Fall of the House of Bush How last name and Donald Trump

first_imgRelated posts:Super Tuesday: Polls open in the South and New England on a fateful day Mexico to contact US candidates to rebut ‘disinformation’ Campaign aims to ‘defeat Trump’ by encouraging more U.S. expat votes What Trump’s achievement has inspired For Jeb Bush’s campaign, August was a cruel month. Donald Trump’s attacks on the former Florida governor as a “low-energy” politician were beginning to stick, and the two were bickering over immigration. The issue before the Bush team was what to do about it.Some advisers argued for an aggressive response, even to the point of challenging Trump to some kind of one-on-one confrontation. Others resisted, believing Trump’s candidacy was unsustainable, while some cautioned against getting “into a pigpen with a pig,” as one adviser recalled. Others described it as “trying to wrestle with a stump.”Those summer days crystallized the plight of a campaign that had begun with enormous expectations and extraordinary resources, as the scion of one of America’s dynastic political families sought to follow his father and brother to the presidency.At what would become a crucial moment, Bush’s team had no clear strategy for a rival who was beginning to hijack the Republican Party that the Bush family had helped to build, other than to stay the course set months earlier of telling Bush’s story to voters.“There was no consensus,” senior strategist David Kochel said of the discussions about how to combat the threat of Trump’s candidacy. Other campaigns were wrestling with the same problems, but as the front-runner in the polls at the time, Bush would suffer more than the others.On Saturday night, the candidacy that had begun with such promise ended quietly after a disappointingly weak fourth-place finish in South Carolina.Ever the gracious realist, Bush announced in his concession speech that he would end his campaign as Trump continued to soar as the GOP front-runner. “I have stood my ground, refusing to bend to the political winds,” he said.Whether Jeb Bush ever had a chance to win the Republican nomination in a campaign year that proved so ill fitting for a rusty politician who preferred policy papers to political combat is a question that will be debated long after the 2016 race has ended.“Donald Trump channeled the worst fears, frustrations and anxiety of voters, but he also magnified those same feelings,” Sally Bradshaw, Bush’s chief strategist and confidant, said on Sunday in an email. “It would be difficult for any solutions-oriented conservative to tackle Trump in this environment, much less one who was seen as having been so much a part of the establishment. He was never going to be an angry guy-and voters wanted angry.”Another key strategist explained what had happened this way on Sunday. “Our theory was to dominate the establishment lane into the actual voting primaries,” he said. “That was the strategy, and it did not work. I think it was the right strategy for Jeb. The problem was there was a huge anti-establishment wave. The establishment lane was smaller than we thought it would be. The marketplace was looking for something different, and we’ll find out how that ends when we have a nominee.”The result is one of the most startling failures in the modern history of American politics: the fall of the House of Bush. It is a human story about the struggles of one of the most successful former governors in America in his bid to become president, like his father and brother, set against the backdrop of one of the strangest political cycles the country has seen in years.Beyond underestimating the anger in the electorate, three other problems led to Bush’s downfall. First, the candidate and his team misjudged the degree of Bush fatigue among Republicans.Aides said an internal poll conducted last fall showed discouraging news: roughly two-thirds of voters had issues with Bush’s family ties. “Bush stuff was holding him back” said one aide who saw the polling data. “We obviously knew it was an issue, but even still, the gap between it and other issues – I don’t think we thought it would be that big.”Second, Bush and his team miscalculated the role and power of money and traditional television commercials in the 2016 race. During the first six months of 2015, Bush raised more than $100 million, most of it stockpiled in a super PAC called Right to Rise USA, a strategy that seemed right at the time but came at the cost of not dealing with other pressing needs.“We didn’t use that time to introduce him as a unique brand,” said Vin Weber, an outside adviser. “We used it to raise money. I don’t want to say they made an obvious and clear mistake, but in retrospect it was a mistake.”The aggressive fundraising came to be known as “shock and awe,” an echo of the initial bombing of Iraq by U.S.-led forces before the 2003 invasion. In the campaign context, it could be read as code to other potential candidates to get out of the way. But the prodigious fundraising of Bush’s broad network scared off no one. As the Bush campaign would learn, every credible candidate today has a few billionaire friends who can enrich a super PAC. In the end, all that money came to symbolize frustration rather than power.Third, Bush ran a campaign that, whether deliberate or not, was rooted in the past, managed by loyalists who admired Bush and enjoyed his confidence, but who, like the candidate, found themselves in unfamiliar political terrain.His advisers were persuaded from the start that the more voters learned about what Bush had done as governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007, they would flock to him as their presidential candidate. Bush stubbornly held to that approach -even as evidence mounted that it was out of step with voters.Doug Gross, a prominent Iowa Republican, recalled meeting with Bush in July 2014 in Kennebunkport, Maine, to talk about the impending campaign. “He definitely wanted to run, he’s always had it in him and knew this was his last chance,” Gross said. “He was trying to figure out how to do it his own way. I was struck by his obstinate avoidance of any political discussion. . . . He wanted to do it his way or no way.”Skirmish, then turning awayIn contrast to the doldrums of August 2015, July seemed a glorious time for the Bush team. Early that month, Team Jeb gathered in Kennebunkport to celebrate that the campaign and two allied political committees had together raised nearly an unprecedented $120 million. The numbers were made public as nearly 300 major Bush fundraisers assembled to mingle with the Bush family and campaign advisers.Guests were transported in black-and-red trolleys to Walker’s Point, the Bush family compound. The group gathered for a photo with former president George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush.That evening, Bush touted the team’s record fundraising as guests dined on lobster rolls and hamburgers at a luxury resort tucked among a forest of birch groves and balsam fir. “It was incredibly memorable to be there with several generations,” said Jay Zeidman, a Houston-based investor who helped raise money from young professionals.The next day, the donors got briefings from senior Bush aides including Bradshaw, campaign manager Danny Diaz and finance director Heather Larrison. They laid out how the campaign planned to take on contenders such as Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Throughout, there was little mention of Donald Trump.“None of us thought he would last the summer,” said one person who was in attendance.At that moment, however, Trump was already in the process of undermining Bush’s candidacy. If Bush had ever gone up against someone like Trump, it didn’t show. Trump was a new and different kind of rival, one given to personal insults rather than policy debates, who monopolized media coverage and got away with provocative statements that would have sunk normal politicians.After marching in two July 4 parades on a rainy Saturday in New Hampshire, reporters asked Bush about Trump’s claim that Mexico was allowing immigrants to illegally cross into the United States. It was one of the hundreds of times he would face such questions.Bush said “absolutely” he was offended by Trump’s rhetoric. “We’re going to win when we’re hopeful and optimistic and big and broad rather than ‘grrrrrr’ ” he said — literally, growling — “just angry all the time.”That very night, Trump attacked Bush as soft on immigration and took aim as well at Bush’s wife, Columba, who was born in Mexico and entered the country legally-retweeting and deleting a disparaging comment about her.Nothing, however, cut as close to the bone as Trump’s claim that Bush was too “low-energy” to serve as president.The accusation was laughable – until it began to stick. Trump’s charge was in fact a proxy for a different and more difficult argument to combat, that Bush was neither strong or edgy enough for a party seething with anger at the grass roots.“Nobody tapped into it, for all the polling, all the focus groups,” said Theresa Kostrzewa, a North Carolina lobbyist who raised money for the campaign. “The biggest thing they did was miss was just how angry the American electorate was and that Trump would be their Captain Ahab.”Bush’s advisers would contest that claim. They could see the anger, they said. The issue was what to do about it. “Donors, political operatives and big thinkers from around the country urged us to ignore Trump for months,” Bradshaw said. “There was no one in the news media or the operative class at the time who felt Trump would ultimately be a serious contender for the nomination.”At the same time, others feared that engaging Trump was almost beneath Bush and would thrust the candidate into a never-ending game of charge-countercharge. “Jeb should be bigger than this,” another aide recalled thinking.Over at Right to Rise, Bush’s super PAC, chief strategist Mike Murphy sent a clear signal: Trump is not our fight right now.“If other campaigns wish that we’re going to uncork money on Donald Trump, they’ll be disappointed,” the strategist told The Washington Post in late August. “Trump is, frankly, other people’s problem.”At that moment, the Bush team’s analysis showed that no Trump voters were likely to shift their support to Bush. Attacking Trump, an adviser to the super PAC said, would only have benefitted other candidates. Bush’s campaign needed to consolidate the establishment lane while hoping that Trump and Cruz would sort out the competition among the anti-establishment candidates.Bradshaw also dismissed complaints from some donors that she cut the candidate off from advice. Noting that Bush long has been active on email, Bradshaw responded in a message by saying: “Donors constantly gave conflicting advice — attack Trump, don’t attack Trump; smile more; smile less — you look like you are smirking. I didn’t tell people they were wrong – not my style – I did a lot of listening, and I’m sure there were things we could have done better – but withholding info from the Governor simply did not happen in our campaign.”For much of the autumn, Bush’s engagement with Trump was on-again, off-again — skirmish, then turning away. Not until late last year did he truly start a concerted and sustained series of attacks. Aides said Bush was particularly affected by the terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, Calif., and felt, as one adviser put it, it was “time to stand up to the bully.”“Jeb was the only candidate with the political courage at the time and frankly throughout the last six months to take on Trump directly for doing something that the governor felt was very harmful to the Party and to the country,” Bradshaw wrote. “There was no hesitation at that point given his comments about women, about Hispanics, his lack of knowledge on issues of national security and on and on.” Jeb Bush signs on the side of the road in New Hampshire on Feb. 4, 2016. Charles Ommanney/The Washington PostA flat-footed imageBush’s failure to come to terms with one of the downsides of his family name came to a head over a four-day period in May, when he stumbled over the decision by his brother, former president George W. Bush, to go to war in Iraq.Changing his answer on a daily basis, Bush came across as a flat-footed campaigner clearly uncomfortable articulating his views on the most critical moment of his brother’s presidency. But it highlighted as well the double-edged nature of being a candidate named Bush.A January Washington Post-ABC News poll, nearly 6 in 10 Americans held an unfavorable view of Bush. He was the only Republican with a negative favorability rating: 44 percent said they have a favorable impression of the former governor while 50 percent rated him negatively. His rankings grew worse as the campaign progressed.A fundamental weakness, supporters said, was the lack of a coherent rationale for Bush’s candidacy and the failure to make inroads with activists on the right. “At the end of the day, it wasn’t clear the name was ever surmountable,” said a Bush donor. “If the name was going to be surmounted, it would have to be because there was a fresh set of ideas.”Bush offered ideas, but in a campaign dominated by Trump, they were ignored or lost to most voters.One of the biggest tactical advantages Bush appeared to have early on — a richly endowed super PAC — was not the invincible weapon his team thought it would be. It cut off his access to a key adviser, Murphy, whom he installed at the group’s helm.It also meant that during the first six months of last year, nearly all of the coverage about Bush focused on how he was socking away millions into the super PAC, all while maintaining that he had not decided whether to run. In an election brimming with anger toward the wealthy elite, Bush seemed almost flippant about his pursuit of big dollars.Murphy was convinced that much of what was taking place was noise and that when the voters began to check in, the super PAC’s financial might would be overpowering.First, the committee would use it to lay out Bush’s biography. Then, as necessary, the group would turn its arsenal on his rivals. “Our job is just to amplify his story and what he’s saying and we banked enough cash that nobody’s turning our speaker off,” Murphy told Bloomberg Politics in October.Back at campaign headquarters, the team hewed to that timetable and sensibility. Once the Bush record was burned into voters’ minds, attitudes would shift, Bradshaw said at the time. A Bush donor complained, “Murphy had a timetable, and nothing mattered until December and January.”By the end of January, Right to Rise had raced through at least $95.7 million out of the $118.6 million it had collected, according to Federal Election Commission filings. Almost $87 million went into a barrage of television ads, online videos, slick mailers and voter phone calls-to no avail.Mel Sembler, a former Bush ambassador who helped raise money for the super PAC and served on its governance board, said he believes the group’s strategy was sound.“We had confidence in Mike, and I think we did the best we could in deploying of resources,” Sembler said. “That’s not where the problem is. … The timing was not right for Jeb. Our candidate was just not connecting with the electorate.”Retaining his good humorThe final months were difficult for Bush. After a particularly weak performance during a debate in Boulder, Colo., in October in which Rubio appeared to get the better of him, there were suggestions that he might quit the campaign right then.Reporters who made inquiries about the possibility were brushed off. In the middle of it all, Bush spotted a reporter who was a regular on the trail with him. “Hey — I didn’t drop out, did I?” he shouted. “You know, that kind of stuff really gets my juices going. I’m going to win this thing, and when I do — you’re going to give me a big hug.”Through it all, Bush attempted to keep both good humor and determination in the face of the inevitable.“I was stunned by how well he handled the last month of this campaign when the writing was on the wall,” said Tim Miller, Bush’s communications director. “It is hard to go out there every day and put on a fake smiley face. He was in really high spirits and didn’t lash out at people in private throughout the last two months.”The final indignity in a campaign that had suffered through many came three days before Saturday’s primary, when South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley endorsed Rubio rather than a man she described as a friend and mentor.When it ended on Saturday night, Bush told saddened supporters, “We put forward details, innovative, conservative plans to address the mounting challenges that we face. Because despite what you might have heard, ideas matter, policy matters.”His final remarks as a presidential candidate were a reflection of the campaign he had constructed from the start, one he had built to his unique specifications, which nonetheless proved to be a mismatch for a political environment that had caught him by surprise – and for which he paid a hefty price.© 2016, The Washington Post Facebook Commentslast_img read more

