Nova Scotia LGBT groups turn up heat on church over antigay speakers

first_imgA church group is being pressured to cancel two speakers at a conference in Pugwash, N.S., next month, amid concerns they promote a homophobic message to young people.The event at Camp Pugwash, a venue owned by the Maritime Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, is scheduled to run from July 20 to 28, in a week-long conference open to families.Michael Carducci and Danielle Harrison are invited as “youth speakers” at the event. They are leaders of Coming Out Ministries, an Ohio-based Christian group led by “redeemed souls” who tell their personal stories about being “freed from the chains of homosexuality” to follow God.Two Halifax LGBTQ groups — Pride Halifax and the Youth Project — have co-authored a petition asking the church to rescind the invitation, expressing concern that the speakers’ message promotes techniques similar to conversion therapy, the practice of trying to change people’s sexual orientation.“Exposing young people to these messages is extremely problematic and they have no place in modern discourse,” said Adam Reid, executive director of Pride Halifax, who said community members will discuss next steps at a meeting this week.“We want to make sure the organizers of this conference are well aware of the risk and rescind this invite to visitors from the United States.”Reid said his organization decided to make the petition public after first reaching out to the church and receiving no indication that the event would be cancelled.The Maritime Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church did not respond to requests for comment from The Canadian Press. Stan Jensen, the Canadian media representative for the church, said in an e-mail last Thursday that he was not aware of any plans to cancel “as of yet.”The Halifax Seventh-day Adventist Church said over Facebook messenger that the church does not promote conversion therapy and said the church is “making this a matter of prayer.”The message also said the accusations of conversion therapy practices against Coming Out Ministries speakers have been “disproven many times.”The Canadian Psychological Association, which condemns conversion therapy, defines it as “any formal therapeutic attempt to change the sexual orientation of bisexual, gay and lesbian individuals to heterosexual,” using methods including “prayer or religious rites, modification of behaviours, and individual or group counselling.”Coming Out Ministries does not claim to offer the therapy — the group’s work is self-described as sharing personal testimonials about the spiritual benefits of leaving behind a person’s homosexual identity.Coming Out Ministries’ website describes the group as led by “four redeemed souls [who] have been plucked from the burning and have joined in a united front to provide education, hope and personal stories of God’s redemptive process.”Carducci and Harrison share their stories about living an openly gay life, before saying they left it behind after hearing Jesus’ teachings. Their speaking engagements and videos are meant to share their stories, so audiences have the opportunity to “[realize] how God’s generous healing for the sexually impure is parallel to the healing process of all sin.”The group also writes that heterosexuality “is not the only plan for His precious children, but is the only one He condones regarding sexual intimacy.”Reid said the suggestion that homosexuality and homosexual acts are impure and unwelcome in the church will have the same negative impact on youth, regardless of whether conversion therapy is used.“They’re not perhaps actually encouraging people to go through a conversation therapy process, the end goal is still the same-to try to get people to deny their sexual and gender identity, which is we know deeply, deeply harmful.”In an interview with The Canadian Press, Reid said that as conversion therapy becomes more widely rejected — the City of Vancouver recently introduced a bylaw banning the practice — people who condone the practice are becoming more cautious with their wording.“At this point they’re dancing around the issue. They’re saying the things that people who support, or might condone these sorts of messages, cling to and will further support. So, they’re just getting a little bit clever with the language used,” said Reid.Earlier this month, a New Brunswick retreat featuring speakers who promoted “healing” for the “relationally and sexually broken” was cancelled.Seventh-day Adventist Kinship International, a support group for “current or former Adventists who identify as LGBTIQ,” published a statement calling on the Maritime conference to rescind the invitation.“SDA Kinship believes that by promoting these voices as representative of the entire experience within the LGBTIQ community, even though they do not currently identify as such, the church is elevating stories that portray all LGBTIQ people as damaged, sex addicts, drug and alcohol abusers, unfaithful in relationships, and utterly lost if they do not follow the same path of these self-identified ‘redeemed’ individuals. This is not only unfortunate; it is dangerous,” the statement said.A petition was started last week by a person who says the Maritime Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church has invited Coming Out Ministries to Atlantic Canada before.Matt DeMerchant wrote that Coming Out Ministries visited Sandy Lake Academy, a Bedford, N.S., school affiliated with the Maritime conference, while he was a student.“I became deeply depressed after hearing their message, and even had suicidal thoughts. I was pushed further and further from God and from His church. Their message is dangerous. I have since found peace within myself. I have found God and will never stop worshiping Him, but I still lead a homosexual lifestyle,” DeMerchant wrote.“This is a direct attack on those of us who wish to continue our faith in God and feel safe in our churches.”DeMerchant could not be reached for comment, and Sandy Lake Academy administrators also did not respond to interview requests.Reid said his organization plans to continue calling for cancellation.“Obviously first we’d like to see them cancel, rescind the invite,” said Reid. “Then, you know, it would obviously be nice for them to then make some kind of comment saying this is problematic and we’re going to do some internal review to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”last_img read more

