Marcelo Ríos: “Tennis let me shit inside”

first_imgMarcelo Ríos lives a fancy second, after confessing that he underwent a brand new surgical intervention, due to the issues that he has been dragging since his tennis time.In that sense, he makes a broad evaluation of his profession, and acknowledges that the sequels he lives are large, regardless of the millionaire figures he gained because of the game.“I broke the labrum and aside I had a decompression of the sciatic. I’m doing rehabilitation alone, as a result of I’ve at all times had the idea that compresses and warmth is a waste of time. I really feel higher, though I’ve bother sleeping. The ache at evening is robust; Within the day it hurts much less, as a result of I like to maneuver, however I limp. I by no means imagined a hip harm, however analyzing it properly, all of the gamers have cracked the hip: Kuerten, Murray … It’s what tennis leaves you. It left me financially properly, thank God, however accomplished shit inside, ”he displays from america, the place he lives,” he says.Imperdible: The ilharante story of the ‘Chino’ kiss with a personIn the identical manner, he speaks of the doping suffered by Nicolas Jarry, who nonetheless doesn’t know his ultimate sanction.“I used to be very grateful that Dad referred to as me to inform me what was occurring. I additionally talked to Nicolás and he advised me his model. I keep in mind after they did the doping. We arrived in Madrid that day, at 6 within the morning, and so they had been ready for Garin. With the examination they discover you every thing. After I performed, it was simply pee. Now it’s also by blood. So, attempting to cover one thing may be very tough and at present you might be caught something you wish to do. It looks as if a can. I do know they each did the doping check within the Davis Cup. And I don’t put my fingers to the hearth for anybody. It’s tremendous tough. I need Nico very fed up and I advised him: “You’ll proceed to be Nico Jarry in case you are suspended for 4 years or no matter. I really like you as a buddy, I really like you as a participant and if I by no means play once more, you’ll proceed to be my buddy. ” Different phrasesAgassi doping: “He was caught 4 occasions and the ATP coated him as a result of he was Agassi and the tennis was going to hell. At ATP I discover it smells essentially the most shit on the market. Pure gringos caught. At the moment the masters had been at all times in indoor and quick court docket for Sampras to win. With Bruguera we talked concerning the Grasp being on a unique floor yearly. And who we screwed up? The South Individuals. I bodily screwed up at 26 as a result of I burst. If I didn’t measure 1.90 … It’s absurd. Somebody invented it and it’s numerous benefit for the egg that measures 2.14. I used to be seeing Karlovic, he’s 40 years previous … And when he’s going to retire, if he takes out from a constructing! ”Absence within the ATP Cup: “The explanations had been extra private. I’ve spent little with my household and with my woman. It was a sophisticated time. They wouldn’t let me out of my home. I’m on my birthday on that date, my woman and my sister are additionally there, it’s New Yr … Nevertheless it wasn’t as a result of I left the workforce apart. I might have cherished to go. Moreover, it already got here with the issue of the again, which I’ve at all times had, and now that of the hip. ”Federer’s Imaginative and prescient: “He’s a man who tennis is ideal. That has the motivation to proceed profitable at this age … I take off my hat. I might be at my home 10 years in the past, throwing away the smells. He needed me for the Corridor of Fame. That they select me for the Corridor of Fame I don’t care a couple of slit, I don’t even wish to be. That hue is gringa and I’m not . However Federer has already stated that I’m among the best, for me that’s extra necessary. With that I gained the Corridor of Fame, the Federer Corridor. That the perfect participant in historical past says the issues he stated about me, it’s way more necessary that they provide me any prize which will exist. With that I pay myself to have been a tennis participant. ”Subsequent exhibition: “Sure, I’ve an exhibition for June 26 on the Gran Enviornment Monticello with Alex Corretja, who was quantity two on the planet and finalist of Roland Garros. A tennis basic. I made a decision to have hip surgical procedure to be high quality. I nonetheless have March, April and Might to get well properly and practice. It is going to be an exquisite occasion. Moreover, it appears to me that Corretja has not been in an exhibition in Chile. ”last_img read more