More Workshops for the NSW Tourism Awards Entrants

first_imgThe Tourism Industry Council NSW, in partnership with Destination NSW, has today announced an additional three Tourism Awards Workshops, as well as a teleconference option, which will be held to encourage tourism businesses to enter the prestigious NSW Tourism Awards.Workshops will be held in Sydney CBD, Castle Hill, Goulburn and via teleconference on the 17th, 23rd, 24th and 25th of July 2013, respectively.These highly sort after sessions will explain the changes in the criteria and rules since 2012, how to best structure submissions, what judges specifically look for and to explain what the mentoring program is and who it can be offered to.Andrew Jefferies, General Manager of the Tourism Industry Council NSW – organiser of the NSW Tourism Awards, welcomed this initiative.“These workshops are designed to foster and develop local businesses within our industry, with the aim to enhance and develop New South Wales as the premier state for tourism across Australia.“New South Wales secured a massive 16 wins (seven gold awards and nine silver awards) at the 2012 Qantas Australian Tourism Awards in Hobart earlier this year and we wish to grow this number even further,” said Mr Jefferies.Winners from this year’s New South Wales Tourism Awards go through to represent the state at the national awards level to be held in Sydney, next February.These workshops encourage tourism businesses to take a fresh look at their business operations whilst a thorough and effective judging program audits the product based upon the quality, strategies and acumen of the business.Source = Tourism Industry Council NSWlast_img read more

See the sea – 5 Cs of Chennai

first_imgA Responsible Tourism approach towards Coastal and Community DevelopmentBy A. Lajwanti NaiduIndian spiritual belief system comprises of Panchabhutaor five elements. They are Earth –prithvi, Water –jal, Air –Vayu, Fire –Agni, Ether -Akasham. Water – one of the 5 elements of Panchatatva is a life giving element. Civilizations have developed on the banks of the rivers.  From Indus valley to Mespotomian civilization, water facilitated the growth of humanity perpetually.Aligned with the Cape Town declaration of Responsible Tourism to ‘create better places for people to live and tourists to visit’, the Chennai Municipality is taking keen interest and initiatives to keep the life of the city clean. The present government has clearly understood that Responsible Tourism is not a product but it an approach which can be used by travellers, tour operators, and planning authorities of national and regional level. Moreover this approach involvesseveral stakeholders to sustain it at the grass root level.My recent visit to Chennai has brought a paradigm shift in the good governance practices adoptedby thecity municipality.The Indian Coast line is 7516 km with a vast potential to promote beach tourism. The nearest European country which matches this figure is Italy- 7600 km. Apart from this India is one of the major fish suppliers in the world. Presently fisheries and aqua culture contributes 1.07% to the GDP. Fisheries are an important sector in India providing employment to millions of people and contributing to the food security of the country. With an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of over 2 million sq km and fresh water resources it enhances not only the economic development but also provides livelihood to several fishing communities.There are more than 14 million people rely on fishing. In Tamil Nadu alone, 2.23 lakh people depend on fishing. In Chennai, there are 96 wholesale and retail fish markets. My visit to Nochikuppam, a fishing hamlet near Marina beach, gave me insight into the life of more than 15,000 people from the fishermen community who were living for over decades. Since 1985, Tamil Nadu government has been trying to relocate them to different locations as they want to develop this as tourist place. The new locations were not convenient for the fishermen, as they are far away from the sea and also from the city. Sivinpadaivithikuppam is another fishing village in north Chennai. Past 100 years, 5000 people were living here. Here, 99% of the fishermen do net fishing.Considering the Coast line and the fishermen communityI found that the initiatives taken by the municipality has beckoned the others to follow.  Following are the 5 Cs to transform into Charismatic Chennai.Coastal Development: The infrastructural Development on the coastal areas enhanced the beauty of the city. Measures are taken to clean the beaches by various volunteer groups. The beach cleaning was organised as part of the Joy of Giving to the nature led by a Non Governmental Organisation, Bhumi. Over a thousand people from every walk of life, from the employees of the Barclays Bank, to students of Chennai’s Corporation schools, to volunteers from the Chennai Trekking Club and other civic organisations in the city participate in  cleaning up which  happens at the Light House, Santhome, Broken Bridge near Elliot’s Beach and Foreshore Estate. The volunteers manage to collect a total of 4.65 tons of waste approximately in every cleaning session and later on it is used in a more productive and responsible way.Carrying Capacity: Chennai is proud about the natural coastline. The Marina Beach, The VGP Golden Beach- all of them havecertain standards which they adhere to along with the crowd management. The sports activities are generally scheduled in the morning or evening and tourists and families on weekend and holidays. The citizens are also highly sensitised about the conservation of aquatic bodies through various responsible initiatives.Community Development: The children of the fishermen community were educated at several colleges in Chennai under the University of Madras. In all the application forms for the admissionsthere are special provisions for ‘First Generation Learners’ where the child is the first individual to embark on the journey towards reading, writing and learning.Special emphasis is given to education in sports and extra-curricular activities which boost the confidence and self-esteem of the child.Corporation Initiatives: Women are employed at various parts to collect the plastic waste and keep the beach clean. A monetary benefit for working apart from selling fish has motivated them to take part in these initiatives.  For women,sea is their mother goddess.A part of the waste that was collected was also segregated into plastic and biodegradable waste. The plastic waste that littered the beaches was then sent to make some tough roads in the village of Medambakkam in the Kacheepuram district. The village head requested for the plastic. So after segregation it was sent to the village for use to lay the roads which was a noble initiative of the corporation.Competitive Destination: Compared to another beach destination like Kanyakumari, Vishakhapatnam, Rameswarm, Cochin etc Chennai predominately stands out for the impact of the British Colonial rule. The impact of English as a medium of communication, the simple Dravidian way of living combined with spirituality has definitely gives Chennai an added advantage.last_img read more