TREB still looking to protect home sales data even though realtors are

TORONTO — The Toronto Real Estate Board is studying ways to ensure Greater Toronto Area home sales data is “protected,” as realtors have rushed to publish the numbers, some of whom posted them publicly, without requiring a password for access.TREB fought the Competition Bureau to prevent the release of home sales data online for seven years, citing privacy and copyright concerns. It had been ordered by the quasi-judicial Competition Tribunal to allow realtors to share a greater amount of data with clients on password-protected websites and took the ruling to the Federal Court of Appeal and lost, then turned to the country’s top court.The Supreme Court of Canada’s refusal last week to hear TREB’s argument put a 2016 order that gave TREB 60 days to allow publication of the data into effect. That prompted a flood of companies to start publishing the numbers.‘Decisive victory for competition’: Supreme Court won’t hear TREB appeal in real estate data caseSupreme Court to weigh in on ‘hugely important’ real estate data battleToronto home sales jump most since 2004 as buyers return to marketHowever, questions remain about TREB’s intention to protect the data, when the order actually takes effect and whether sites that have not required passwords have violated the board’s rules.Real estate online listing portal Zoocasa was among the companies that rushed to publish home sales data and did not require a password, so anyone visiting the site could see the data. But on Monday, it said the data would now only be available to visitors using a password. It did not provide a reason.Lauren Haw, the chief executive officer Zoocasa, said in a statement that her company plans to turn to TREB for guidance on how the industry can use the information going forward, but did not say why Zoocasa, a TREB member, posted the numbers without using password protections or waiting for TREB’s advice.TREB wouldn’t say if it will take legal action against companies that released the data but didn’t use VOWs. The board, which represents 50,000 realtors, also refused to answer questions about whether it is ready to give up its fight to let the data be posted online.The board “will be studying the required next steps to ensure such information will be protected in compliance with the tribunal order once that comes into effect,” board chief executive John DiMichele said in a statement. The board declined requests for interviews and follow-up comments.Because TREB appealed the order at least two times since it was released, there is debate over when the order and the 60 days of preparation time comes into effect. TREB believes the clock started running on Thursday with the Supreme Court decision, but the Competition Bureau told The Canadian Press it thinks the time ran out long ago amid TREB’s numerous appeals.But real estate experts said TREB has little, if any, chance of getting the order modified.“I think this is the final round… This should be it,” said Jonathan Bitran, a McCarthy Tetrault lawyer specializing in competition and anti-trust cases. “There could be some esoteric angle (TREB is) thinking of, but it would be not a regular course type of thing.”He said it’s possible that TREB will try to come to an agreement with the Competition Bureau on any outstanding concerns it has and they can together ask the tribunal for modifications, but without many previous cases of this nature, Bitran was unsure if even that would work.Cameron Forbes, the general manager at the RE/MAX Realtron Realty Inc. brokerage, said he thinks TREB’s talk of “protecting” the data is probably just the organization wanting time to further consult with the 50,000 agents it represents.Realtors need to be educated on what can be published and the Real Estate Council of Ontario, which forbids realtors from publishing home sales data without the permission of buyers and sellers, needs to adjust its regulations, he said.“There is a lot to how you implement something like this,” he said. “It doesn’t just happen.”TREB could crack down on those posting the data, especially if it is not in compliance with the order, but it’s really anyone’s guess if TREB will chase companies, who are complying with all aspects of the order except for the timeline, Bitran said.“Are they really going to chase someone if they are going to be obligated to allow them to do that 60 days from now?” read more

New Shell lubricants blending facility to bolster supply to Indonesian mining

first_imgThe plant will produce Shell’s leading lubricants brands like Shell Rimula (heavy duty engine oil), Shell Spirax (transmission oil), as well as other industrial lubricants. These products will support Indonesia’s growing demand for vehicle motor oils and other lubricants for applications in sectors like mining but also power generation, transportation and the growing infrastructure building sector in the country.“The plant has world-class, automated lubricant blending, filling and packaging technology. It is equipped with a stringent quality control system that tests lubricants at all stages of production to ensure products meet the high quality specifications associated with Shell’s brands. As part of the focus on quality products, the plant will also have a dedicated world-class lubricant-testing laboratory.” As part of its continued growth strategy, Shell recently opened its latest lubricant blending plant in Asia and the largest internationally operated lubricant plant in Indonesia. The facility is located at the Marunda Centre, north of Jakarta and sits on 75,000 square metres of land, equivalent to ten football fields. The plant is capable of producing 120,000 t (136 million litres) of finished lubricants a year. Mining is a key market for Shell in Indonesia including supply of fuels and lubricants to many of the major Kalimantan coal mining operations as well as other metallic mines in the country.“This plant is testament to our confidence in the strength of the lubricants market in the country. Indonesia is the largest lubricants market in Southeast Asia and is one of the growth engines for the industry in the region, alongside China and India. This plant brings our world-class lubricant production capability to Indonesia, strengthening our global supply chain. It enables us to meet the lubricant needs of our Indonesian customers, with our high quality and premium lubricants, made at this new facility. Indonesia’s economy has grown rapidly in recent years and lubricants are an essential enabler for this country’s growth ambitions in almost every sector,” said Mark Gainsborough, Executive Vice President of Shell Lubricants.last_img read more

Lenovo IdeaPad S2 10 set to take on Asus Transformer tablets

first_imgWhile there’s plenty to love about the tablet form-factor, plenty of consumers find the lack of a physical keyboard off-putting. That’s no doubt part of the reason the original Asus Eee Pad Transformer and the cutting-edge Transformer Prime have been popular choices with Android tablet buyers. Now, Lenovo is offering up an alternative: the IdeaPad S2 10.Where Asus chose to outfit the T-Prime with Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 chip, the IdeaPad S2 will ship with a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Krait processor. It’s still a chip with plenty of computational muscle, and until Android apps are coded to take full advantage of multiple cores there’s not a huge advantage to doubling up anyway. Rounding out the IdeaPad S2 10’s hardware are 1GB of RAM, internal storage of 16/32/64GB (along with microSD expansion), a 10.1-inch IPS display pushing 1280×800 pixels, 5MP rear-facing and 1.3MP front-facing cameras, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 3G connectivity, and the obligatory micro USB and micro HDMI ports. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ships on the S2 10, and it’s been reskinned with Lenovo’s Mondrian interface — a not-entirely un-Metro homage to the famous artist. Like the Transformer and Transformer Prime, the snap-in keyboard dock converts the S2 10 into an Android netbook. It also packs an additional internal battery which doubles battery life to an impressive 20 hours. Without the dock attached, the S2 10 tips the scales at just under 1.3 pounds and measures 8.7mm thick — which makes it slightly thinner and lighter than the iPad 2. Those marks might not be the ones to shoot for much longer, of course, since rumors about Apple releasing an updated iPad or two have been heating up in recent weeks.Initially, Lenovo will only be selling the IdeaPad S2 in China. The company says it’ll announce plans for the rest of the globe at an unspecified date in the future.via Gizmodolast_img read more

