Todd Stoops To Wear Nike Gear Following New Endorsement Deal

first_imgWhile Todd Stoops is known for his funky keyboard styles, the performer is also associated with his Adidas tracksuits. That’s all changing soon, however, as Stoops has accepted an endorsement deal from Nike to wear their gear.“I’d been wearing Adidas for years, ever since my cousin gave me ten of their tracksuits for Christmas one year. I always tried to get them to sponsor me, but they missed out on the opportunity,” said Stoops. “Once Nike made the call, I knew it was too good of an offer to pass up on.”Stoops will be required to funk out in Nike uniforms at twenty super jams per year, as well as ten guest appearances with bands like String Cheese, Twiddle and more. While he wouldn’t tell us the specific value of the endorsement, it was “enough to burn all of my Adidas suits, that’s for sure.”We’ll certainly miss the Adidas days, and hopefully Stoops’ newfound endorsement won’t affect his playing![Via April Fools!]last_img

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