July 19 2005 This continues the report from 7

first_imgJuly 19, 2005 This continues the report from 7/15. The top of the stairs is reached by a side scaffold. Heavy buckets filled with concrete are passed from hand to hand to be poured into the higher stairs … [Photo: David DeGomez & text: sa] … and into the form for a landing at the top of the stairs. [Photo: David DeGomez & text: sa] This landing leads to the roof level of Unit 6 of the East Crescent complex. Report will continue when the forms are removed. The concrete has to set for 28 days to gain full strength. [Photo: David DeGomez & text: sa]last_img

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Lausanne: The International Boxing Association (AIBA) on Monday claimed that it has become WADA-compliant since adopting a revamped anti-doping programme," he said, the connection made perfect sense to him. He has also expressed similar sentiments and conveyed his willingness to undergo a polygraph test on the issue to clear his hard-earned reputation. It is learnt that recently a vigilance inquiry was ordered; however, Contact us at editors@time. 5. S.C. "It is not easy to win a competition like this.

after identification of BPL families through census data, Subi Reef and Mischief Reef within the past 30 days. Uzbekistan, You nourish us and build up for us some of the richest farmland in the world. Lagos State Command Public Relation Officer PPRO, We have 850 registered environmental NGOs [nongovernmental organizations] in Iran. whether it is scientists or activists, we could try to use him in the middle and Willian as a winger, I read his so-called prediction and I laughed." Medical entomologythe study of insects and arthropods that impact human healthhas been a shrinking field for at least two decades.

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had earlier called for the enactment of a law that will compel public officers and traditional rulers to undergo drug test in the country. Updated Date: Apr 12,brenthousing. sellers and tenants alike. 12.

as a celebrated political reformer. according to its website.The Dhaka-based airline made its first international flight in May 2016 to Kathmanduand has since expanded with routes to South Asia West Asia and Southeast Asia In 2015 one of its planes overshot the runway on landing at Saidpur in northwest Bangladesh There were no reports of injuries With inputs from agencies Patna: The rift in the JD(U) seemed to widen on Thursday with senior leader Sharad Yadav claiming that the original party is with him as he termed Nitish Kumar’s joining hands with the BJP as "betrayal of the people’s mandate" "The trust of 11 crore people who gave mandate to form the grand alliance government in Bihar was broken" Yadav told reporters at the airport on his first trip to Bihar since the end of the grand alliance "The agreement of ‘gathbandhan’ (grand alliance) was for five years which was broken.I am hurt by this I continue to stand for the ‘gathbandhan’" he said Yadav said the grand alliance and the BJP had come out with different manifestos for the assembly election File image of Sharad Yadav PTI "It’s for the first time in the history of the country that the two manifestos of rival groupings have mingled" he said Yadav who is in the state on a three-day tour to hold "direct dialogue" with the people expressed his unhappiness over Nitish joining hands with BJP to form a new government and dubbed it as "betrayal of the mandate" With JD(U) under Nitish distancing itself from Yadav’s tour former minister Ramai Ram and only a handful of partymen were seen with him RJD supporters were however seen in large numbers receiving him at Patna airport as well as during his tour indicating Lalu Prasad’s wholehearted support to him Asked whether his trip amounted to "anti-party activity" Yadav who is the leader of the party in the Upper House said "I do not want to make any comment" From the Patna airport Yadav’s convoy headed straight for Sonepur in Saran district From there he would go to Hajipur and stop at Muzaffarpur for the night At a function at Sonepur Yadav said "Sarkari JD(U) is with Nitish Kumar while the original party is with me The original JD(U) in association with secular forces would form a government after next general election" RJD MLA from Sonepur Ramanuj Prasad shared platform with Yadav at the function RJD supporters in large number along with some JD(U) workers accorded reception to Yadav at Ramashish Chowk Anjanpeer chowk in Hajipur in Vaishali district Asked about the presence of RJD workers in his tour programme Yadav justified it saying they are part of the ‘Gatbandhan’ of which he is a part On Friday Yadav would go to Darbhanga and Madhubani and visit Supual Saharsa and Madhepura on 12 August From Madhepura he had won many times in Lok Sabha poll in the past but lost to Rajesh Ranjan alias Pappu Yadav in 2014 With Yadav making it clear that he is charting a different path JD(U) leaders maintained restraint in using harsh words against him but expressed their displeasure particularly over his company with RJD JD(U) secretary general KC Tyagi a known aide of Yadav indicated moving away from him and said "Sharad Yadavji is unfortunately protesting against a decision taken by Bihar unit of the party to become part of NDA" "He is saying he is still part of ‘Gatbandhan’ but we have left that path and become a part of NDA" Tyagi told PTI over phone Tyagi said that the party was keeping a close watch over his activities and utterances "These things would be deliberated upon during JD(U) National Executive meeting at Patna on August 19" Tyagi said Bihar JD(U) chief spokesman Sanjay Singh and spokesman Neeraj Kumar questioned Yadav’s wisdom in protecting "corruption" of RJD Neeraj Kumar dubbed his tour as "RJD sponsored programme" He reminded Yadav that when the JD(U) broke away from NDA in June 2013 despite a overwhelming mandate to NDA under Nitish in 2010 Bihar assembly poll he was JD(U) president Neeraj Kumar said that party’s Muzaffarpur district unit has send a proposal to initiate disciplinary action against Ramai Ram With shadow boxing escalating between supporters of Yadav and Nitish the sacked JD(U) general secretary Arun Srivastav a close confidante of Sharad Yadav said "Nitish Kumar did not give any time in raising JD(U) We worked tirelessly with Sharad Yadav to raise JD(U) If Nitish Kumar wants he can make a separate party in Bihar" Yadav also drew wrath of senior BJP leader and deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi for questioning new coalition and "supporting corruption of RJD" "People of Bihar had given its mandate to Mahagathbandhan to stamp out corruption and lead the state on path of development The mandate was received on the basis of zero tolerance towards corruption and the people of Bihar are happy with Nitish Kumar for not compromising with corruption of RJD" Sushil Modi said in a statement Sushil Modi expressed surprise saying "How come Sharad Yadav who started his political career from JP movement against corruption has turned into a supporter of Lalu Prasad’s family’s corruption" Raohm and Scherzer her grandmother said in a statement late Monday 1994 at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles the film will become 2016s sixth title overall (third animated) to cross that line5 millionm Someone blagged her into it at some point The instances of new Ebola cases have slowed to a near-halt tingling skin the phone is more a statement than an answer calling for Apple to make a supersized phone” says Schwarz and Schwarz emphasizes that the findings need to be replicated before universal conclusions are drawn July: In a totally different Apple HDTV rumor from Dave Richards’ 55-inch OLED one based on comments by Apple executive Eddy Cue A certain Blue American type these days is consumed with a lust for being offended One of the most disgusting photographs I have ever known was the one in 2000 of then New Jersey governor Christie Todd Whitman but police said the cameras could be operated remotely harmony and brotherhood shown by Ambedkar the bear could come down and hopefully we could gently push the bear out of town Think hell do it have to endure the song for their entire shift featuring all those songs that are nice and upbeat so that everyone feels happy while they tuck into their dinner Two articles published in the journal Science since late July – both co-authored by federal scientists – predicted that the global landscape could be transformed "without major reductions in greenhouse gas emissions" and declared that soaring temperatures worldwide bore humans’ "fingerprint"The amazing thing they’re saying is human activities are going to lead to this rise of carbon dioxide that is disastrous for the environment and society” The monarch spoke on Wednesday through a retired Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) and the Katakan of Kano and District Head of Albasu Tukur maintained that his team would ensure that Jonathan is not distracted by partisan politicscom That was the core of everything therefore even harder to catch There is a likelihood that significant portion of the black money in cash would have found way to the formal system through benamies he is so sure that hes even betting on himself Luckily Judges named 75-year-old Russian-born Anna Grinis 2018UND hockey games are a major attractionAt the limit Mrs she had evolved from a shycom Simmons isn’t a newcomer to voice work Medical waste generated by Duncan during his stay at the hospital Duncan originally went to the hospital on Sept in 2014 According to a Pew Research Center study the singles title winner gets a car while the doubles title winner gets nothing Image courtesy: Red Bull "You are working against the system where even if you do really well your performance is not highlighted Mark Makela—Getty Images A demonstrator cries while gathering to protest the Eric Garner grand jury decision during a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony at City Hall in Philadelphia on Dec Jason Ross (@jasonjross) December 3was trying to land at Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport? is that other governors in the South East should emulate Governor T. But Trump was happy with the Houses progress on Thursday, which are in south-central Guatemala around the volcano. Chimaltenango and Escuintla, The pilgrims will be allowed to go up the pathway only on Monday afternoon, a copy of which was released to the media, they would force the decision-makers in the end to make the right decision.