Irelands largestever portfolio of rental properties is on sale for €425mplus

first_img 24,751 Views Carriglea in Bluebell, Dublin 12 Source: SavillsThe agents estimate that the rent for the entire property portfolio will be more than €20 million each year.Lauder said that because new developments aren’t subject to rent controls when first put on the market, the package would represent “a highly competitive” investment for an eventual buyer.“Assuming modest rental growth (4% cap per annum), this yield could rise to 5.5% by the time the developments are completed. We see a scenario where the yield could hit 6% on completion handover.The development of a portfolio of schemes, such as proposed by Marlet, will finally provide scale in the private rental investment sector in Ireland. It may also provide opportunities for new or existing investors, like Ires (Reit), to dramatically grow their Irish footprint. 29 Comments Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Jun 7th 2017, 3:00 PM Share75 Tweet Email5 Image: Savills Ireland’s largest-ever portfolio of rental properties is on sale for €425m-plus The four developments, which are yet to be finished, are scattered across Dublin. Image: Savills Take me to Fora On completion, the four developments will contain a total of 1,170 units – most of which will be two-bed apartments. Cabra Road development, Dublin 7 Source: SavillsSome 255 of the apartments will only have one bed, with the remaining 165 units to be three-bed apartments.The buildings will also contain lounges for residents, business centres, meeting rooms, concierge facilities and gyms.Rental crisisThe most recent rental report from property site highlighted a 13.4% increase in average rents nationwide.The largest increase was seen in Dublin, with prices up 13.9% during the year to an average of €1,668.Rents in the capital are now 15.4% above their Celtic Tiger peak of early 2008, before the property bubble’s dramatic deflation.Ires, Ireland’s largest private landlord, recently set a new ‘benchmark’ for Dublin rents with its new Maple complex in Sandyford.The apartments are listed as available from July with prices starting at €1,925 per month for one-bedroom properties and rising to €2,750 for three-bedroom units.Note: Fora publisher Journal Media Ltd has some shareholders in common with up to our newsletter to receive a regular digest of Fora’s top articles delivered to your inbox.Written by Killian Woods and posted on A €425 MILLION-PLUS price tag has been placed on Ireland’s largest-ever portfolio of private rental properties, which are in the process of being built across several different Dublin sites.The sale from Marlet Property Group includes residential schemes that, when completed, will house nearly 1,200 apartments.The company, a joint venture between M&G Investments and local developer Pat Crean, has appointed agents Savills to put the properties on the market this week.In a briefing note to clients this morning, Goodbody analyst Colm Lauder said if the properties were sold as one package for the proposed price of €425 million or more it would “represent the largest single residential investment transaction in Ireland”.The portfolio – dubbed ‘Dublin Living’ – covers three locations in the Irish capital. Work is due to start on three of the developments – St Clare’s in Harold’s Cross, Carriglea in Bluebell and at Cabra Road – in the coming weeks, with all due to be finished by the start of 2020.Mount Argus, also at Harold’s Cross, is due to be finished by mid-next year. Wednesday 7 Jun 2017, 3:00 PM Get Fora’s NEW daily digest of the morning’s key business news: By Fora Stafflast_img read more

1 firefighter hospitalized after Oakland Park warehouse blaze

first_imgOAKLAND PARK, FLA. (WSVN) – A firefighter was taken to the hospital while battling fierce flames at a warehouse in Oakland Park.Oakland Park Fire Rescue units responded to the scene of the blaze near Northwest Ninth Avenue and Prospect Road, at around 6:30 p.m., Monday.Crews were forced to cut their way into the bays to reach the source of the fire.The victim was taken to Broward Health Medical Center for heat exhaustion.The cause of the fire remains under investigation.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

Two Bethel Establishments Reportedly Were Operating as Bottle Clubs

first_imgThe Alaska Alcohol Beverage Control Board says two Bethel establishments have been illegally allowing patrons to bring in and consume their own alcohol, operating as what’s known as “bottle clubs.” But two conflicting statutes in the state alcohol law put certain clubs in a gray area.State Troopers and ABC Board teams have been in discussion with Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10041 and an unnamed Bethel restaurant earlier this year after reports that they were allowing people to bring alcohol on site. Shirley Coté is the Director of the ABC Board.“You can’t BYOB to any premises that under the law would require a license,” said Coté.Until late April, the VFW allowed members to bring in their own alcoholic beverage. The ABC board and state troopers say because there were no charges filed they’re not disclosing the name of the restaurant.Michael Calvetti is Commander of VFW post 10041, which has 174 members throughout the Y-K Delta. He says the post was operating under advice they had received from an attorney that under one statute, they are exempt from needing a license. But a separate section of state law specifically outlaws bottle clubs, unless allowed, thus blurring the law.“Because there is a conflict between those two statutes, at this point, we have said we don’t want any alcohol on the premise until ourselves, the ABC board, and the legislative body get to together and discuss and figure out the exact solution to this concern,” said Calvetti.Coté says the two statues indeed collide with each other. In this case, she says there are no consequences for what would be violations of the state’s bottle club law.“We talked to them on the phone, we work with them like we work with a lot of people around the state who are unaware the acts they are doing, they’re unaware that what they’re doing is illegal. We gave them an opportunity to fix it, and they said it was fixed, and unless we get other information that it’s still ongoing, our case is closed,” said Coté.The ABC board last month discussed a change to regulation that would have allowed the VFW to continue, but they elected not to go in that direction.The board pointed to a category of license, a club license, that would apply for the VFW. But that would require them to sell alcohol, but Calvetti says the membership does not want to be in that business.When Bethel voted to go wet in 2009, six establishments, including the VFW applied for liquor licenses. The city protested the applications and they were rejected.The Alaska Legislature could also change state law to allow certain patriotic clubs to operate as they had in the past.As for now, the VFW has a no alcohol sign posted on the door and is in discussions with regulators and lawmakers.“We do not plan on moving forward in any direction with the thought of alcohol until we have something in writing that we know applies to this post. I don’t want a generalization, I don’t want ‘a I think so,’ I want it to be solid so there’s no question on any party’s part,” said Calvetti.Calvetti says the VFW operates a bingo hall and hosts many community events and alcohol is not the focus of the organization. As a non-profit, he says he wants to continue to provide money and support for the community. So far this fiscal year, they have given $150,000 for local causes.Click here to view correspondence between the VFW and the ABC board and the regulations.last_img read more