US farmers troubles over tariffs show the value in looking ahead

first_img Twitter US farmers’ troubles over tariffs show the value in looking ahead | Pick Share Facebook So they should have voted for Hillary b/c of her enormous success derived from payoffs from Wall Street and the exhorbitant speaker fees she took from state universities?… Not a lot to choose from there, really. Sun 2 Dec 2018 07.00 EST 12 13 Share on Facebook 2 Dec 2018 22:07 0 1 Shares5959 No one who votes Conservative is “good people.” To quote Paul Krugman: “bothsidesism and whataboutism have become the last refuge of cowards.” Share SeaNote mikedow Share on Twitter Share Share on Twitter Reply Share on Facebook Facebook 0 1 Share on Facebook US small business Hey USA,Ready for a Trump recession ??? 9 of the last 10 recessions were caused by a GOP President in the whitehouse,look it up, FACT !! Get ready for another recession !!—————————————————————————-On recent milk checks, some dairy farmers in Iowa received a suicide hotline number.John Maxwell of Cinnamon Ridge Dairy said during times like this, farmers can experience low self-esteem and low value of their work, resulting in mental health issues.————————————————————————- An analysis by the National Taxpayers Union Foundation suggested that the full impact of the 25% tariffs beginning in 2019 would hit Americans harder than the total taxes levied under the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. Retailers have also warned that the tariffs could increase prices for consumers and threaten the retail industry.————————————————————————————-Donald Trump’s trade war with China is hitting American farmers the hardest, forcing them to take losses for soybeans and corn — just as the White House has granted exemptions to some oil refineries to avoid complying with biofuels’ rules. Indeed, soybeans and corn are used to make biodiesel and ethanol that are blended with petroleum — required by the Renewable Fuel Standard of 2005. The law has been a boon to farmers producing those crops. The exemptions coupled with the trade war are thus a double whammy for farmers. Not to be outdone by Trump, China now applies a tariff to $14 billion in American soybean exports entering its borders. Furthermore, changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) could have a $21 billion impact on corn growers, Bloomberg reports. Congress has sought to expand ethanol use from a base of 6.5 billion gallons in 2005 to 16 billion gallons by 2022.—————————————————————————— Reply 4 Dec 2018 0:35 … in our natural world, we refuse to turn away from the climate catastrophe and species extinction. For The Guardian, reporting on the environment is a priority. We give reporting on climate, nature and pollution the prominence it deserves, stories which often go unreported by others in the media. At this pivotal time for our species and our planet, we are determined to inform readers about threats, consequences and solutions based on scientific facts, not political prejudice or business interests.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Share on Twitter Are these small family farms or giantvagrobudinesses we are talking about. If the latter, then, no, they are not good people, no matter how the US Supreme Court wants to define “people”. Sorry there was an error. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact Userhelp Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Masaccio Masolino unthreaded | Pick Share on Facebook Show 1 more reply 3 Dec 2018 1:09 Close report comment form 25 | Pick 100 Aldous0rwell 5 6 Share I’m no forecaster or farmer, but no one in Iowa or Nebraska could see the writing on the wall back in 2016? Share on Facebook mikedow Iowans voted for Trump which was not a “good businessmen and women” decision. The farmers were helped with Obama’s policies (nearly $1 trillion in spending over 5 year period). The recovery steadily ticked upward. Instead of appreciation, they chose the “others are responsible for your problems” rhetoric of Trump. Why complain, was the Trump 12 billion dollar aid package not enough? No sympathy. 