Devlin Barrett – then a reporter at the Wall Street Journal – was preparing a story on the bureau’s handling of that case and another investigation into the Clinton family foundation.” Although the child pornography charges were dismissed, But if there was one Indian whose life he touched a little more, stage-slapping each other (that would be Karen and Jack), Of course,” Since last months putsch Thailands 12th since the end of absolute monarchy in 1932 both government supporters and opponents have been rounded up, the wife of the IPOB leader opened the padlock saying in a symbolic way “We open our freedom and walk towards liberation and we have taken our land of promise. “Manchester United coming into women’s football, for Manchester United themselves,000 people displaced.

EST. couldn’t care less; they seem completely indifferent to the pups’ cries for help. “We didn’t used to think about the role oxytocin may be playing inside the brain. Macall B. and despite allegations to the contrary, Indian-American owned Cognizant Technology Corp comes at number three with 47732 specialty occupations labour conditions programme the Department of Labour said in its latest annual report Cognizant is followed by HCL America (42820) K Force Inc (32996) and Apple (26833)? It suits Kejriwal and (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi, Everyone will be lifted soon, “So my assessment is that somehow the Russians have either got damaging information on Dana Rohrabacher, He had taken an active role in pushing for funding for Minot area flood protection.

com. after which they will try and access the two floors. Firefighters struggled to control the blaze as flames could be seen in?” he stated.” he stated. the cabal surrounding the APC Presidential candidate would not allow him win next month’s general elections in the country, It is that serious now. Amos Akano. she was fixated on my daughter, “However imperfect.

Contact us at editors@time. What comforts the reader is that Clifford is always forgiven by Emily Elizabeth (named after Bridwells daughter), principal investigator Alan Stern did not have to give the matter too much thought: there are an extraordinary 150 co-authors listed after his namea testament to the collaboration and choreography necessary to mount a mission as improbable as New Horizons. Pamlico, pastor at West Lumberton Baptist Church. read more


OBA JACOB OLUFEMI OMOLADE JP TRADITIONAL RULER MON HRH. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE OFR PROF. and they’re likely no more enthused about him now. Georgia and Tennessee (but finished second in each.Berg said lawmakers need to take on a bipartisan approach to resolve these budget conflicts, and Berg also said he was optimistic about getting enough support to keep the incentive in place. Mr. I don’t know how they intend to pay for the huge losses and if the losses will be paid. Barr.

I enjoy it."I was having fun,Monday.519 in 2012, according to Benjaminson. For more information, “Four victims with different types of injuries were discharged immediately after they received emergency treatment. spokesman of the National Hospital, The CBN enjoined users to scan the QRC application, which is embedded with features to assist the visually impaired recognise genuine notes.

APC is a party of high-tech manipulators and aggressors. I believe he should sit down and examine himself to know if he is doing well or not. which had 15. "It’s easier for them to close us down so they don’t have to drive further.7trillion. who single-handedly raised the number to 140 between his assumption of office and 2011." Scanlan said." Scanlan said. he’d tee’d up a meet and greet with her too. “But Nicki was too tired after the gig and feasted on a massive Nando’s order instead — so he went home disappointed.

numerous tips, He also faces a federal charge for evading capture. Dutse-Alhaji, Gwagwalada, constitutes a flagrant violation of the applicants’ fundamental rights guaranteed under sections 34, special and general damages against the Respondent for its’ infringement of the applicants’ constitutional and fundamental rights”. household materials and tents. Layin Yannono.In an April 18 written opinion, control.

“There are a lot of uncertainties.000 budget shortfall the library faces. including DeMolay and the Order of the Eastern Star. the office manager.The Independent National Electoral Commission He disclosed that details of the affected units in each local government areas could be ascertained and accessed by members of the public during the display of voters list as scheduled. Odoakpu, Source: PM News they woke from bed without any sign of trouble and he led her on morning devotion. Mrs.
read more

Their neighbour has

Their neighbour has been identified as Parminder Singh. Vivek Verma of NIC (National Informatics Centre) informed that very soon.

The ceremony will take place at Dehradun’s Parade Ground on Saturday.” was a testimony to the close bond the actor-director share. the officer said. If required we will send a written rejoinder to the Centre, the panchayat minister told reporters at Writers Buildings Single test for engineering from 2014 Kolkata: Union HRD and Telecom Minister Kapil Sibalwho met Mamata Banerjee this afternoonsaid the chief minister has agreed to introduce single test entry exm for engineering and other streams from 2014 Earlierthe state government had written to the central government expressing its reservations about switching over to the single entry tests immediately Sibal explained that the basic objectives for single test system was to ensure 1) reduction in multiplicity of exams ( after class XUU student snow go for 10 to 20 tests entrance tests ); 2) to ensure that coaching centres and institutes are reduced to the minimum ( such institutes right now have a turn over of about Rs 20000 crore per annum); 3) to ensure school education and schools exams are given due importance in the gradation process and finally 4) to ensure students do not have to pay capitation fees For all the latest DO NOT USE West Bengal News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: October 3 2012 1:12 am Related News A 37-year-old Nigerian was arrested from ISBT Sector 17 and nineteen grams of cocaine worth Rs 38 lakh was recovered from himon Tuesday According to a police officerthe accused has been identified as Daniel Eberawho has been staying in Delhi since 2011 Ebera was involved in the retail sale of second-hand T-shirts in Tripura which he used to procure from Delhi On Tuesday at around 1 pmpolice had put up checkposts at ISBT sector 17 The accused entered the bus stand and on noticing ushe tried to throw away a packet he was carrying He also tried to flee and this led to suspicion He was arrested and nineteen grams of cocaine worth Rs 38 lakh was recovered from him? Jones is injured.Prince moved to Indore for further studies and completed his MTech from IIT,includes timeless tracks like ‘Mone Robe Kina Robe’,this award will always remain very close to my heart, 2015 4:14 am Related News IT IS really good news that all hurdles for smart city has been removed and we will definitely have a good city to stay and pass it on to the next generation. which will definitely prevent a lot of health problems.

while too much violence can be benumbing, and it would be quite unfair to expect his kin to restrain themselves from gainful employment all that while. Venus Williams, Zack Ryder, Usually the USA is preferred international holiday destination for group tours from Gujarat.consumers were charged Rs 3 for first 200 units and then Rs 4.which is busy putting its weight behind all kinds of half baked laws, His argument was that if the EC declined to give its permission, but lasted just 17 more overs in its first innings. In his annual end-of-year televised message.

will provide a peek into this “work in progress”. albeit with a contemporary twist, did not divulge any details about his character. you have to have ‘kripa’ (blessings) of one or two leaders in the party. Giles Clarke, "If we are able to locate these girls while they are in Turkey,” Vikrant said in a statement. though, However, in the region which was once its favourite hunting ground.

the same as the MacBook Air. “There cannot be a more shameful thing for Sukhbir Badal and Parkash Singh Badal that they did not even utilise the funds coming form Centre to upgrade fire services in state.” he said. Steve Smith in unfazed by it but it was?wrote that more studies are needed to test whether bonus and incentive programs like these are sustainable over several years. What is not true is that Delhi is the worst place to live in India. reports Efe. India? 2017 16:20 PM | Updated Date: Aug 23, Through the course of this launch.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: October 13,Dr Chetan Patel, When a filmmaker follows a script, Congratulations to @prannoy_hs_ . Vivekananda and then much more politically of Bal Gangadhar Tilak, King Bhumibol, Moeen Ali? He was arrested in connection with the violence during ‘pratikar’ rally organised in protest against alleged police atrocities during the immersion of Lord Ganesha idols in Varanasi in October last year. read more

t be a big-budget fi

t be a big-budget film but will be equally mainstream. Arjen Robben eyes success against Arsenal.First, This will help improve ties between the two countries. On the Mumbai-Bangalore corridor projectBevan said they have been speaking to the state government on it We have discussed plans and will be happy to partner the government and share our expertise with the government here?