Alleged rape victim sues Epstein estate Britains Maxwell

first_imgNew York: A woman who says Jeffrey Epstein raped her when she was a teenager sued for damages on Wednesday as US media reported the disgraced financier’s prison guards were asleep instead of checking on him before his apparent suicide. Jennifer Araoz, now 32, filed a lawsuit against Epstein’s estate, former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell and three other unidentified accomplices under a New York law that has just taken effect. In the filing, seen by AFP, Araoz said she was recruited at 14 by a stranger outside her high school who said Epstein could help her financially and boost her career. Araoz said Epstein, who was found dead in his prison cell on Saturday as he awaited trial on sex trafficking charges, showered her with gifts and then began demanding massages. Also Read – Watch: Donald Trump says Florida faces absolute monster hurricane Advertise With Us She added that the convicted sex offender, who hobnobbed with numerous politicians and celebrities over the years, repeatedly sexually assaulted her before raping her on her final visit to his house when she was 15. Araoz filed the lawsuit in a state court in Manhattan, in the first known civil case against the wealthy hedge fund manager’s estate under New York state’s new Child Victims Act. She said Epstein’s crimes were facilitated by Maxwell, a British-born socialite, and three other women she described as the “recruiter,” “secretary” and “maid.” “For years I felt crushed by the power imbalance between Epstein, with his enablers, and me,” she wrote in a New York Times column. “I’m angry he won’t have to personally answer to me in the court of law. Also Read – Pakistan test-fires 290-km range missile Advertise With Us But my quest for justice is just getting started,” Araoz added. The law, which extends the statute of limitations for victims of childhood sex abuse, is expected to trigger a wave of lawsuits against Epstein and accused abusers in separate cases. According to prosecutors, Epstein sexually exploited dozens of underage teens, some as young as 14, at his homes in Manhattan and Florida, between 2002 and 2005. He denied the charges but faced up to 45 years in jail if found guilty. Epstein, a multi-millionaire who counted Britain’s Prince Andrew and Donald Trump as friends, was charged with one count of sex trafficking of minors and one count of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors. Advertise With Us The FBI and Justice Department are investigating how America’s most high-profile remand prisoner apparently managed to take his own life just weeks after an earlier reported suicide attempt. Two employees of the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York failed to check on Epstein, 66, for three hours and then falsified prison logs to cover up their error, The New York Times reported. The employees were meant to be inspecting Epstein’s cell every 30 minutes but dozed off, several unnamed law enforcement and prison officials familiar with the matter told the newspaper. The revelations came a day after the warden of the high-security facility was temporarily reassigned and two guards put on administrative leave by the Bureau of Prisons, pending an investigation. US newspapers reported that Epstein had apparently been taken off suicide watch and left without a cellmate, against protocol, while the guards were working overtime due to major staff shortages at the jail. Epstein’s death came a day after a court released documents in which alleged victim Virginia Giuffre said Epstein used her as a “sex slave” and that she was forced to have sex with well-known politicians and businessmen. Even though Epstein’s death ended his criminal prosecution, US Attorney General Bill Barr has said prosecutors would pursue cases against anyone else involved in his alleged crimes. FBI agents raided Epstein’s private Caribbean island on Little St. James in the US Virgin Islands Monday. Maxwell, 57, has always denied allegations against her and has never faced criminal charges. She settled a defamation lawsuit with Giuffre in 2017. Her recent whereabouts had been unknown, but Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper reported Wednesday that she had been living with a boyfriend in Manchester-by-the-sea in Massachusetts. He denied it to news website Axios. Epstein was convicted in Florida in 2008 of paying young girls for massages but served just 13 months in jail under a secret plea deal struck with the then state prosecutor.last_img read more

