Nicaraguan police seize illegal weapons and reduce violent crime

first_img The seizures of illegal firearms helped bring down the level of deadly violence in Nicaragua in 2013. The country had a homicide rate of 11 killings per 100,000 residents in 2012. That rate dropped to 8.7 killings per 100,000 residents in 2013. Nicaragua is the safest country in Central America as measured by homicide rates, assault victim rates and the authority and influence of national police forces, according to a 2013-2014 Human Development Regional Report by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Community policing Increased seizures of illegal firearms is not the only reason the rate of violence decreased. Under the leadership of Aminta Granera, director of the Nicaraguan National Police, the police department is emphasizing “community policing” methods, in which police officers interact closely with local neighborhoods. Expanded police presence in neighborhoods has reduced illegal activity by gangs. By spending time in neighborhoods, Nicaraguan police also become closer to the civilian population, earning the trust of law-abiding people who can provide information that helps authorities fight crime. Nicaragua has 13,000 police officers for a population of about 5.8 million people. Each year, authorities add about 1,500 new police officers to the ranks of the National Police. Fighting gun violence Fewer killings Seizures by Nicaraguan National Police of nearly 20,000 illegal firearms during a recent five year span have been a key factor in reducing the homicide rate in the country, authorities said. Nicaraguan security forces seized more than 19,000 weapons between 2008 and 2013, according to El Nuevo Diario – including illegal pistols, machine guns, shotguns, rifles, and grenades. In 2013 alone, Nicaraguan security forces seized 5,500 illegal weapons. By Dialogo August 20, 2014 Seizing illegal firearms is an important component in the fight against crime because many criminals in Nicaragua use guns to commit their offenses, said Monica Zalaquett, director of the Center for Violence Prevention in Managua. In Nicaragua “there are a lot of crimes of robberies in which firearms . . . are generally used and there are many young people with signs of bullet injuries,” Zalaquett said. Nicaraguan police have demonstrated their effectiveness by seizing high numbers of weapons, said Sandino Asturias, director of the Center for Guatemalan Studies (CEG) in Guatemala. “The seizure of these weapons shows the professionalism of the police and the country’s (criminal justice) institutions,” Asturias said. “Safety programs in Nicaragua are comprehensive.” Police in Nicaragua are “efficient” in their efforts to dismantle drug trafficking organizations and confronting weapons smugglers, the security analyst said. There is no major Nicaraguan transnational criminal organization. Two Mexican drug trafficking organizations, the Sinaloa Cartel and Los Zetas, operate in Nicaragua, transporting drugs through the country, often along Atlantic coastal regions. A Colombian drug trafficking group, the Norte del Valle Cartel, also operates in the country. I think that the police is doing their job with whatever they have available, despite all the limitations. The most important thing is that they managed to capture the person who committed all the Bluefield murders; also, what happened on July 19th is reprehensible from any point of view, but I’m not convinced that those that stood trial are the true offenders, they may have records, but the reason isn’t clear yet. I still wonder why there’s so much cruelty in their hearts. That’s good. The Chief of Police should be a woman, so that these goals can be achieved. CONGRATULATIONS AMINTA. The company that I work for had two weapons taken away, a revolver and a shotgun. This happened because the permits were not uotodate, since in order to renew the permits they have to pay the municipal solvency of an abandoned building and they were having liquidity problems. I think it’s unfair to link a permit with a municipal solvency since the company was left unprotected. But these are the laws and decrees that make justice unfair because neither the government nor the companies have money. I wonder what they did and who has those weapons? I leave this case for you to ponder. We have an exemplary police force…congratulations to the National Police of Nicaragua. In Greyton RAAN there are fuses and AKs; unfortunately, neither the National Army or the National Police have done anything about it. Even if they try to cover the sun with one finger, there will always be crooked cops. Otherwise, then properly explain the death of Alexis Arguello. Because as a Nicaraguan and admirer of the three times champion, I am not convinced that he killed himself and I have the right to know the truth. Well, you’ll have to excuse me but I don’t see how the police is efficient because two years ago one of my kids was beaten up, who back then was 19, and was beaten by a bunch of slackers at the FAREM university doorway and one of the guys that had instructed the others to beat him showed up and