Honduran Authorities Discover Cocaine-Processing Laboratory

first_img The Honduran authorities discovered a “well-equipped” cocaine-processing laboratory on 9 March in an isolated mountain area in the department of Cortés, around 280 km north of the capital, a police spokesperson told AFP. The spokesperson, Leonel Sauceda, said that the authorities were on the trail of a cocaine-processing installation, which “was discovered in the Cerro Negro [Black Peak] area, in the municipality of Omoa.” “This is the first drug-processing laboratory found in Honduras. Tents, a generator, two air compressors, and chemicals in barrels were found, in the best style of well-equipped laboratories in Colombia,” the officer emphasized. Sauceda explained that drug traffickers have been importing paste from South America in order to process the drug and ship it from Honduras to the United States. The Honduran authorities affirm that they are maintaining an offensive against drug traffickers, who have found sanctuary for their operations especially in unpopulated areas in the country’s east. By Dialogo March 11, 2011last_img

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