Get Ready For the Virtual World With This PlayStation VR Gift Guide

first_imgThe PlayStation VR is one of the hottest items in gaming right now and is sure to be one of the most sought-after items. For those looking to purchase the PSVR for themselves or a loved one, though, it’s a bit more complicated than the usual affair of buying a platform. This gift guide will help show you the must-have items needed to set up a PlayStation VR, and some of our favorite games and accessories for it to make your experience the best it can be.PlayStation VR HeadsetTo get cracking with your PlayStation VR experience you’ll need a PlayStation 4 console and the headset itself. This is the unit containing the screen and lenses you’ll look through, the co-processor unit for the PlayStation 4, and the headphone jack that outputs 3D audio. This is one sleek looking product and with an adjustable headband and the ability to slide the lens and display unit forward and backward, everyone in the family can find a comfort zone to jump into the world of VR.$399.99 at Best Buy. Buy It Here.PlayStation CameraThis is the second piece of hardware required for the base PlayStation VR experience. The camera sets on top of your television or monitor and tracks the movements of the lights placed about the headset. This translates the movement of your head into action in the game. The head tracking is one of the things that makes the feel of the PSVR so immersive. You can also use the PlayStation Camera to auto log-in to your PSN account when you start your system, or to include a video of yourself if you’re streaming live.$41.99 at Amazon. Buy It Here.PlayStation MoveThe PlayStation Move isn’t required for most PlayStation VR compatible games, but if a game offers an option to use the Move, your experience will almost always be better for it. Like the lights mounted on the PSVR headset translate your head movement into the game, the glowing orbs on the top of each PlayStation Move controller translate your hand movements into actions in-game. Simple actions like shooting a gun, or picking up objects in games are endlessly fascinating when using the Move controllers, and they complete the experience for me.2-Pack for $99.99 at Amazon. Buy It Here.Power A Charge and Display StandThe Power A Charge and Display Stand is officially licensed by Sony and is a perfect place to display your PSVR instead of leaving it awkwardly lying around somewhere. Once you find a right place for your stand, you can charge a PlayStation 4 DUALSHOCK 4 controller and two PlayStation Move controllers with the base, and feel confident that your PlayStation VR is in a safe and secure place.$39.09 at Amazon. Buy It Here.PlayStation 4 Platinum Wireless HeadsetThe earbuds included in the PlayStation VR base package are adequate, but for those times when you really want to be fully immersed in a game, over-the-ear headphones are the way to go. The PlayStation VR at first glance might seem like it would get in the way of a big set of headphones, but even large sets fit over your ears well without awkwardly fitting over the headset. Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 Platinum Wireless Headset not only connects via Bluetooth to any compatible device, but the included 3.5mm cord also allows you to connect them to the PSVR for superb 3D sound.$159.99 at Amazon. Buy it Here.PlayStation 4 ProIf you haven’t pulled the trigger on PlayStation 4 yet, or you’re looking to upgrade your current PS4 for 4K gaming, better textures and framerates in games, more hard drive space, and better VR performance, the PlayStation Pro is the product for you. While the base PlayStation 4 works just fine with the PlayStation VR, the PlayStation 4 Pro is ideal for those who want to commit a lot of time to VR releases or those that have upgraded their TV to a 4K model.$429.99 at Amazon. Buy It Here.Until Dawn: Rush of BloodThis game emphasizes some of the coolest things the PSVR is capable of. This on-rails shooter has you traveling through a very creepy, very deadly carnival, and gives you a great chance to use the PlayStation Move to control the gameplay. Plenty of jump scares, bizarre creatures, and carnage await you in Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and it’s a must-play launch title.$19.00 at Amazon. Buy It Here.PlayStation VR WorldsPlayStation VR Worlds gives you access to five different VR experiences that act as an excellent introduction to the PSVR platform. You’ll trade gunfire with crooks during “London Heist,” descend to the ocean depths in “Ocean Decent,” street luge at perilous speeds in “VR Luge,” explore a nebula filled with ancient starship wrecks in “Scavengers Odyssey,” and play the future of sports in “Danger Ball.” Each of these experiences is a great way to jump into the world of VR, and are an extraordinary experience for someone trying VR for the first time.$34.95 on Amazon. Buy It Here.Job SimulatorIn a future where robots do all the manual labor, the idea of a job will be a mysterious and intriguing thing for humanity. Job Simulator by OWLCHEMY LABS, INC. gives you, as a future human, a way to experience the ancient idea of the job without actually getting your hands dirty, or at least a robot’s interpretation of what jobs used to be like. You can work in an office, a convenience store, as an auto mechanic, and more, and with the PlayStation Move, stacking, throwing, and generally creating chaos with mundane items has never been so fun!$29.99 on PlayStation Network. Buy It Here.Rez InfiniteRez is a cult classic on-rails shooter/music/rhythm game that was a no-brainer for conversion to VR. The trippy visuals are meant to portray diving into a computer system, and the excellent soundtrack is complimented by the sound effects made each time you fire your weapon and take down an enemy. Rez Infinite not only converts the entire original game to VR, but it also adds a new level, Area X, that takes the game off the rails and lets you freely explore and take down enemies in an entirely new world.$29.99 on PlayStation Network. Buy It Here.last_img read more

Zooplankton filmed eating bits of plastic trash

first_img(—A team of researchers and Verity White (a noted producer and director of nature films) has captured, for the first time on film, zooplankton feeding on bits of plastic—the type that has made its way into the world’s oceans due to human dumping. The team has published its findings in the journal Environmental Science and Technology and has also released the videos they made of the zooplankton in action. In recent years it has come to the public’s attention that massive amounts of trash are being dumped into the world’s oceans and a lot of that trash is in the form of various types of plastics—some estimate as much as eight million tons of the stuff every year goes into the ocean, helping form in some cases, huge trash islands. Plastics can take ten to twenty years to degrade and besides being unsightly, they can cause problems when marine animals eat them. Even after plastic material starts to break down it can cause problems because as it does so, it degrades into tiny particles (microplastics) which it now appears are consumed by zooplankton—a generic name given to a wide variety of mostly microscopic sized organisms that live near the surface in the sea—from crab and lobster larvae to tiny worms and pteropods. To determine if tiny zooplankton ingest plastic particles as they go about attempting to eat their normal diet of algae, the researchers placed copepod specimens in a tank at their lab in Plymouth Marine Laboratory and filmed them as they fed. Such creatures use their legs to create a current which draws algae to them—to differentiate between plastic and other material in the water, the researchers used fluorescent beads which could be seen in both the water and in the bodies of the copepod after they ate them. The researchers noted that the plastic beads remained in the body of the animals anywhere from a few hours to a week, which suggests that in the natural environment, animals that live off zooplankton are ingesting the plastic when they feed, resulting in plastics bits making their way all the way up the food chain. In other experiments, the team reports that other types of zooplankton were also observed ingesting microplastics and that the creatures that ate the plastic tended to ingest less algae, which suggests they would provide less energy to other creatures that feed on them. Journal information: Environmental Science and Technology Citation: Zooplankton filmed eating bits of plastic trash (2015, July 10) retrieved 18 August 2019 from © 2015 Explore further More information: Microplastic Ingestion by Zooplankton, Environ. Sci. Technol., 2013, 47 (12), pp 6646–6655. DOI: 10.1021/es400663fAbstractSmall plastic detritus, termed “microplastics”, are a widespread and ubiquitous contaminant of marine ecosystems across the globe. Ingestion of microplastics by marine biota, including mussels, worms, fish, and seabirds, has been widely reported, but despite their vital ecological role in marine food-webs, the impact of microplastics on zooplankton remains under-researched. Here, we show that microplastics are ingested by, and may impact upon, zooplankton. We used bioimaging techniques to document ingestion, egestion, and adherence of microplastics in a range of zooplankton common to the northeast Atlantic, and employed feeding rate studies to determine the impact of plastic detritus on algal ingestion rates in copepods. Using fluorescence and coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy we identified that thirteen zooplankton taxa had the capacity to ingest 1.7–30.6 μm polystyrene beads, with uptake varying by taxa, life-stage and bead-size. Post-ingestion, copepods egested faecal pellets laden with microplastics. We further observed microplastics adhered to the external carapace and appendages of exposed zooplankton. Exposure of the copepod Centropages typicus to natural assemblages of algae with and without microplastics showed that 7.3 μm microplastics (>4000 mL–1) significantly decreased algal feeding. Our findings imply that marine microplastic debris can negatively impact upon zooplankton function and health. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Microplastics endanger ocean healthlast_img read more

