“There is a rule that is not fair and Barça has benefited”

first_img“We believe that there is a regulation that is not fair. FC Barcelona has benefited from this regulation. The injured party is Leganés “, he insisted. Because of this situation, Barcelona has not moved to Leganés, which, in the future, will help pickles with possible transfers or transfers.Gratitude to Braithwaite and message of encouragementFurther, Ortega has thanked Braithwaite for his attitude throughout this process. “He has been a gentleman. Yesterday, even knowing what could happen, he trained with his classmates normally. Knowing that he could be injured. He has been a great professional in Leganés. Until yesterday he came to say goodbye to all the club staff and to inform us of the situation he had. We wish him the best of luck, “he insisted.Ortega does not criticize him for not doing anything to stop his greeting to Barça. “We are aware that, if Barcelona calls a Leganés player, there is little to talk about,” he added before closing his appearance with a message of encouragement and energy.“On behalf of the club we want to remember that nobody is going to lower their arms here. It has cost us a lot to stay in First. Here, from the first to the last we will give effort. We have full confidence in our staff and in the front. Also in the coaching staff. We will fight until the end “, Ortega settled.Victoria Pavón: “The damage is irreparable”Martín Ortega has not been the only director of the club that has referred harshly to the fact that the rule has allowed Barcelona to take Braithwaite away from paying the clause and without the option of finding spare parts. Moreover, Pavón has insisted that, even if they obtain RFEF permission to sign, the damage is irreparable.“For us it is an exceptional situation that we did not expect. The damage is already done. Whether or not they give us the option to sign, it is difficult to repair the damage. Of course we are hurt. We are not going to enter the values ​​of others, “she commented asked in an impromptu huddle because of Barça’s attitude in this operation. Pavón has left the stadium without wishing to make more statements and serious gesture. Martín Ortega, general director of Leganés, has publicly denounced the situation of defenselessness in which the current regulations leave the picklers after FC Barcelona has executed the Martin Braithwaite termination clause (18 million) and has left them without their best footballer and, probably, without options to sign any replacement.“The current regulations are against the integrity of the competition and against the right of all clubs to compete on equal terms. It is almost irreparable damage, but we will spend all our bullets to try to solve it “, Ortega has denounced with serious gesture and hard tone minutes after Barcelona made official the signing of the Danish.“We want to raise our voice. The damage is enormous. We don’t understand the current regulation in any way. That a team, because a long-term player is injured, may unilaterally transfer that problem 100% to Leganés, “he continued.“We would understand that the regulations enabled an authorization to Barcelona to carry out a signing by mutual agreement, but not through this formula, with the payment of the termination clause,” he continued. “We have asked the RFEF to let us sign”In the appearance Ortega has revealed that, since Monday, when Barça transferred interest in the player, LaLiga has worked to try to allow the RFEF to authorize the Leganes a signing that supplants Braithwaite.“We received a reply yesterday. The RFEF informs LaLiga and us that they do not find it convenient to work on hypotheses and without consummated facts. In the event that what happened happened, it would have to be the Leganes who made the request. 20 minutes ago the player has deposited the clause and we have already made the request to the Federation. We are waiting for an answer “, has reported.The RFEF has transferred to Leganés that the response will be as quick as possible, although in Butarque there is pessimism of doors inside. Outside doors, illusion is transmitted. “If we did not have that illusion we would not have made the request”, Ortega has commented.Zero negotiationMartín Ortega has also been very resounding in informing that there has been no negotiation despite the fact that Barça tried to close the previous signing agreement with the Madrid entity. “Barcelona knows the damage it can do with the march of Braithwaite”, The general director of Leganés has said that, despite this, he has nothing to reproach the Catalans.last_img read more

Historian examines the lives of war generation

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram A prominent Melbourne academic is researching the impact of memories of WWII in Greece and the Civil War on Greek-Australians. Speaking at the Australian Macedonian Advisory Council (AMAC) forum last Monday, Professor Joy Damousi, head of the School of Historical Studies at Melbourne University said that the experiences of migrants who grew up in Greece during the war years of the 1940s is the topic of her next book. She highlighted the need to “put on the map” the experiences of migrants who lived through the trauma of invasion, a war of resistance followed by internecine conflict. “There are intergenerational effects of the memories the Greek migrants brought to Australia but also the community and the wider society, said Professor Damousi.“How they [migrants] relate to their children, what memories they recount and how their experiences shape their identity and that of the second and third generation are important elements of the history of the Greek community, Australia but also Greece” she said.Professor Damousi is an award-winning historian whose parents migrated from Florina in the 1950s, in the years following one of the most turbulent periods in Greek history. She said that in Greece the study of that period has been “polarised” as it focuses on the actions of the two sides. “The actual everyday experiences of the people have not been researched” Professor Damousi said.During her recent fieldwork in Greece she spoke to survivors of WWII and the Civil War. She found “emotional and challenging” the interviews with mothers whose children were removed from their families. Around 22,000 children were taken into bordering communist nations by Greek left-wing rebels during the Civil War. There is bitter argument as to whether these children were forcibly removed, or handed over by their parents in order to save them from the horrors of war.  “Some of those children migrated to Australia and it’s important to tell their story,” said the professor. Mr Dean Kalymnios, secretary of the Panepirotic Federation of Australia, another guest speaker at the forum, focused on the Greek lobby’s “ineffectiveness” to influence public opinion on the question of Macedonia. He underscored the need for “generational change” in the Greek community, describing the Greek community today as “fragmented and insular.” Mr Kalymniou’s said, “[t]he first generation likes to destroy what they don’t control” and went on to criticise them for playing “political chess” with community organisations.  The forum broke out into disorder when members of the Pan-Macedonian Association of Melbourne and Victoria exchanged verbal fire with members of AMAC over their position on the question FYROM’s claim to the name Macedonia. The heated exchange did not last long, but exposed an emerging divide between AMAC and Pan-Macedonian organisations over the FYROM naming issue. There were about 40 people at the forum where, among guest speakers, AMAC representatives talked about the organisation’s media monitoring and responses to media representations of FYROM as ‘Macedonia’. James Papadopoulos, from AMAC said that they are a new organisation and “taking small steps, of which this forum is just one small step.”last_img read more