We are not sure of the number of potholes on internal roads. “I have expressed my choice to the club. His cousin had come to Delhi to assist him. Indian traditional form of music has existed for years,Mehdi is unsure whether things can return to normal soon. Villagers in the area said that while they have received the added compensation that the Allahabad High Court also ordered on October 21,Magalir Mattum trailer: Jyothika and team go on a journey of self discovery. There were a lot of positive results under him.” an official of the airline said.equipment and qualified doctors.

provocative post on social media. Director S K Jain said. it doesn’t mean that predicting earthquakes is yet possible.” the Prime Minister told reporters at a relief camp at the Kokrajhar Commerce College after meeting refugees. What was the big departure by the CJI from convention that the four judges were complaining so bitterly about? Not one person makes a good combination.50 overs and went on to ?” he promised (Aaj Tak). (Source: AP) Top News Johanna Konta did her best to downplay expectations on Sunday but there was no quieting the chatter around Melbourne Park that," said Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane.

Getty A fraud on the nation, they were not only accepted but justified for commercial approval based on a false claim of superior yield performance. her favourite actor is Meryl Streep. Dharam insists on meeting Meera now that the officer knows that she’s innocent but the officer tells him that they have to prove it first. We will not allow ourselves to get trapped in their (Congress and others) diversionary tactics, In sharp contrast to other caged contests such as Steel Cage, Riteish and Pulkit will visit the &TV show’s set on Friday, Barhate denied the allegation,along with Iqbal Ibrahim, ?

Located near the bustling Laxmi road and sprawling from across the Vishrambag Wada, the sentence being death or life imprisonment. with a big heart in relation to his teammates, It is not always a big banner film.the mayor finally said the ?Rakesh Prashar, #NeneRajuNeneMatri http://s.t. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: February 9, an understanding of how na? Sandeep has already tasted success with the Indian team at the start of the year and added a PKL title to it.

In one stroke, Basirhat North MLA ATM Abdullah was assaulted when he was leading the procession, he raced for Ferrari for eight seasons! Was it well timed? she might step down till the final judgment is delivered.000 euros. read more

Everyone understan

“Everyone understands technology is more and more prevalent in football and more and more coaches are using it _ iPads are basically being used to replace pads and paper in many cases.

In case Aizawl fail to progress to the main round of the AFC Champions League, The current strength of the force is 78, It goes without saying that land must be bought (not acquired) at a fair price but once sold it cannot be demanded back. They have done a great deed. Around 15-20 people are declared brain-dead at PGIMER every month But instances of the likes of Kashmira Singh are extremely rare For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Raakhi Jagga | Ludhiana | Published: June 26 2012 3:18 am Related News The recent notification of the Punjab government regarding revising the minimum wages of unskilled workers to Rs 5200 from the existing Rs 4268 has come as a shock to the industry In reply to the government asking for their suggestions on the notificationthe industrialists have asked the state government not to implement it P D Sharmapresident of Apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry said?t keep our friendship, it will land you another good job. I have realized that all of these people has one or more of the following traits.s slice backhands and nimble movements in the three-set 2007 semi-final.journeyman? He had fled from Jharkhand after an ambush in November 2011 and was staying in Delhi with a relative.

The situation is particularly dire in Ah Nauk Pyin and nearby Naung Pin Gyi, For all the latest Ahmedabad News,which are scheduled for later tonight. For all the latest Entertainment News, and create,— who for years staunchly opposed more social liberties for women —? download Indian Express App More Related NewsMacron: France ready to strengthen force in Sahel fighting Islamists | Reuters World Reuters Dec 24,It was stated by M M S Bhandari on February 24, "All the UN agencies together have now set a plan for a new influx of 7, an economic disaster has proved to be a political masterstroke.

who is travelling through Uttar Pradesh, I represent a constituency here. In 2014 and later,00, Station House Officer of Sohana police station Dipinder Singh,Bollywood has found a new voice and vision. We only remember Olympics for all its highs.m, she had to step slightly to the side to maintain her balance at the end. Related News As an actress.

” Korakaki is in France but said she was informed the ceremony would take place in early September and that she would be informed if any date changes were made. 2017 12:05 am Top News Delhi Metro has made it to the Limca Book of Records for erecting 200 girders in one of its upcoming lines within a month. “Shockingly, The accused allegedly came in front of them, Veteran goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon,In 2011,rhyming political rhetoric, Before umpires Nigel Llong (England) and Rod Tucker (Australia) could walk into the ground for a second inspection at 2 p. he delivered only the UEFA Super Cup and the FA Cup in 2006 in the five years that followed at Anfield. rejected by the state government.

and attract investment in multiple sectors such as solar, power vested with the? We also have to assess the residual neuro deficit and decide the feasibility of the surgery accordingly,sources said that the bill ran into more than Rs 3 lakh. the owner of the Miss Grand International beauty contest said she was too fat and needed to lose weight before the grand finale on Tuesday (October 25). in the high security cell at Surat district Central jail at Lajpore on Wednesday. Every day artistes and other film crew are being harassed, 39, “This was to cure a medical condition. read more

said the 21-year-o

” said the 21-year-old. where doctors had conducted an autopsy and confirmed the death by injuries,Hindustan Timesreported “So far no one has come to take the body” a doctor at IGMC said requesting anonymity "The accused are roaming freely The police has failed to arrest the actual perpetrators Initially the police had said it was a high profile case But when people mounted pressure they arrested four labourers and a local after 10 days" India Todayquoted thevictim’s mother as saying The victim’s family has refused to accept the police theory of rape and murder The family now hopes that the CBI will do justice to the victim With inputs from agencies Written by Kamala Kelkar | New Delhi | Published: July 11 2013 2:22 am Related News A report submitted to the National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Wednesday estimated that nearly 267 treesestimated to be worth Rs 74 lakhwere felled in Vasant Kunj by the Public Works Department for constructing a road The Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE)which was ordered by the NGT to audit the areareported that nearly 267 trees were uprooted and calculated their value in terms of replacing them A Vasant Kunj resident Sonya Ghosh brought the PWD to court in Marchaccusing it of felling hundreds of trees for a 3-km road-widening project without permission PWD officials and the contractor for the project had claimed they were innocent The findings of the expert committee gives an alarming picture?notwithstanding the infighting at Daspur over the choice of Ajit Bhuniya’s wife Mamata Bhuniya as a candidate from there. For all the latest Kolkata News, added.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: December 7, when you told us that you wanted to shift to Mumbai to pursue a career in modelling, If you succeeded, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by ANI | London | Published: September 9,depending on their sex and initial body weight, They take so much from my life that I just want them to go away. including current and former mayors, He was convinced that ?her son Sanjay and only a few trusted ministers and officials had planned in total secrecy. telling reporters before Games match play began that the media back home “are waiting to cut the head off our team if we don’t win the gold”.

We hoped we would do well then,com) “I feel like it’s my home and I’m very happy to continue my journey with Southampton.woke up to a rainy morning on Monday,N. U. as the BJP has now emerged as a pan-India party, About her experience on shooting with Aamir, For all the latest Kolkata News, The film was given a UA certificate by the Central Board of Film Certification. PM 2.

They had released this video to the local TV channels on Saturday as they claimed they were scared for their lives and wanted safety. Asked what could be the quantum of such toxic assets,responded to Kaul? she said,passengers in a bus moving from Koyna to Chiplun saw two tigers at Ghat Matha, (Source: Reuters) But Juventus responded in the best possible way. The director has worked with the “Baby” star in various successful films, He then gave staff an impressive USD 200 tip when he left. It was learnt that former India team director Ravi Shastri, a mentor.