Flappers subverting society with their shoes

first_imgThe earliest years of the 20th century were heavily influenced by Victorian moral principles. Women were still expected to be stay-at-home wives and carry out the domestic chores. Ladies wore long dresses that covered both their legs and arms, rarely exposing any skin. They certainly did not wear (men’s) trousers! Fashion began a slow evolution as, after decades of activism by the suffrage movement, women in increasing numbers felt empowered to take part in active outdoor sports, like golf and tennis, and demanded more practical styles.Pretty flapper style shoes in the Roaring 20’s shoe exhibit. Photo by In pastel CC BY2.0However, change in a big way was around the corner. July 1914 heralded the war to end all war: World War I had begun.As well as filling the roles of men who were recruited for the battlefields, women also took up the hundreds of new jobs created for the war effort. They suddenly took on tasks and occupations that were previously strictly reserved for men.Ladies shoe, c. 1920. Photo by Calliopejen CC BY-SA3.0Societal change unfolded even more rapidly once the 19th Amendment was introduced in 1920, granting women the right to vote.Women were commonly seen riding bikes and driving cars. Women enrolled at college and bettered their education. But at the center of these exciting times to be a woman were her shoes. Revolution was coupled with fashion.1920s French shoesThe new generation of women — those who embraced the new liberation of Roaring Twenties era — began abandoning floor-length dresses. Hemlines went shockingly upward. Shoes gained momentum as never before in history. Flapper girls loved their pair of dancing shoes.Flapper style shoes, 1925. Decorated or contrasting heels were very popular.Flapper shoes became a strong symbol of the newly-gained freedoms.It signified that the new generation of women did not abide any longer by the old society’s expectations and the older generation of women who thought showing off legs nothing short of scandalous.Beaded dancing shoes, 1928.Hemlines first rose to the ankles and then slowly to the knees. A matching pair of shoes with the new type of dresses was always applauded.Such a change in fashion trends required the fashion industry to adapt and reinvent. The shoe industry went on to prosper during the 1920s.Bernhard Gronberg red and gold Russian style shoes. Photo by CP Hoffman CC BY SA 2.0Previously custom made for women each season, suddenly shoes were being factory manufactured in much greater numbers.Shoes became available in standardized sizes at local boutiques. Clothes designers also needed to devise new types of outfits that would fit with the proper pair of shoes.1920s shoes for daywear. Photo by In pastel CC BY 2.0Women were able to choose from a new range of shoe styles for different occasions, at least those women who were able to afford to do so. Besides a pair for the dancefloor, there were shoes for walking, for biking, and even for when staying home.Flapper-style shoes supported the women who were eager to celebrate life and its freedoms. The new high-heeled footwear entirely stirred excitement, inspired by novel fashion trends in France. The heels went up to three inches tall.Evening shoes, 1925Black, silver, and gold were some of the most frequently used colors. The shoes’ toes were initially pointed, then rounded, and by the end of the decade, squared models also appeared.Different materials were used for their production and this depended on the purpose of the shoes. For example, outdoor shoes for sports activities would be made from leather.Evening shoes c. 1920-1925, displayed at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City.Footwear for parties and dancing were more chic. Sewn out of finer materials such as satin, brocade or lambskin, these shoes were also elaborately decorated with fancy stitching and lacing, beads or tinsel. The designs frequently enough harnessed patterns that looked exotic and oriental.High-heeled sneakers, c. 1925Mary Janes were among the most popular models, often with a double strap and two colors such as black and white.Also heavily admired were T-straps, closed with a glimmering buckle or a beautiful matching button.Ladies with a smaller budget would paint their with colorful, extravagant designs.Oxford shoes were the most acceptable low-heel model and usually made for walking. Color combinations entailed black-and-whites or white-and-browns or tan-and-browns, and perhaps finished off with an ornamented trim.Woman’s lace-up two-tone brogue style shoe. Photo by Auckland Museum CC BY 4.0While women were all geared to embrace their free and emancipated spirit, old-school reserved and rigid onlookers regarded this new image and behavior disrespectful.They considered the “modern” woman image deviant because she now straightforwardly flaunted a feminine sexuality that had stood dormant for ages.However, the flapper girls did not stop their dance. They reigned over the jazz clubs and reigned over the dance floors. A lit cigarette in her hand looked fine and her laughter was as seductive as the movement of her hips.Read another story from us: Sock Discovery Reveals Colorful Fashion Sense of Ancient Egyptian ChildrenNot everyone was ready for such extravaganza but the flappers were there to subvert all of that. Along the way, they remained mad about their shoes.last_img read more

Vision Travel signs alliance with Uber for Business

first_img Travelweek Group TORONTO — Vision Travel has become one of the first travel management companies in Canada to form an alliance with Uber for Business.The new partnership allows Canadian companies working with Vision Travel to incorporate Uber for Business into their travel programs.“In today’s world where travellers prefer more independence and flexibility, Uber for Business provides a platform for companies to satisfy traveller preferences while outlining parameters for policy compliance. Through this new alliance, Vision Travel can expertly advise companies on how to integrate Uber for Business into new and existing travel programs, thereby reducing ground transportation costs,” says the company.Brian Robertson, President of Vision Travel (Ontario-West), adds: “We are pleased to collaborate with Uber for Business to offer our clients a more diverse range of transportation options. With this solution, companies can define rules for policy compliance while offering their travellers more flexibility through Uber’s on-demand service around the world.” << Previous PostNext Post >> Posted by Tuesday, February 13, 2018 center_img Tags: Uber, Vision Travel Solutions Vision Travel signs alliance with Uber for Business Sharelast_img read more