4 5 So how about putting the food to use rather then letting it rot? Share Last modified on Thu 21 Feb 2019 08.23 EST Reply Share on Twitter Share Share on Facebook | Pick Share on Twitter Report Share Share Report Share on Twitter Share on Twitter 6 7 Share on Facebook Go on Youtube and you’ll find clips of some of these farmers – many of them have said that they’d vote for Trump again, despite nearing bankruptcy. Of course, ‘socialism’ is so bad that tens of billions have been forked out by taxpayers to keep some of these farmers from losing their business… Twitter paul simon | Pick | Pick Reply Share Report Twitter Share Reply 0 1 3 4 Are those side effects or the intended effect? All Share Share Share Share on Twitter 13 14 Threads collapsed | Pick Facebook Facebook Reply Share on Facebook Facebook Share on Twitter 2 Dec 2018 20:55 1 2 | Pick The thing that Trump supporters (including midwest farmers) like so much about Trump is that he’s a tough guy who does what he says he’s going to do. How many times have we heard about Trump and his promises? But it may be that his supporters only listened to what they wanted to hear (build the wall!) and didn’t hear what they didn’t want to hear (we need tariffs). Or maybe they didn’t think China would retaliate? Maybe they thought China would just capitulate and then everything would be just fine. We have now learned that Trump is not much of a businessman, knows very little about anything but certainly nothing about tariffs, is a perpetual liar, cannot be trusted, and doesn’t care a jot about his supporters. As soon as the tariffs went into effect, it was a foregone conclusion that farmers were going to take a huge hit and that many were going into bankruptcy. The Republicans in the House and Senate who have aided and abetted Trump should be tossed overboard come 2020. We’ll see if the midwest farmers have learned anything. Share on Twitter Yes…horrifying! Their purposeful…culpable?…ignorance orchestrated these catastrophes for so many: Trump…Brexit… Share Report Reason (optional) SystemOfTheWorld Facebook 3 4 Share on Facebook | Pick 2 Dec 2018 20:51 The Iowa farmers on the frontline of Trump’s trade war with China Reply 2 Dec 2018 20:25 | Pick Twitter Share on Twitter Share on Facebook 3 Dec 2018 1:20 edmund00 Share If one looks at a 2018 result scheme by areas in Iowa, where a republican governor won handily, a place most impacted by farm voters, one finds the dems really won statewide in only city areas and suburbs. The farmland all went once again to reps which serves as a affirmation for Trump. Clearly his policies and their impacts are not being displayed sufficiently. | Pick Share 1 2 gefreiter 0 1 Reply Share on Twitter | Pick 0 1 Share Twitter Twitter 1 2 oldest 3 Dec 2018 3:04 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Show 25 Facebook Reply I think Trump is a moron and buffoon, but I share his views on China being corrupt , a major source of counterfeit goods and organised theft of industrial processes and secrets. No one can argue that it’s a tough time for these US farmers. But did it have to be so tough?Photograph: Nati Harnik/AP 9 10 2 Dec 2018 20:50 Share Share on Twitter | Pick Share on WhatsApp Share 0 1 gefreiter Report Share on Twitter Facebook johngriggs paul simon Report Share Twitter Facebook Reply collapsed Twitter Kuni Leml Report 2 Dec 2018 23:08 Reply Facebook ildfluer The premise is flawed, surely: how can anyone plan ahead if the operation of both the national economy and its global markets are being disrupted by such an irrational and mercurial president? Share on Facebook Share on Facebook 3 Dec 2018 6:50 Report Reply Report Twitter Ritcaa Thomas1178 Share Support The Guardian Share on Facebook 1 2 Share on Facebook ronnewmexico | Pick Share on Twitter 1 2 14 15 mikedow raekei Share on Facebook Report Share Share on Twitter Share via Email | Pick Twitter GorCro Reply Twitter | Pick Share on Twitter Report 19 20 Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Facebook | Pick Share on Facebook Share Britain consumes 90% of the world’s baked beans (beans on toast, anyone?) The unbaked beans are mostly grown in Michigan. Is this a cause for concern … mumble, mumble … Share | Pick Report 1SoCalGal Share on Twitter | Pick Share on Pinterest 1 2 | Pick Share Johann Olivier Facebook Twitter Aldous0rwell 3 Dec 2018 0:20 Report mikedow 3 Dec 2018 6:17 Share not so much “support” as still belong to the Trump cult leaving a cult is difficult 3 Dec 2018 1:24 0 1 No one was misled they agreed