first_imgMAYThe National Association of Master Bakers (NA) swore in its 111th president, Colin Fulcher, at its annual conference in Harrogate. He received his chain of office from outgoing president Tony Phillips. New president-elect Shirley Harrison was also installed as the NA’s first lady president elect. Waitrose MD Steven Eson announced the retailer was overhauling its bakery department “to dominate on quality”. It was looking at layout, merchandising and signage. Speciality bread and patisserie were areas of key importance, he said. Northern Irish plant baker Irwin’s rolled out a “free from nuts” logo on its products after banning nuts from its factory. The baker said it was now one of only three nut-free plant bakeries in the UK, and the only one in Northern Ireland.Catering giant Compass relaunched its Tastte! sandwich range using healthy ingredients such as reduced-salt bacon. It also introduced a heathy-eating sub-brand LS2GO (Life-style to Go) with low-carbohydrate options, created in partnership with ingredients supplier Bakels.Harvestime (2005) was formed in a management buy-out of former New Rathbones bakeries in Walsall, Leicester and Peterborough. The new management team included MD John Bridson and sales director Phil Taylor. Working capital for the deal was provided by specialist miller Whitworth Bros and its chairman Martin George.Rank Hovis said it was to stop production at its Hull mill, following a strategic review. The mill, Rank’s oldest dating back to 1891, closed in December.David Powell Bakeries was acquired by Rich Products UK, a subsidiary of the US food manufacturer. Rich’s president George Thomopoulos said buying the £11m turnover business would enable Rich to diversify into new areas and give it access to manufacturing facilities in the UK. Country Style Foods faced a third strike at its Stockton plant as employees protested over terms and conditions. The industrial action was eventually put on hold after management came back with a new offer. Surrey retail bakery Coughlans beat off competition from Greggs to be named Baker Sandwich Maker of the Year at the Sandwich retail Multiple of the Year Awards (Sammies). Bakers Oven, Greggs, and Scottish chain Mathiesons were all shortlisted for the award, which looks at presentation, atmosphere and range.last_img read more

Top tips for a greener fridge and reduced energy bills

first_imgFoster Refrigeration (King’s Lynn, Norfolk) says it is helping bakers meet the increasing demands for energy efficiency with its new Green Paper, Energy efficiency – saving energy in the kitchen.The company’s top tips include thinking about the location of your fridge within the kitchen, as this can affect its energy usage. It also suggests that the running temperature is correctly set to suit the type of food within. Setting the refrigerator to the correct temperatures should immediately help lower one’s energy usage, says the firm.When choosing a refrigerator, bakers should check with the manufacturer, who should be able to advise of annual energy usage levels, and ensure they are registered to the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme. The choice of refrigerator should be based on the needs of the kitchen. The type of refrigerant used should also be considered. Hydrocarbon has been shown to use up to 13% less energy than the commonly used R404a refrigerant.last_img read more

Ziggurat Brands

first_img(West Sussex) has launched new packaging for Higgidy.The pies are packed in rich, dark-coloured boxes, with contrasting illustrations and copy in pink and blue. Development director and co-founder, Camilla Stephens, said:”The charming illustrations by Mark Beech animate the packaging, creating a narrative of the finest kitchen cupboard ingredients. The pies fill the individual portion boxes to capacity, and their golden baked toppings are visible through a window, designed to mirror the pie’s pastry fluting.”last_img

Post bag

first_imgI am writing to thank Mark and Sally Biggs from Biggs Bakery in Littlehampton for their kind generosity and for making it a very special Christmas for William and his seven friends in Hawthorn house at The Children’s Trust, a national charity providing care, education and therapy for children with multiple disabilities and complex health needs.The bakery raised £3,537, and Sally and Mark delivered personalised gifts for each child, as well as CD players and disco lights for every bedroom in the house.Local businesses were also fantastic, donating raffle prizes. And a rock and roll group from Goring held an evening to raise £937, making the grand total an amazing £4,037! This money will buy specialised and much-needed equipment for the children.On behalf of all the children in Hawthorn House and from all of us at The Children’s Trust, can we please send a huge thank you to Biggs Bakery for all its kind support and all the best for 2007.From Joanne Toner,corporate fundraiser,The Children’s Trustlast_img read more


