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first_imgThere are even more reasons for satisfaction because more and more sparkling wines are produced from indigenous, sometimes neglected doom such as Portuguese, Greek and Pusipel, but also Graševina, Malvasia, Teran… We are also happy that local (younger) winemakers have the courage to embark on experimentation with new techniques that seek to preserve varietal characteristics in sparkling wines, which over time due to the fall of acids and yeast action usually disappear and most sparkling wines are very similar on the nose and palate. In Croatia, sparkling wines are left to age in amphorae buried in the ground and even in special cages in the sea depths of the Adriatic. The latest data from the Central Bureau of Statistics on increasing exports of sparkling wines in the first nine months of this year is the result of an increasing number of awards and recognitions to domestic winemakers at prestigious international competitions: by the end of September we exported 20.500 liters of sparkling wine worth 465.000 EUR, while in 2017 we exported 15.800 liters worth 350.000 EUR. The Dutch were most enthusiastic about our sparkling wines (6.900 liters), followed by the Italians and Montenegrins (both 3.200 liters each). Reading the Wine Balance for 2017 (total production, exports, imports, stocks, self-sufficiency and per capita consumption) and comparing data from the previous few years, most of the comments were – negative, which primarily referred to the decline in production (compared to 2010 / 2011 – “wine years” start on 1.7 July and end on 30.6 June), increased imports and reduced consumption per capita. However, different periods were compared, and often the situation on the global market was not taken into account, which also recorded a decline in production, but also a decrease in wine consumption as a result of the trend of changing life habits and striving for a healthier life. But in one thing, all analysts and connoisseurs of the wine scene in Croatia agreed: there are more and more quality and top wines produced from indigenous varieties from vineyards with the characteristics of a specific terroir in each of the 4 Croatian wine regions! Apart from the peaceful ones, an increasing number of excellent producers sparkling wines, not only in Istria and Plešivica as was the case ten years ago, but in the whole of Croatia. Especially happy variety of flavors, smell i boja sparkling wines whose bubbles are pearling in more and more glasses, both on the domestic and foreign markets. Given the more complex process of sparkling wine production and the longer time from harvest to market, sparkling wine producers take a higher risk, and the payback period is much longer – so it is to be commended their decision to embark on a bubble adventure.last_img read more