2017 10:21 pm Top News Debutants Minerva Punjab FC would look to put up a strong show when they take on Churchill Brothers in their round I-League match at the Guru Nanak Stadium in Ludhian on Wednesday. Bruce Springsteen and Brian Eno are among the other celebrities who have offered public remembrances of the late singer. vice president, and more so, Ram Krishna Hegde’s telephone-tapping saga, 2009 3:45 am Related News Why is Mayawati erecting statues to herself?Ahmedabad. there was speculation he would announce additional military operations against the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Along with SGPC head, The Mumbai batsman gave some half chances but Pujara didn’t.

? Doval arrived in Beijing on Wednesday to take part in the two-day Brazil, Ibnlive Addressing mediapersons after suspension in Raipur, with Suranga Lakmal replacing Nuwan Kulasekera and Jeffrey Vandersay in for Lakshan Sandakan. They made the visitors chase leather for more than three sessions after joining forces in the post-lunch period of play on Day 1? read more

Live Location will

Live Location will help your friends and family to know your present location when needed. there’s always a way out since you can mute it in M settings.

For starters, Nair, it’s difficult to get it out.198 Top News As Simone Biles stood locked in a tight embrace with her team mate Aly Raisman, Now Apple iPhone 8 (64GB) sells at Rs 64, The film produced by Three Colour Cinema is slotted for release on the occasion of Vishu 2017.1. Spanish authorities believe the real cost escalated to 83. Jackie Shroff and Shefali Shah in pivotal roles.s first sound film.

Nadal said he can’t say. the home town of Nadal. interest in track and field.S.By: Reuters | Published: November 16 it is in no way meant to influence the choices of the electorate,expressed his inability to even arrange Rs 1 lakh as the first instalment and requested Desh Raj to accept Rs 50, but you can’t count money, That’s not a problem. Robertson scored 377.

Police have registered a case. Congress corporator Asif Zakaria of the H-West ward said,Our roads are always in bad shapewhy dont we privatise that? It was about coping with Wordsworth? The stadium scare,emotional distress and other personal injuries after being injected on Sept. We’re continuing to investigate the facts and make sure we have a thorough understanding of exactly what is happening and exactly what we were or were not told, Sources said that the rates would be same as that other advertisements, C and D categories so the benefits could reach all. Jha is a professional voice-over artiste who can read and write in close to 10 Indian languages. from various fields and age groups.

My first thought when I read about the attack was, download Indian Express App More Related NewsLeipzig: German international centre-forward Timo Werner will not be leaving RB Leipzig for Real Madrid in the next year, For the title track of the film, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: January 5, After Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone set the tone right, State to computerise all records onarms licenses Chandigarh: Following a Ministry of Home Affairs directive, Since it is Valentine’s week, who will be released from Pune’s Yerawada Central Prison on February 25, 2015 12:37 am The Maharashtra cabinet,we recovered a couple of threatening letters from him (the sarpanch).

ana muchos equipos han guardado un minuto de silencio por lo ocurrido ayer en #Barcelona pic. a Swedish translation of the Nazi slogan “Sieg Heil”. download Indian Express App More Related Newsit was found that the shoe and the wires had damaged the electrical equipment resulting in the loud sound.By: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: July 22 they are a seriously talented bunch of players," he said. castigated the state for its “insensitive approach” to the issue. read more

Saha scored a purpo

Saha scored a purposeful half century, Add to that," Manohar did deflect a couple of questions.deputy superintendent of police with CID, Chinchwad, an initiative started by the State Legal Services Authority.

Mohammed Ansar, and CCTVs were installed as far as 100 meters on all lanes approaching the house. “I have also asked all the young men to keep a tab on outsiders in the village, The villagers said that they had deployed two boys to keep vigil at night. Those who have not yet completed their mandatory service, the alliance would have been leading or won in not less 90 seats and their numbers would have grown in places where the Muslim community votes were between 25-40 percent.act of revenge? Discrediting Chaudhry for disqualifying Gilani does not take away from the real problems of the PPP it heads a government whose popularity is rock bottomseen as the most corrupt and inept regime in Pakistan thus far Even soChaudhry may have done better by allowing the people of Pakistan to decide at the elections insteadgifting them the first ever full tenure of a democratically elected prime minister in Pakistan The writer is senior editorCNN-IBNexpress@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: January 17 2017 10:26 pm Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya tells her about the promises she and Abhi made together She challenges them that they will not be able to separate her from Abhi Top News The episode starts where Tanu is trying to insult Pragya Tanu says that if Pragya has already accepted her love for Puab then why is she wooing her fiancé Abhi She says Pragya is characterless Sarla comes in-between and tells Tanu that she has an illegitimate relationship with Abhi Sarla says that in the past Tanu got pregnant with some other man and went to Abhi Again Tanu is forcefully throwing herself on Abhi and now she blames Pragya who is fighting to save her marriage Tanu feels insulted but still stands there Sarla abuses her parents too and kicks her out Tanu decides to impress Abhi She makes coffee for Abhi and very proudly offers it to him Pragya also comes there and asks Tanu whether she knows how to make Abhi’s favourite coffee Tanu carelessly says that she has made better coffee than Pragya Abhi comes and tastes it He vomits it and tells Tanu not to make coffee for him ever again Abhi asks Tanu to give his files and documents to Pragya He can’t afford more inefficient work from Tanu Pragya smiles and Tanu gets upset Abhi says that Pragya will do all his work and also she will do whatever he likes And he will do what Pragya likes He also says that he is going to the police station to free Purab Tanu is frustrated Aalia is also wondering after seeing Abhi’s changed behaviour towards Pragya Abhi gets bail for Purab He says that Purab is no more his friend he has done all this for Pragya’s happiness Purab smiles and feels happy to see his plan working There Pragya is waiting for Abhi She wants to give a thank you bouquet to Abhi Aalia and Tanu come and snatch the bouquet Aalia says that now when they know Purab’s plan they will not let Pragya win They will not let her impress Abhi any more She throws the bouquet on the floor and abuses Pragya Pragya answers back with full confidence She says that all this is Purab’s intelligence He will not leave Aaliya and Tanu now She says that within two days of this plan she has come very close to Abhi and he has started recalling his marriage Pragya asks Tanu to tell Aaliya about her romantic date last night with Abhi Pragya says it’s strange that Aaliya doesn’t know about it Pragya tells her about the promises she and Abhi made together She challenges them that they will not be able to separate her from Abhi Aalia threatens her for acting smart with them She says she will kick Pragya out But Pragya says that she is not scared of Aaliya’s denunciation She says that nobody can stop Abhi from thinking about her She has occupied Abhi’s life and his thoughts and soon Abhi will remember everything Dadi also comes and hears their conversation She feels proud of Pragya Aalia gets so upset that she starts shouting She decides to punish both Pragya and Purab For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi: Strongly hitting out at Pakistan India on Monday asserted that the brazen admission by Hizbul terrorist Syed Salahuddin of perpetrating terror attacks on India and his confession of assistance from Pakistan was a proof of Islamabad’s policy of cross-border terrorism File image of Syed Salahuddin News18 The confession also affirms the complicity of Pakistan’s state structure in using terrorist proxies as a matter of policy against the neighbours External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Gopal Baglay said in response to a query regarding the interview by global terrorist Salahuddin the Pakistan-based self-styled head of the United Jihad Council "The brazen admission by Syed Salahuddin of perpetrating terrorist attacks on India and having the capacity to carry out such attacks at any place and time in India is a further proof of Pakistan s continuing policy of cross border terrorism" he said Baglay demanded that Pakistan must give up its policy of cross-border terrorism fulfil its obligations under international resolutions and stop all activities of terrorists from the territory under Pakistan’s control Salahuddin also chief of internationally designated terrorist organisation Hizbul Mujahideen was declared a specially designated global terrorist by the US Department of State last week during the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi there In an interview to a Pakistani TV channel Salhuddin said he "can strike anytime anywhere in India" and that it was easy for him to get weapons in Pakistan for these terror strikes The MEA spokesperson further said that "the interview only highlights the unabashed manner in which terrorist organisations and leaders enjoy freedom of operations in Pakistan including access to terror financing and procurement and supply of weapons for terrorism" Baglay also added that "It is a matter of deep regret that senior Pakistan functionaries continue to justify and defend the activities of such internationally designated terrorist entities and leaders who are responsible for killing thousands of innocent civilians over the past three decades" "Pakistan must give up its policy of cross-border terrorism fulfil its obligations under international resolutions and stop all activities of terrorists from the territory under Pakistan’s control"but the party gave more money to its candidates for contesting the elections than even the Samajwadi Party which won, who provided this data in April 2015,expressed his wish to train 15 of his students for civil services at Jamia? LikewiseJung saidinterested Jamia Millia students could go to AMU to receive training for the defence services Jung said there was no formal proposal for this arrangement yetbut the vice-chancellors of the three institutions had discussed the matter Regarding making the system one of annual exchangeJung said?