with the rhetoric and ideology, that’s the horrifying thing. SystemOfTheWorld Report Truly! Ignorant does as ignorant is. I remain speechless. Where to start? They did plan ahead…through the Looking Glass! Plant more, vote Trump. If being truly stupid were not a disability – a disability worthy of exculpation – I’d call the lot of them beyond stupid. Which, in view of said disability, would elicit sympathy… However, they are both perpetrator & victim of their incredible ignorance! Sorry. No sympathy, merely a quiet satisfaction. I, too, suffer the Individual #1…& am enraged for it. Twitter Report Report Share on Twitter 2 3 3 Dec 2018 21:26 Just to the north Canadian farmers were the world’s largest growers of pulses, but the Indian govt decided they needed to be more self sufficient in their major food stuffs, so the farmers stopped growing so much lentils and switched back to soybeans. Canada has a better economic relationship with China… Share on Facebook 3 Dec 2018 8:01 Eric Mintz 3 Dec 2018 21:30 Twitter Share on Twitter Reply Reply Report Reply Kuni Leml Share on Facebook Share on Twitter | Pick Trump supporters are a curious lot. They are mostly “single issue” voters and believed that a real estate developer, who was not self-made, would fix their own inability of looking forward and planning for their own futures. The principals of supply and demand as well as elementary Business 101 is all these farmers need to follow. Not Trump who has filed multiple bankruptcies, stiffed his suppliers, and received multiple bailouts. Reply Eric Mintz Share on Facebook TedStewart paul simon Share on Twitter 1 Reply | Pick Share | Pick GorCro 3 Dec 2018 9:09 Reply Order by oldest Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Report 2 Dec 2018 23:49 10 11 As Peter Schiff puts it: US is a deadbeat customer of China that produces nothing consum everything. Burrow money from the Chinese to buy Chinese produce. US needs China but China doesnt need US. Let say China refuses to export to USA and refuse to loan anymore money to the States. I wonder whats going to happen? American start to make their own stuffs again? Dollar will sure tanked and worth less than toilet paper. American stuffs going to come from where? | Pick 2 Dec 2018 23:52 Share Twitter ronnewmexico Report Facebook Report Reply Valentin Backofen 3 Dec 2018 12:02 Report 2 3 Report Ritcaa Facebook Reply The bankrupt farmers �� can always move to West Virginia and take up coal mining ��. Share on Twitter 3 Dec 2018 1:25 Contact author Share on Facebook consumerx I feel terrible for our farmers. These are good people and good businessmen and women and they are dealing with enormous challenges. Report Facebook gefreiter Twitter Share Share on Facebook “So let me ask you: if your business was producing a single product where 90% of it was being sold to just one big customer (i.e. China) and the newly elected president of the United States said as recently as May 2016, “We can’t continue to allow China to rape our country and that’s what they’re doing. It’s the greatest theft in the history of the world,” you wouldn’t have considered hedging your bets just a little?” The only one raping our country is Donald Trump and GOP republicans. January can’t come soon enough. Report 3 Dec 2018 6:42 Twitter SeaNote 4 Dec 2018 10:05 Facebook Share on Facebook 1 2 Reply Share Well all that assumed true then. Why in a place like Iowa, the position of governor, by most reads most reflective of a national interest in things, identified most with who is president, find dems taking only cities and suburbs of cities…is it not then messaging?They are failing completely to get their message across. That is the result of the midterms in that place. 6 7 Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Share on Twitter Twitter Twitter Share on Facebook 2 Okies won’t be heading to the California Dust Bowl now. GorCro Share on Facebook 10 11 | Pick Share ronnewmexico Share on Facebook 3 Dec 2018 5:08 Well, yes. LOOK, A SQUIRREL! Reply | Pick 4 Dec 2018 0:50 | Pick ronnewmexico Share | Pick Share on Facebook One would think that farmers would be the first to know that one reaps what they sow. You vote Conservative, you need to accept personal responsibility. Facebook 2 Dec 2018 21:01 Report Twitter Reply Yes. It is a cause for concern. Reuse this content,View all comments > Share Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Average means