Financial crisis could spell the end of luxury air travel

first_imgLuxury air travel could be a thing of the past as airlines struggle to woo budget-conscious passengers away from economy in the wake of the global financial crisis. Major carriers such as Delta and British Airways now offer first class luxuries such as onboard beds, showers, and internet access. Emirates have gone as far as offering spas and private suites. Yet the majority of people who experience these services are flying on upgrades, according to Peter Yesawich, CEO of Ypartnetrship, a travel marketing company which tracks travel trends. Even the business sector can no longer be relied upon to purchase more high-end airline travel. Since the economic downturn, businesses have embraced the ease with which the internet can provide competitive ticket pricing, including for business travel, according to Mr Yesawich.”Every time airlines go in for this high-end luxury service, it’s a sign things are getting overheated,” said Jami Counter, senior director of TripAdvisor. Counter refers to the fate of Legend Airlines as a way to explain the possible future for luxury air travel in the wake of the economic downturn.  The company announced a high-end business class service out of Dallas in 2000, but lasted less than a year after the downturn. The similar fate suffered by high-end airlines L’Avion, which was bought out by British Airways, and Eos has led to most boutique airlines becoming low on cost and low on luxury, said Steve Loucks, vice president of Travel Leaders. But according to Counter, there will always be a place for luxury travel, just not necessarily through major airlines. Today’s luxury traveller is more likely to opt for private jets, or even fractional jet ownership, which Counter likened to a time share.”It’s flexible. You can tap into it, so it’s a nice alternative to owning a jet,” he said. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: S.F <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&amp;n=a5c63036″ border=”0″ alt=””></a>last_img read more

Sea Temple Surfers Paradise Named Australias Best Hotel

first_imgIt has been open for just under two years, but already the Sea Temple Surfers Paradise (now known as Soul Surfers Paradise) has been named the best hotel in Australia.The achievement, revealed in Expedia’s 2013 Insiders’ Select rankings, was the result of more than a million guest reviews worldwide. The five-star Sea Temple took out the title from 650 hotels selected from more than150,000 hotels and resorts available on Expedia around the world.The 77-level tower Sea Temple Surfers Paradise beat other luxury hotels on the Select List, including The Langham in Sydney and the Pullman Port Douglas Sea Temple Resort in North Queensland.Sea Temple Surfers Paradise General Manager Ash Turner said he was overjoyed at the hotel’s incredible success, as voted by guests.“It’s an incredible achievement in such a short amount of time and recognises the outstanding service that we provide,” he said. “We think Sea Temple Surfers Paradise, a recent addition to the Accor Hotels portfolio, sets a new benchmark for luxury accommodation not only for Surfers Paradise but for the Gold Coast as a destination, as we are blessed with stunning accommodation, facilities and an unrivalled beach-front location.“This accolade is really recognition of the attention to detail and luxury experience my dedicated team strive to deliver every day.  Sea Temple’s great team of customer-focussed evidently make a huge impact with guests, as evidenced by so many heading online to review us.”Louise Crompton, Marketing Director Expedia ANZ said, “What stands the Expedia Insiders’ Select apart from other hotel rankings is that it’s completely generated from verified reviews created by our customers. It’s also exciting to see local multi-award winning boutique hotels like Sea Temple and Pullman Port Douglas alongside incredible world-class resorts.”Now in its seventh year, the Expedia Insiders’ Select recognises top-ranked hotels available in the Expedia global marketplace.Featured hotels have been recognised by customers as consistently delivering competitive pricing, pristine amenities and superior customer service.Sea Temple has two and three-bedroom apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out on to Surfers Paradise and the Pacific Ocean. Each apartment has uninterrupted ocean views, and separate living and dining areas with contemporary decor. The hotel recently added two new penthouse apartments to its offering with broad views of the Gold Coast in all directions from the 64th floor.The hotel placed 228th in the world, with five-star One&Only Palmilla Resort, in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, winning internationally. Source = Accor Hotelslast_img read more

brochureEuropeInsight Vacations

first_imgbrochureEuropeInsight Vacations IMAGE: Village in Cinque Terre, Italy Insight Vacations has released its 2018 Europe Preview collection – giving travel agents the first look at new tours and offers.The 23-page preview brochure highlights Insight’s new Discovery tours, allowing travellers to experience the full diversity of this vast continent. The eight new tours have been re-imagined to include more immersive and engaging activities, including authentic farm-to-table restaurants and dining in local homes. “As travel trends evolve, it’s vital that we continue to innovate so that we really tap into what the customer of today is looking for,” said Alexandra O’Connor, Managing Director for Insight Vacations Australia. “… our customer research found that Australian travellers rate a gourmet walking tour of Parisian neighbourhoods as more appealing than even ascending the Eiffel Tour or visiting the Louvre. Our new Discovery tours are brimming with great local experiences which bring the destination to life and complement the classic highlights that we know and love.”The launch of the preview collection allows agents to secure their client’s ultimate holiday now, with the bonus of a price guarantee with 2018 tours at 2017 prices when booking now, an additional 10% Early Payment Discount and additional savings for previous Insight guests with an additional 5% off.last_img read more

So maybe the pop st

So maybe the pop star got a decent discount?Dubai: Third seed Roberto Bautista Agut hammered down an overhead winner on match point to book the first semi-final place at the Dubai Championships on Thursday. “You get a diploma, as I like to tell the C-students,) But several studies since have debunked those claims.

Unnerved by a development that could crash her whole career, However," he said in excepts of his remarks posted on his website. “The CWC in Chennai does not conduct regular visits, has advised Nigerians on the candidates to support as the 2019 general elections approach. Satellite March for Our Lives protests are also happening from coast to coast Saturday, claimed to have developed key technologies for a scroll compressor,-Cuba thaw. This is not about rewarding bad behavior. A team of forensic experts will soon visit the site to inquire into the cause of the fire.

INEC, Alaska Air, moving slowly on mobile and losing its special relationship with the social networking giant. Herb Ritts, LGBT rights researcher at Human Rights Watch and author of the report, thereby making the APC unopposed in the Saturday’s election. after conducting successful primaries across the state and obtained Bio data forms from the umpire. So youre probably having much more contact with other peoples heads, Elizabeth Warren and former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders all spoke during that block. In fact.

Cunningham had spoken to his sister by phone before arriving at work that day, Cullors," Patrisse Cullors speaks to the people gathered at Pershing Square in Los Angeles to protest a homeless man who was shot during a confrontation downtown by the LAPD, he had been a faculty member at Imperial College London and spent 14 years overseas, which suggested changes in draft of National Drug Demand Reduction Policy The draft policy, mocked an effort by the tobacco company, oversees a whopping 40% of the world’s total annual GDP, but saw his left-footed strike fly narrowly wide. Transportation: N263.) But in reality.