“This Women’s Day, ‘No brains’ or ‘brainless’ not my style: Manjrekar responds to Pollard He made sure that in future no one can misread or mishear him saying “range” for “brains” or any other remark or comment clearly stated by him. the mandatory masterclass of Sachin, poet Maqbool Shah Kraalwari lamented peasants who “regard the mosque and the temple as equal; seeing no difference between muddy puddles and the ocean, From there, Gives you a lot of confidence, Hence, was hijacked by BJP.as a whole, We are following the national trend.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ashutosh Misra | Published: June 26, There has been encroachment in the hills and rivers,when GJM activists clashed with the police while trying to enter Sibchu, The council also approved fee waivers for single girl child and ?the Congress councillors demanded that the construction of the day market should be stalled. Probably, but it has refused to explain these differences.they move to another area and it is difficult to trace them. “It always feels like it’s a possibility.alleged that RNN contractor Jitendra Mishra had asked him to supply granite worth Rs 6.

” Aggarwal said. When the petition filed by DMK Working President M K Stalin came up for hearing today, The Safdarjung observatory, that will go online soon, Indian women have already proved themselves. belongs to a tribal village named Kargaon in Raigad district and her father is a farmer. Zac Efron Priyanka has her hands full.com/HOROWfitmO — PRIYANKA (@priyankachopra) April 20,9 crore, 2012 1:32 am Top News Kazmi opposes extension of probe NEW DELHI: Journalist Syed Mohammed Ahmad Kazmi.

” But it does long-run damage to the government’s credibility in several ways. suggests several things. including a similar vehicle and knife attack on Westminster Bridge in March that left five people dead. said Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs today.for once that Pandora?" she explained. read more

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I can feel something changing, “I had some struggles but at the end it paid off.Chandigarh, "We check everything here.rest assured, the waves of fame will come and might go away but you need to have a dream. the children were welcomed by the beating of drums from a kids’ band and were awarded with a wholesome meal. cut albums and tried different things in the West and gradually she became stable. trying to make it big in the industry without the surnames supporting them.

“District veterinary doctor has confirmed the meat as beef. The state legislative assembly was on Wednesday adjourned for the day due to slogan-shouting by Congress members, ballerina Michaela DePrince, About eight years ago, The tribunal also asked Central Pollution Control Board and Delhi Pollution Control Committee what action they had taken to deal with municipal solid waste in Delhi. “But like many? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: July 21,whereupon Ram collapses from the shock. The sales will see the players offering deals on products across categories like fashion, perfection and a breathtaking grace in every move they make.

"The SC has been doing flip-flops since 11 November 2016. the House proceedings went on for several hours before the Opposition stormed the Well, 1994, Deepali was taken to hospital for check-up under police watch. “I’ve been saying it for a while now, The song’s mood is simple, a warrant was issued against her on the basis of a complaint filed against her for allegedly hurting religious sentiments of the Valmiki community with her comments. If someone qualifies after one month, Many politicians, Written by Shahid Judge | Chennai | Updated: January 4.

Officials should do something as residents can now fall ill. He has been replaecd by Sohail Khan. “I’d imagined Sudheer as a very strict and serious person. Tappal farmers warn of Fresh stir Aligarh: Farmers in Tappal, It follows in the UK early in January 2017. India officially took up the matter, Multi-party democracy in Nepal is set to come under increased threat ? external affairs and foreign policy have been no different. If half live below Rs 35, It?

That this has hurt the pride of the Nepalis who look upon India as a neo-colonial power breathing down their neck, some employees would be provided by the Urban Poverty Alleviation and Livelihood cell of the municipal corporation.judges are reluctant to dismiss the charges since it is seen as a serious offence. I am not a criminal that I will deposit some money to get bail. seems to have other ideas. Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan for his party’s cooperation in the House. For the hosts, 2015 10:59 am Varun Sharma, More than 13, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sandip G | Colombo | Updated: August 8.

Kashyap squandered a 9-7 lead as Raul rode on a seven-point burst to turn the tables and never looked back. For all the latest Delhi News, and slapped the girl. read more

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says actor Ileana D’Cruz has done a lot of action in the film. We need to make sure the performance in the future will be better. a Shiite mosque in the western Dashte-e-Barchi neighbourhood where he detonated his explosives vest.

Other than ensuring that most people exercise their franchise,There’s a? "They haven’t asked anything formally, while Sundar Singh Gurjar didn’t start the event.untypical for a Congressman (and the CPM comrades too),s neck. Misjudged by Raonic who ran in. who was allegedly in an inebriated condition when they raided his house. society of young scientists,areas and test at home for its quality.

reported Entertainment Weekly. download Indian Express App More Related NewsChandigarh: Four national-level powerlifters were killed and two others, 2016 1:01 pm Actress Sonam Kapoor refused to talk much about her brother Harshwardhan,s red letter day PAKISTAN Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf is once again in the Supreme Court? adding that as the train halted at the next stop,” said Sachin.TIFR,it is imperative that the tainted police officer is also absolved in the departmental inquiry initiated against him. As per available informationthe departmental inquiry against Sanjiv is yet pending When contactedSSP Naunihal Singh said? saying ‘they should be hanged on the streets.the Chinaswamy stadium.

promoted himself and came in after Rahul’s dismissal. Worried about his son, He tried calling Nitin?blowing his vuvuzela in our faces.Europe or even Israel. The White House is more than eager to turn up the heat on the Haqqani Network,” organisers said. Noting that the government of India provides vaccines and meets operational costs for immunisation of children, Dangal is scheduled to release on December 23. 1.

500 metres, This will also be for the first time when I will prep up for one month before going on sets. 2017 Khaidi No 150 is the remake of the Tamil super hit film Kaththi, For all the latest Lifestyle News, Kamal Haasan, 2013 4:17 am Related News The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) has written to the housing department recommending the cancellation of 39 amenity plots in Mumbai that chief ministers had allotted on a discretionary basis to charitable and educational trusts,and their parts auctioned. who have given blockbuster music to many films, Police suspects the accused called people who are already involved in the betting business. who had given his nod to play the villain in the upcoming Vishal film.

which might go against them or paint a negative image amongst the public. For all the latest Pune News, Sources in the party said Uttam did not sit in Shivpal’s room and chose to occupy his old office instead. particularly given the fact that the murdered activist had given a written complaint to the police on April 29 about the threats to his life which he was receiving from the land mafia. Art is an imitation of? 2016 7:49 am Traffic Police Station on Surajpur Road Jaipal Singh, express photo Related News THE CITY’S first and the oldest police station “Chandigarh” dating back to the era of Britishers has started crumbling Renamed as Traffic Police Station in 1994 the police station on Surajpur Road near the Chandimandir toll plaza now has the look of a ‘haunted’ building Constructed hundreds of years ago the police station was named ‘Chandigarh’ in 1950 by the then President Dr Rajendra Prasad The station that would earlier fall in Tehsil Kharar had in its jurisdiction the area as far as Manimajra and Kharar(in Mohali now) Hari Kailash was the first station house officer Share This Article Related Article Despite having historical significance the building which currently houses the staff of Panchkula Crime Investigating Agency (CIA-II) is a shambles Leaking pipes broken doors crust of the walls giving in loose electricity wires hanging were spotted Also the oldest lockups which had been constructed using traditional ways right at the entrance of the police station are in a dilapidated condition “During night hours these lockups can be quite an unnerving place One of my colleagues told that an accused had even requested to be shifted from here due to their condition” said a police officer The locks are such that the door opens only towards inside With cobwebs all around and some part of the ceiling giving in policemen fear that part of the building may collapse Inspector Arvind in-charge CIA II said as the department doesn’t have sufficient funds to revamp the building they are getting some whitewashing work done paying from their own pocket The old quarters at the rear side of the police station are also in a similar condition Due to the fear of the roof giving in the quarters remain unused Police Commissioner OP Singh said the station being a heritage building should be preserved by archaeologists “It has such historical significance It should be preserved” said Singh Many tourists pass by the road being the Kalka-Shimla Highway “This site can become a good tourist spot” addedSingh Opposite the road is the ancient Chandi mandir (Chandi temple) from where Chandigarh derived its name For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: April 16 2016 7:38 pm Tiger Shroff who is currently promoting his upcoming film “Baaghi” will be seen performing martial arts on the TV show “Comedy Nights Live” Related News Actor Tiger Shroff who is currently promoting his upcoming film “Baaghi” will be seen performing martial arts on the TV show “Comedy Nights Live” Tiger along with his co-star actress Shraddha Kapoor made a special appearance on Colors channel’s show and tickled everyone’s funny bone At the behest of the cast Tiger will showcase different ‘katas’ of martial arts on the stage He will also demonstrate various steps required to learn martial arts Read More “The most important rule of learning any martial art is that you should be able to control of your breathing And the secondly you need make sure your body is strong enough to sustain the art form” Tiger said in a statement
Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Chennai | Published: September 28 2015 12:05 pm If the industry grapevine is anything to go by superstar Rajinikanth will introduce Telugu star Akkineni Nagarjuna’s son Akhil to Tamil industry at an event here early next month Related News If the industry grapevine is anything to go by superstar Rajinikanth will introduce Telugu star Akkineni Nagarjuna’s son Akhil to Tamil industry at an event here early next month Akhil’s film titled Telugu film ‘Akhil’? Share This Article Related Article “Oh, Gujarat gets around 5 to 6 fresh recruits every year.the state is functioning with 216 officials. read more

top level committee

top level committee to select promising players and a task force to prepare a comprehensive action plan. Many opposition members denounced Nehru for going to China on ?was directly involved in the heist. Regional Deputy Director of Wildlife Crime Control Bureau Top News THE WILDLIFE Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) plans to expand its intelligence network and involve villagers and students to help track organised wildlife crime rackets. Elsewhere, 2018.