nothing here— a lot of agribusiness and a handful of small family farms would give you a misleading average. By other measurements, it looks like agribusiness… Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Thomas1178 3 Dec 2018 1:27 0 1 Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Twitter | Pick Facebook 2 Dec 2018 23:24 Reply Share via Email Share on Twitter Report 2 Dec 2018 21:22 Share on Twitter So the news that Iowa farmers – as well as other farmers around the country – are hurting in the wake of the Trump tariff war with China doesn’t surprise me.A just-published study from the Federal Reserve Bank in of Minnesota has revealed that 84 farm operations filed for Chapter 12 bankruptcy in the upper midwest which is above the previously reported peak of 2010 that followed the 2008-09 recession and is more than double the number of bankruptcies in 2014.Across the country, according to Reuters, grain farmers are “plowing under crops, leaving them to rot or piling them on the ground, in hopes of better prices next year”. 15% of oilseed crops in Louisiana are being plowed under and millions of acres of crops in Mississippi, Arkansas, North and South Dakota are going to waste.US farmers are scrambling to find places to store their crops wherever they can in the hopes that their Chinese customers will soon return – a huge gamble in itself. “I’ve heard farmers and commercial companies are putting corn and soybeans into tool sheds and caves,” Soren Schroder, chief executive officer of Bunge Ltd, the world’s largest soybean processor, said in a Bloomberg report.No one can argue that it’s a tough time for these US farmers. But did it have to be so tough?Trump has been quite vocal about his disagreement with China’s trade practices going way back before he was even a candidate. That rhetoric only grew as his popularity increased. His hardline position further solidified when, soon after being elected more than two years ago, he appointed Wilbur Ross, a steadfast proponent of Chinese tariffs, to be his secretary of commerce. He also appointed Peter Narravo, the author of Death by China, as his newly established director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy.Yet amazingly, and in the midst of all this rhetoric, farmers in the US planted more than 90 million acres of soybeans in 2018, which was the second highest planting ever because they expected China’s rising demand would turn into lucrative orders. Share Facebook Share on Twitter Sharecenter_img anyonelistening Share on Twitter 3 Dec 2018 0:09 We can replenish clay aquifers with fracking technology! Aldous0rwell Facebook 3 Dec 2018 7:21 350 acres is less than one section of land, and impossible to make a decent living from decades ago just from crops. Those operations must be pig farms, buying all their fodder. Share Report Reply | Pick Share 2 3 There is a silver lining to this lesson: the reminder that monoculture is a bad idea. Sure it can make for great profits, but when our entire way of thinking is dominated by short-term profits and not by sustainability, this is what we logically get as a result. Twitter GorCro Share Probably rare in the mid-West with the lack of trees, so I can understand your excitement. Twitter Twitter Twitter Lack of attention to specific issues and running on image was one of many fundamental flaws in HRC’s campaign. Image running is really a rep game, and dems suffer when they engage it. I think global warming. Not related to this, but the questions debated are not just arbitrary and both parties have input into what is asked. Global warming, in all the hours combined in debates, it was one question and 45 seconds or so in the answering. Polling shows a majority view with concern for it, a clear winner for dems. Instead how many questions were nebulous things that dealt with image not policy? Valentin Backofen 50 Reply 4 5 paul simon Share Facebook Report 3 Dec 2018 7:42 Show 5 more replies TroyWayne 2 Dec 2018 20:18 Share Reply 3 Dec 2018 1:07 Show 8 more replies Facebook | Pick Twitter 2 Dec 2018 23:36 Facebook TroyWayne 3 Dec 2018 2:41 Admirable but more easily said than done when you have to get a crop from harvesting in Iowa to a hungry resident of Bangladesh, for example. That would need a very big budget indeed. | Pick Reply Report Share Facebook Share on Twitter 1 2 Facebook Report raekei 3 Dec 2018 2:59 Read more paul simon Reply Reply Share on Facebook Facebook Reply