first_imgCereal ingredient specialist Edme has announced the commissioning of a Satake ESM Alphascan Colour Sorter at its plant in Mistley, Essex.Colour Sorters use diffused light to mask ’good’ product as it passes a series of cameras, enabling non-standard material – objects that are lighter or darker – to be identified and rejected.The purchase is part of an ongoing investment in the facility, according to the company.last_img


first_img“Salt will continue to be a major industry issue in 2009. The Federation of Bakers is very concerned that the new Food Standards Agency (FSA) targets likely to be set for 2012 will be technically impossible for the industry to achieve. The Federation is committed to an ongoing constructive dialogue with the FSA and is voicing its concerns. We hope the FSA will develop some practical proposals moving forwards.”2009 will see the official abolition of prescribed quantities – the historic end of 700 years of standard loaf sizes. This will have a huge impact on the bread industry and we expect the response of bakers and the feedback of consumers to be a key topic this year.”We have been listening to the EU plans for Nutrient Profiles and think that significant amendments to the Food Information Proposal will be necessary. A major job for the industry in the coming months will be to ensure we communicate to consumers the value and goodness of bread. We also hope the industry’s National Skills Academy gets off the ground, as we expect it to play a central part in delivering skills the industry needs.”Finally, we hope that 2009 produces a good wheat harvest in the UK and the rest of the world, providing more stability for the plant bakery industry.”last_img read more

Edible nut pricing

first_imgAlmonds: The Californian almond bloom was good, but there were widespread reports of a late frost that affected a number of countries to differing degrees. This will have impacted on the final crop figure come the harvest in August/September.Walnuts: To date, the volumes of new season walnuts imported from both China and India have been minimal. UK and European stock levels are lower than usual, but with little new demand, there has been far less activity in the processing factories and negligible purchasing from processors to farmers.Cashews: After limited activity over the past two to three months, there has been a surge in demand, largely coming from the major European roasters and salters who have taken advantage of the stronger Euro. The bottom line is that the end-consumers’ desire to indulge in higher-value but feelgood products will prevail, despite the economic downturn.Pecans: Sterling prices are now trading at levels some 35% higher than last year. The potential good news is that, weather permitting, pricing into 2010 should be better.Pistachios: This market has continued to increase and to confound all historical precedents. A combination of a weak sterling, set against the significantly reduced US crop this season, with Iran largely out of the picture, has resulted in an explosion of pricing across the trade.? Based on information provided by ingredients supplier RM Curtislast_img read more