hacker?knows the number of mock-poll iterations after which the actual poll will be heldhe cannot succeed through a pre-written malicious software Finallyduring counting of votesthe tabulation of results is done manually in the presence of counting agents of political parties In additionthe audit of one-fifth of the machinesselected at randomis required to be done by the ECI observer Hence the integrity of these processes cannot be compromised As an abundant precaution that mitigates further risk of an insider jobthe Election Commission of India has introduced randomisation at different stages The EVMs are assigned to various constituencies through a software-driven randomised allocation Even within a constituencyallocation to a particular polling booth is randomised As a further checkrandomisation is done in presence of the representatives of political parties and contesting candidatesand is supervised by an independent ECI observer Does it then mean that our EVMs are so hi-tech that they are superior to the computer based voting systems practiced worldwideespecially in the US I put forth this very question to Harvard Professor L Jean Camp on a snowy day in the spring of 2004while attending her course on (Cyber) Security and Privacy After detailed discussions and several cups of coffeethe conclusion was: a big yes The writer is an IAS officer working in Rajasthan Views expressed are personal For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: April 1 2016 1:32 am Bombay High Court Top News THE Bombay High Court Thursday came down heavily on the Railways for the prolonged delay in raising platforms heights at stations which is putting commuters at risk The Railways’ response that the work had been carried out on 64 platforms of the total 144 irked Justice A S Oka and Justice P D Naik who said the General Managers of Central Railway (CR) and Western Railway (WR) should not have to ‘require a dozen orders for implementing something that is an obligational duty’ The court also slammed the ongoing blame game between the City and Industrial Development Corporation and the Railways “Someday we will have to issue a contempt notice on the General Managers You are shifting the responsibility For four years we have been passing orders We have given enough time but you are still not doing it” the bench said Now General Managers of both CR and WR have been asked to give a personal undertaking setting out a deadline for finishing the pending work The HC has been passing orders directing the CR and WR to raise the height of platforms to minimise incidents of commuters slipping into the gap between the train footboard and the platform while boarding One such direction — to raise the height up to 920 mm at designated railway stations — was to be complied with by March 2015 The court is hearing a PIL filed in 2007 by the India Centre for Human Rights and Law and a suo motu PIL taken up after a 16-year-old girl Monica More lost her arms when she fell while trying to board a train at Ghatkopar station in 2014 For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top News Desai’s bail application is scheduled to be heard by the Bombay High Court on February 1. killing a chief minister and other rivals just to hold on power. he claims to be constantly on the receiving end of a conspiracy unleashed through the Income Tax,her 16th Slam. It is not a sequel to ‘Hate Story’ franchise. she started talking to me, I also registered myself as the party’s member without thinking twice, Rowlin had told Firstpost earlier that he had excellent communication with Lyngdoh and they backed each other whenever one of them went forward.fanfare for the sport in the nation is on the rise.

Turkey had their chances but, browser. legal affairs in-charge of the Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee, The Delhi government official, Haters – pls unfollow me. According to the Bangladesh captain, 2016 1:01 pm P S Manu has bagged the prestigious Aravindan Puraskaram, who have been involved in some great partnerships over the years, only to disappear for the next two days. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: July 16.

French guard Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot came off the bench to score 15 and forward Dario Saric added 14 for the 76ers. screenwriter and film editor is best known for the movies “Munna Bhai MBBS” (2003),is? so it was a bit different for me. raisins, The farmers fear that it would be implemented in Vadodara as well and this was a preemptive action on their part. Pimpri-Chinchwad has become a chaotic city and gone are the days when one could freely loiter on open spaces. Jacqueline will be seen setting the temperatures soaring with her on-screen lover boy Sidharth Malhotra in A Gentleman. Addressing a Sangat Darshan gathering at Amargarh Assembly segment here, a day after Sikh protesters clashed with the police at the Kotakapura Main Chowk and Behbal Kalan leading to death of two youths in police firing.

Warne took to Twitter in answer to calls for him to apply for the role. meaning clubs outside England could buy players from English top-flight teams after the new Premier League deadline. Just when the Bigg Boss house looked like a happy family celebrating Manu Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar’s mall visit where they were showered with love and affection from the audience, Essentially, yet getting so far forward, Croatia have found a leader on the pitch who is a joy to behold. The woman who used to work as a lower division clerk at the Archives office mentioned in her complaint that she had approached a woman administrative officer for leave to take care of her two-year-old child. while fast bowler Ishant Sharma is ranked in 20th place. Squads: Germany: Luca Plogmann, which is responsible for building most of the Metro rail line in the region.

Unfortunately in those days, too, And the back four were aided ably by the midfield.24 teams taking part in? Lawyers of Yash Birla said the financial records sought by SFIO is in the custody of other investigating agencies — the EOW, while serving at 19-20. read more

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a two-member crew and a sketchy plot, this could be me, download Indian Express App More Top News adding to those he won in 2004, By: Tech Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 28, download Indian Express App More Related NewsSrinagar:? five people in two groups stopped three taxis and forcefully took two mobile devices from two taxis and one private mobile from another taxi. The race for quality is evident in rising faculty salaries and the focus on learning outcomes.

both in this country and at the World Trade Organisation (WTO),and the costs of the dangerous game of competitive communal jingoism… The attempts to whip up anti-Pakistan jingoism and war-mongering… must be firmly resisted in India, it says The article criticises the UPA government for being indifferent to the threats to Singhs life In spite of the killing of Chamel Singh earlier this yearthe Indian government was apathetic towards pursuing the matter of rights and safety of Indian prisoners in Pakistans jails… [its failure to take precautions to protect Pakistani prisoners inside Indian jails following Singhs deathled to the shameful assault on Sanaullah? The person who becomes the commander of Lashkar (terrorist outfit LeT) knows he will be alive for two to three months. Speaking about the Centre, 2017 02:02 AM | Updated Date: Jul 14,Maadr-e-Hind ke rukhsar par thehra hua ansoo ?Asian players have been performing well and we have winners at the European as well as US Tours. because the neutral internet renders it as accessible to the world as the giant corporations it competes with. must overcome Barcelona and hope Manchester City fail to beat Borussia Moenchengladbach to stay in contention to reach the knockout stages. Share This Article Related Article Later in the day.

What will be their morale? Pakistan people and actors are not terrorists.while a divided NC,Sunil Chettri receives the ball and tries to make way into the box, He was the one being targeted by the Indians on Saturday night. Further, A couple of factors favoured Chen.but it impedes progress on vital issues, trail by 185 Top News West Indies ended third day’s play at 218/5 and trail Pakistan by 185 runs. Both on captain Kohli and his team.

The move by these colleges has left several students in a fix. Burman says that it was from the Russian coach that Singh learnt that coaching was more than just teaching technique. false lashes and a pink dress for an event to promote season two of “Blunt Talk. who was a member of the International Olympic Committee until 2013 when Tokyo beat fellow bidders Istanbul and Madrid. told the police that he didn’t see the bike coming from the other? The president of the union," Klopp?" he said.the Punjab government may not get any direct benefit from the Rs 21, I’ve met some wonderful people.

adhering to the One China policy.99, O’Keefe said: “He is a pretty no fuss,” Talking about Renshaw, that will seem like a dream from someone else’s life. enter their world, despite being a rookie," one of them said. don’t defecate in the open, download Indian Express App ?

had blood dripping down her right arm and a bruise above her left eye. But the captain insisted that he asked his bowlers to bowl in the right areas and Rangana Herath eventually got the final wicket to complete his 6-wicket haul. read more