Share on Twitter Reply Thomas1178 I don’t understand this. You are diversified, but a cessation of orders from one Customer means you have to sack 50% of your production staff ? Kuni Leml Reply Share Trump is a self-destructive moron.Nothing there, at all. 4 Dec 2018 2:52 Share Share on Facebook Facebook | Pick anyonelistening Thomas1178 Facebook GorCro Share on Facebook Share on Twitter 4 5 Reply Twitter Aldous0rwell ronnewmexico 3 4 Email (optional) Twitter Reply Report expanded raekei Pork exports to China down 30%, knock on effect will be the drop in pork prices in US causing more farmers going to the wall.Guess Trump will just wash his hands claiming collateral damage. | Pick Agriculture has been the lead in export from America of any type product as long as I can remember. What is most impacted in any trade war..what you export. Twitter I own a company that fabricates plastic parts for different industries. One of my customers produces fertilizer injection pumps used in agriculture. We could count on at least one order (for several hundred parts at a time) every month. Our last order (for 200 parts) was back in September and the company that we produce them for has no idea when we might receive another. Thank you so much Mr. Trump for helping make America great again. I was forced into letting half of my production staff go. I’m sure that they appreciate your expertise in running our country into the ground as much as I do. Reply 0 1 3 Dec 2018 4:54 Twitter Thomas1178 | Pick Share on Facebook MoonlightTiger Reply Loading comments… Trouble loading? SystemOfTheWorld Report politicians should also consider the side effects of their actions, particularly when they harm Americans. Share 10 11 Share on Twitter 3 Dec 2018 4:53 Facebook Share Facebook MoonlightTiger recommendations Share on Messenger Share on Facebook Twitter Trump said he would raise taxes on the wealthy to pay for infrastructure and get jobs for corporations.How’d that work out? MeRaffey Share on Facebook Share on Twitter 3 4 1 2 7 8 Sign in or create your Guardian account to recommend a comment paul simon Reply Reply | Pick 0 1 Show 1 more reply Twitter Facebook Share Facebook Share on Twitter Twitter Share on Facebook Reply Share 1 Donald Trump 8 9 | Pick Share on Facebook 4 Dec 2018 0:59 Is it just me or you guys can’t stand Trump’s double standards? Tariff on Chinese steel that built Trump businesses. Whatabout Ivanka clothing? Ivanka Trump alone got 16 new trademark approvals from China right after 2016 election. Donald Trump has more than 100 trademarks in China, including 35 granted pre-approval since he became US president. Why not drop tariffs on all Trump made in China stuffs? Trump bleeds hypocrisy and Trump supporter last defense is : “at least Trump is taking some action, Obama did nothing”. Trump will sacrifice the well being of his own supporters and us to satisfy his petulant childish ego to prove to himself and the world that he is better than all his predecessors.If trade war doesn’t workout he has got nothing to lose and we are sacrificable nobody [collateral damage] in his twisted demented quest of degeneracy and depravity to achieve bragging right! Conservative politicians do “consider the side effects of their actions, particularly when they harm Americans.” That’s why Conservative politicians support trickle-down/supply-side Satanomics – because it harms most Americans. (The same applies the economic terrorists in the UK – just the 120,000 Brits murdered by Austerity how that works.) | Pick Report ronnewmexico Twitter | Pick Share Reply Richard Chattman | Pick 3 Dec 2018 2:54 gefreiter Twitter Twitter @genemarks Twitter ronnewmexico Reply Share on Twitter I’m not so sure this was foreseeable. And I know for sure that people who voted for Trump thought he was on their side in roughly the same way the people who voted for Brexit thought the Troies were on their side. Both groups were misled. Trump has no principles, just prejudices and pre-judgments, coupled with bull-headed refusal to game out likely responses. Tory leadership is just like Trump on those points, and others as well. Normal people, like voters in both nations, don’t think their leaders are such a bunch of boobs. That was the central error in both cases. Tariffs were not a unexpected and totally out of the blue thing for Trump. It was known of he advocated for them and made mention of them and protectionist sentiment.The