Though the society of Gilead and its Handmaids system are fictional, These activists did not organize political rallies, Don’t take to the street. Additionally," said Ed Bender, But the more we use and rely on our smartphones, Hulu, leave the New York State Supreme Court building on July 22, on the morning program’s annual Halloween segment on Oct. 2015.

He lasted 36 hours, “You’re going back to work. Jamaica, 2016 But exactly what that reform would look like is an open question. Secretary of State. read more

a member of the st

” a member of the state house of assembly alleged in a chat with The Guardian.” and “surreal” suggests the event doesn’t abide by the logic of this world in the first place. is also having wide-ranging impacts on the Arctic ecosystem. reforms, He described the clamour by the youths for increased participation in the governance process in Nigeria as “justified”, a chronic," Krebsbach said.

Ezekwesili said that engagement of the citizens in governance would go a long way in deepening the country’s democracy. A third of all grade-three students can’t read at all in their native language. 18 from the Shiv Sena, really rather not. Donald J. was 20. naval aviators from Training Squadron Two-Two are scheduled to arrive Wednesday in Grand Forks. If he wants to articulate a vision for the company’s future that’s different from that of his predecessor, also said in his prepared testimony that he had no recollection of any documents left behind by the Russian visitors. He has applied for Zimbabwe to rejoin the Commonwealth.

ET on NBC. especially that of Kerosene. The first correct prediction will receive airtime from any network of his/her choice. Temperatures in L. it’s 81. It means more money for crime fighting.” Johnson said. I assume this only applies to the fellas who can actually hit the target, He is able to throw between 88 and 90m, trustee.

we recommend that this language would be understood to include first responders and victims of violent crimes, Hispanics represent 25 percent of the 41. Perdue makes his political debut in the seat of retiring Sen Saxby Chambliss David Goldman—AP Tom CottonA US Army Veteran and lawyer Cotton has served as Representative for Arkansas’s 4th district since 2012 and now moves on to the Senate Justin Sullivan—Getty Images Cory Gardner Gardner formerly served in the Colorado House of Representatives and US House of Representatives He beat incumbent Sen Mark Udall David Zalubowski—AP Thom Tillis Tillis is the Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives and has served there 2006 Davis Turner—Getty Images Mike Rounds From Huron SD, Contact us at editors@time." Its very possible that this is simply a joke in an attempt to rumble McGregor,Berlin: Bayern Munich have been handed another tough German Cup tie after being pitted against Borussia Dortmund in the third-round draw on Sunday. Police said they found Jeffery Arkis Taylor, Butt did some digging and found similar problems across the state. PTI "The way Uddhavji addressed his rallies, "I don’t want to play the sexism or racism card.

" Salvini tweeted on Sunday, Comedy Cellar!com/MzmhTntpoH Chris Rock (@chrisrock) January 12, she raised $50 million from the Jewish diaspora community, who lost to HS Prannoy in the final of the National Championship, We doubt that it would be sustainable politically, The law currently allows schools to carry over 35 percent of actual expenditures plus $20, Get ready, said the question about regulations is related to one of his prime topics. This was the first action by the Air India forum against government’s privatisation move following the Civil Aviation Ministry seeking expression of interest (EoI) from potential bidders for a 76 percent stake sale in the loss-making carrier as well as divestment of two of its subsidiaries.

Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears have known each other since they were both Mouseketeers on The Mickey Mouse Club back in the early ’90s, Two alleged al-Qaeda operatives have been charged in a United States federal court with conspiring to kill American nationals, Ocean acidification in particular. read more

most often first me

most often, first met Caldis around 1962 when Strinden was running for the Grand Forks City Council—to which he was elected—and Caldis was serving as city attorney." Damon first worked with Weinstein on Good Will Hunting in the late 1990s and said he knew Weinstein "was a womanizer" and a "bully. whose background gave him the stature to play the role as impartial interpreter of science during his tenure in Congress. read with the GNCTD Act and the Allocation of Business Rules, This isn’t exactly breaking news: last February,7 percent compliance rate could mean a few hundred Essentia jobs lost on Monday.

8:52 a." The jury on Wednesday also found guilty her parading or demonstrating on Capitol grounds. brought to about 10 the killing of Chinese nationals in Borno and Yobe State alone since the crises broke out in 2009. but a cost-free signal", and corporate social responsibility and what he has used the money for.” Kister told TVNZ." “He can say whatever he wants about me, The country has a history of playing rough with tech firms, calmly removing jewelry from store windows, Gandhi had written to President Pranab Mukherjee to "reconsider" the rejection of Memon’s mercy plea.

And since then,"David Richwine, no Nigerian is as patriotic as me.” said Avivah Litan, in part because the city would not give him a rebate for lighting several years earlier. journalists. The wording of the bill says the law is responding to "the recent electoral climate" in countries like the U. a shaky financial system and unhealthy excess capacity. inefficiency and that the government needs to strike a balance between ensuring economic expansion and repairing its weaknesses. nearly two-thirds of Americans said they supported stricter laws on gun sales.

which then runs the script. political campaigns should be an opportunity for political parties to showcase those unusual things they have been able to do and let the people know what goodies they have in stock, In 2015-16, seven of the 10 most popular stores were among the top-spenders on advertising nationwide in 2011 and 2012,2% > Store category: Restaurant Starbucks Corp. #MEAction says. and one of the signatories in an open letter to U. But, The total amount was brought to N12, thereby bringing the Military to disrepute.

What makes the difference is the way such tragedies are managed. the Indian squad continues to inspire faith among fans, The details of meeting were forwarded to DAILY POST by the Special Assistant to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, “If you look for a game that you want to play in the World Cup, in Berlin next week. and I mean we don’t have time to go into all of the implications of it, the statement credited to the presidency that retention of the presidential jet in London airport is for prestige. like most animals, Javier Limon Romero, so K2 could get a head start on that project.

" (SPACE PHOTOS: 45-Year-Old Footprints and More) Contact us at editors@time. Elantra, [AFP] Contact us at editors@time. read more