Ship-shape systems

first_imgAny additional information?Up to 50 programmes can be stored and a direct transfer system is also available for the setting of unformed dough pieces.www. == Name: Accurist2 divider and Multitex4 moulder == How does it work?With the moulder, the dough is sheeted before being run through a churling chain to create a nice tight mould before it goes through the final process. Why should bakers buy it?The Vemag can handle absorption rates from 45-95% with just a change of the double-screws. It can also be configured to produce everything from open-crumb to tight-crumb structures. The divider doesn’t require mineral oil, so saves on running costs too. Anything to add?The firm says it has invested significantly in developments to its dividing and moulding equipment, under the principle that gentle dough-handling maintains the integrity of the dough structure and leads to higher-quality How does it work?The Accurist2 uses a single servo-drive arrangement to deliver on weight control, low stress dough-handling and low-cost maintenance. New benefits include a six-pocket version, with a maximum of 11,000 x 900g dough pieces per hour.The Multitex4 dough sheeting head can deal with a variety of products, from fruited soft brioches to heavily seeded dough. It features a new PerfectPan moulding table for quality production. What are they suitable for?The Mini Moulder and MK11 Dividers are both ideal for smaller bakeries. == Name: Mini Moulder + MK11 Suction Divider == What can it do?Designed to enable bakers to choose their own combination of equipment in one machine, it has output rates of up to 9,000 dough pieces per hour in six rows or 6,000 pieces in four rows. Stockist/contact: Baker Perkins – 01733 283000 What is it?A modular roll plant system based on the Classic Rex automatic dough-dividing and rounding machine. Anything else?An optional Vemag 982 Developer system can further de-gas doughs, in order to produce a more uniform fine cell == Name: Vemag Dough Divider == Why should bakers buy it?Both the Mini Moulder and MK11 can produce up to 1,000 items per hour, and additional kit for the moulder can provide the facility to produce five-inch finger rolls. Stockist/contact: Reiser – 01908 585300 How does it work?At the heart of this machine is a double screw transport system, says Reiser. This ensures consistent handling of the dough without overworking it. Why should bakers buy it?New design features on both the Accurist and Multitex bring increased efficiencies to save bakers extra money and respond to the need to reduce salt in bread. == Name: König – Combi Line == Stockist/contact: Mono Equipment – 01792 564000 Why should bakers buy it?A wide range of products can be made with the Combi Line, such as baps, finger rolls, stamped rolls, doughnuts, fruited buns and teacakes. Its stamping station has integrated stamping cups and tools that are easy to change. Stockist/contact: EPP – 01372 745558 What can they do?The MK11 can gently divide dough between 284g to 1,400g, and the table-top moulder is capable of producing a range of loaves and finger rolls. Key factsIt is suitable for all types of bread, rolls, buns and English muffins, and is easily adjustable to produce a variety of portion sizes (from 5g to 20kg), dough absorptions and crumb structures. It can run bread dough in single or double lanes at 200+ exact weight pieces per minute. Any additional information?Also available from Mono is the Metro Moulder, suitable for artisan bread production, and the Multi Moulder, which gently moulds bread, from a six-inch tin loaf to a 12-inch OK, but what else?Operating widths of 600mm and 800mm are available, and the machine is manufactured using stainless steel and other high-spec food-quality materials. König also retains the intelligent modular head machine, known for its gentle dough processing technology.last_img read more

CASH hits out at salt in free-from bakery

first_imgConsensus on Salt and Health (CASH) has hit out at supermarket free-from products, which it claims contain a much higher salt content than their standard alternatives.Research carried out by CASH analysed the contents of 71 supermarket own-label products in ‘free-from’ ranges (gluten, wheat or dairy-free), and compared them to the retailer’s standard version.However, only just over half (56.3%) of the free-from products contained more salt, and 26.7% contained less.Topping CASH’s saltiest free-from list was Sainsbury’s Free From Jaffa Cakes which contained six times a much salt in the free-from range – 0.67g of salt per 100g, compared to 0.1g of salt per 100g in standard Sainsbury’s Jaffa Cakes.Other products on the list were Morrisons free from Chocolate Chip Cookies, which contained 1.5g of salt per 100g, compared to 0.5g per 100g in the standard version, and Asda Free From Double Chocolate Muffins which contain 1g of salt per 100g, compared to 0.3g per 100g in the standard version.“In general, it has been the supermarket own-label products that have led the way in salt reduction, but it seems that own-label products for people with existing health problems have not been a top priority for the retailers,” commented Graham MacGregor, chairman of CASH and professor of cardiovascular medicine.A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s was quoted in The Daily Telegraph as saying the supermarket was actively working on reducing the salt levels in its free-from range.last_img read more

Cold comfort for cupcake collections

first_imgThe Handmade Cake Company has launched a range of cupcake collections.The sponges are scatch-baked using the same recipes the company uses for its main cake range. Four different collections have been launched: Naturally Pretty Vanilla; Chocolate; Classic Mixed (containing chocolate, raspberry buttercream, toffee & carrot varieties) and Fruit & Carrot (lemon, raspberry buttercream, blueberry and carrot).There are four cupcakes in each collection and the colours and decorations contain no artificial ingredients. They are supplied frozen in a cardboard outer containing 16 cupcakes four of each variety in the collection. Each cupcake weighs between 70-85g and has a two-day shelf life after