dems have to take the time in adds and media to display how policy initiatives can hurt as well as occasionally help. This is a prime example. It is not enough to say no we do not support tariffs. It must be explained in specific markets by media why that hurts them within that market. Specifics applicable for farmers. They did not win handily in the midterms many of these rural farmer areas. It remains understated to them, and thus the impact of specific policy is as well in election result. Twitter Show 2 more replies Report Report Facebook 1SoCalGal Facebook Twitter ronnewmexico 2 3 TroyWayne Facebook Farmers are a curious lot as well in a way. A lot of rhetoric is thrown around in campaigns and little of it really sticks.By my guess they voted for Trump as a representative of a free and independent spirit(that is how his image was molded) and voted on that basis.But they are quite pragmatic. If dems are centered upon a directly beneficial to farmers specific in a thing like this, they will win them handily. But likely they dilute this message with some rhetoric on immigration or other issue which likely is not theirs and remote from them. Like Hilliary, what was in Hillary to inspire them to vote for her?. It was lack of substance and a image they did not particularly care for, as opposed to lack of substance and a image they liked. So the choice was then clear. Provide them a specific that will help them and their interest, and no amount of image will overcome that. Taking Iowa as the article does there are some 88,000+ farms giving an average 350 or so acres per farm. Small by US standards surely and though doubtless there are agribusinesses too it would seem to be predominately family farms.(USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service) Yes, farmers should plan ahead and consider how politicians actions may harm them. That said, politicians should also consider the side effects of their actions, particularly when they harm Americans. Facebook Facebook Reply Thomas1178 Report Johann Olivier Share on Facebook Reply I’m no forecaster or farmer, but c’mon: no one in Iowa or Nebraska could see the writing on the wall back in 2016?So let me ask you: if your business was producing a single product where 90% of it was being sold to just one big customer (ie China) and the newly elected president of the United States said as recently as May 2016: “We can’t continue to allow China to rape our country and that’s what they’re doing. It’s the greatest theft in the history of the world,” you wouldn’t have considered hedging your bets just a little?Maybe grown another crop or two? Diversified your customer base? Looked for other markets? Hold back on spending and stored away extra cash to wait out a trade war? Or at the very least secured storage facilities in advance just in case there was a disruption in Chinese trade and to avoid the mad panic that we’re seeing now?These are not easy decisions or easy things to change. But over history, farmers – like any business owners – have learned to rotate and change the products they grow based on the markets they serve. Even two years may not have been enough time to fully switch from soybeans to something else, but for sure it would’ve been a headstart.I feel terrible for our farmers. These are good people and good businessmen and women and they are dealing with enormous challenges. But there’s something to be learned. It’s about looking ahead. If you’re running a business, I hope you’re looking forward a few years and making a few calculated decisions based on the realities of what’s happening around you.That’s what smart business leaders do. Not doing so will put you in the same awful predicament that many US farmers now find themselves in – and that’s a shame not only for them, but for their employees and families who rely on them for their livelihoods. 4 Dec 2018 5:42 Gene Marks FattMatt Share on Facebook Twitter Share on Twitter | Pick Twitter And still there are many farmers who still support Trump. It is truly mind boggling ! 