underwent trial but was released because the police didn’t submit enough evidence. Obviously the police is not interested in these cases because we are not friends with any of the authorities and maybe that’s why they didn’t care to solve the case and now the one that beat him is sitting quietly at home and my son is about to start college now but can’t because he still can’t properly speak or write due to the stroke he received and nobody is paying for the crime committed against my son. This happened in the city of Esteli and now he can’t read or write and it’s become impossible for him to get his professional license since he’s already got the ordinary license and the only thing he can do is drive. Maybe Aminta Granera will read this and can help him get a job so he doesn’t get depressed. I think the role played by the police in our country is a living example for the region. There are moments in which you are happy and others in which you’re worried because these people are submissive to the president of Nicaragua and Mr. Daniel Ortega takes advantage of this for his party, which leads them to make many mistakes out of fear and it’s logical because they should be at the service of Nicaragua since our taxes pay for their wages. But they haven’t captured the criminals that killed the money exchange dealer in Esteli. It’s embarrassing that justice only exists in Managua. Policemen from Managua need to come to Esteli in order to clear up the narc cases from the murders. That’s why we’re asking Aminta Granera to investigate the murder case of Joel, the money exchange dealer. Only in Amita we trust because the policeforce of Esteli is rotten…. As a Nicaraguan woman I feel great joy in being represented by a brave woman that is increasingly magnified in this grand role as Chief of that police institution in defense of citizenship safety. May God bless you a lot, fellow Aminta Granera, as well as all the police officers. THE POLICE WORKS WELL BUT THERE ARE DEPARTMENT CHIEFS THAT NEGLECT THE INSTITUTION. I DON’T KNOW WHAT AMINTA GRANERA DOES BUT IT’S SAID THAT SHE’S A HIGH MERIT CHIEF AND IS UNLIKE THESE CORRUPTED CHIEFS. WE HAVE THE CASE OF MATAGALPA WHERE A CROOKED CHIEF, WHO WE ALL KNOW IS CALDERON, I DON’T KNOW WHY THEY STILL HAVE HIM THERE IF HE’S ALREADY SURPASSED THE TIME HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THERE AND THIS MAN EVEN WORKS WITH THE DRUG DEALERS OF MATAGALPA. WE ASK THE CHIEF OF POLICE COMMANDER DANIEL ORTEGA TO REMOVE THIS GARBAGE WE HAVE HERE IN MATAGALPA SINCE AMINTA CAN’T REMOVE HIM. The percentage decrease from 11 to 8.7 is very encouraging. Maybe they can increase the amount of undercover policemen so that the delinquents can feel insecure when looking at any person without uniform. What a great job she’s done and not just because she’s a woman as verta says but because she’s had the full support of the president and his wife unlike the other police chiefs and better yet, she’s very efficient in abiding by the law and enforcing it and not just that, but she addresses the facts, such as when she arrived at the city hall fire and the newspaper headline was THE LAW ARRIVES TO SET ORDER, and this was before she was chief of police and when they captured the oak-tree thieves in a Tucson pick- up truck which had to deal with the police through a shooting and when the delinquent saw her couldn’t resist bursting into tears…congratulations and may we have Aminta for some time. This lady has a gift….. The police is lead by experienced commands with great professional capabilities. And the most important thing is the human capacity derived from being forged throughout history within a revolutionary process that is now establishing new patterns that will oversee the wellness of the people while working alongside the community. All I know is that I love and respect Commissioner Aminta for being honest and loyal to the values and principles. I hope she stays the same and I pray to God to always give her wisdom. If that company can’t settle its debts then it’s dangerous for them to have firearms since at any given time they could go bankrupt and by not being able to pay their employees. Whoever finds the firearms can create a shameful, relevant and world-news problem that can give a bad image to our country. That’s why we are much safer than other countries! The difference with the other ones in America is that the Nicaraguan police is of the people and for the people with the exceptions that have come about in this new stage. However, the directorate is made of men and women who are revolutionary and honest and who maintain the mystic. We hope that some of this can be transferred to the new admissions and that they also do a more careful selection. I am pleased to know that my dear Nicaragua is safer now. Good afternoon. With all due respect, I know that we have a good police force, the best one in Latin America. But we need to make a big effort in helping the community of the Nicaraguan National Police. Let’s remember that the Nicaraguan National Police and Army are the products of a revolution.last_img

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