. This will be the third classic Nicktoons Nickelodeon is bringing back for a TV movie. Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie is already in production, and so is a Rocko’s Modern Life special. Dip your Dunkaroos in Szechuan McNugget Sauce; it’s the turn of the Millennium all over again!Invader Zim was unlike anything else on Nickelodeon when it premiered in 2001. It was filled with dark humor and surprisingly disturbing imagery for a children’s cartoon. As someone who had already mostly aged out of Nickelodeon’s target audience, it felt like the last show of theirs that was made for me. What other Nickelodeon show would have an episode where the main character harvests his classmates’ organs and turns himself into a giant blob of meat? Invader Zim turned out to be a gateway to Vasquez’s comics and Slave Labor Graphics. Nothing spoke to an angsty teenager in the early 2000s quite like Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Squee.Even though the TV movie is probably a long ways off, you don’t need to wait for more Zim. A very funny, consistently well-written Invader Zim comics series has been coming out for the last two years. Vasquez even pens the occasional issue. If you need another way to pass the time? Hmm… I’m gonna sing the Doom Song now! Doom doom doomdoom doom doom…last_img read more