4 5 4 5 Share on Twitter Rimas lmorone Share 3 Dec 2018 4:20 3 Dec 2018 2:16 Facebook Topics Twitter Comments 90 You write that confidently, but it’s just not true, is it ? Twitter Twitter Facebook Farming 2 3 Reply Share on Facebook Share Facebook comments (90)Sign in or create your Guardian account to join the discussion. Report Share on Twitter Twitter Reply | Pick | Pick Thomas1178 Report 5 6 Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Facebook 3 Dec 2018 1:01 Twitter consumerx Report Twitter As the crisis escalates… Makes sense to me, historically farmers have done far better with diversification— as does the soil itself. But that gets back to your earlier point about agribusiness… Twitter Report | Pick Reply Share Twitter Share 0 1 | Pick Facebook Facebook Twitter Report Share on Facebook Reply Report Share on Facebook Facebook I always feel weird taking a side of Trump supporters but… Very few of the people who voted for Trump were going to sort his comments on China out of all of his other comments. He talks constantly and he doesn’t carry much through. The people I knew in North Carolina who voted for Trump wanted a conservative Supreme Court— accomplished. They wanted conservative federal judges- accomplished. Most of them thought Trump was an asshole. But they still thought he was better than Hillary. One question: did the Democrats run a single ad— did anyone run an ad- in 2016 about the impact of a trade war with China on farming? Was anyone actually talking about this then? Did the Democrats say, my God, if he’s elected the price of soybeans will plummet- but let’s not mention that to anyone in Iowa during the election season? Or did the Democrats do with they did in North Carolina, and run one single ad talking about how much Hillary Clinton loved children… And NOW hindsight is proving to be 20/20 as usual. Reply | Pick | Pick | Pick johngriggs | Pick The farmers of Iowa and workers of Michigan voted Trump in. So they got what they wished for: now let them enjoy it. At the same time they gave that con artist to the rest of us who despise him. Seeing how he treated his supporters, I tremble to think of the next “Schweinerei” in store for us and this country! Share Share on Twitter US farmers’ troubles over tariffs show the value in looking ahead Or possibly the value of not electing an arse as president? Trump Making America Shite Again! Share on Facebook US needs China but China doesnt need US. 6 7 Twitter Share on Twitter | Pick Reply Facebook Facebook 3 Dec 2018 7:12 Masaccio Masolino Facebook 4 Dec 2018 0:44 Share on Twitter NotIdefix Twitter edmund00 3 Dec 2018 13:08 Share Share Reply If you’re running a business, I hope you’re thinking of the future. Not doing so will put you in the same tight spot our farmers face Report Facebook 3 Dec 2018 7:39 Share on Facebook Report 4 5 Share on Facebook Report 0 1 Share on Facebook Twitter newest | Pick Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Facebook Misplaced trust on the part of farmers and simplistic arguments by the author… Share on Facebook Report Share on Twitter TroyWayne 3 Dec 2018 16:00 Report Twitter Share on Twitter 2 | Pick Twitter Share on Facebook 7 8 Reply Report 3 Dec 2018 21:24 TroyWayne Report Report You’re wrong. Commoners like Trump because he pisses off the academics, experts, know-it-alls, talking heads, and the educated. Those are the people that commoners blame for the downward spiral of the middle-class. They are the people commonly known, by the commoners, as the best and brightest – aka the elite. 1 2 3 Dec 2018 4:42 Reply comment Reply | Pick 1 2 Share on Facebook Reply GorCro | Pick Report Report Perhaps Trump could be marketed in China: “Orange vegetable product American process Reality POTUS.” US farmers’ troubles over tariffs show the value in looking ahead Share Share on Facebook | Pick Facebook ildfluer 3 Dec 2018 18:55 Report Facebook Report Share on Twitter Facebook I am only quoting somebody. Twitter Share on Facebook US small business Share on Facebook Facebook | Pick Share on Twitter 5 6 Report Report Share on Twitter When you drive from Minneapolis to West Okoboji Lake, Iowa – as I did early last summer – you pretty much see just one thing: farmland. And those farms are pretty much just growing one thing too: soybeans. The state of Iowa is the second largest producer of soybeans in the US – and can you guess their biggest customer? An estimated one out of every three rows of soybeans grown there are shipped to China. I didn’t see any pork farms from my car, but I’ve also learned that Iowa is the largest exporter of pork to China as well. 7 8 Please select Personal abuse Off topic Legal issue Trolling Hate speech Offensive/Threatening language Copyright Spam Other Facebook Gerryofhamilton Report 3 Dec 2018 4:45 View more commentslast_img read more