Unique Showreel: Juan Salvo’s Inspiring Color Reel

first_imgThis impressive showreel by colorist Juan Salvo combines his professional work with a creative personal touch.We see a lot of demos and showreels – a lot – and every once in a while one sticks out from the crowd through an impressive body or work or uncommon presentation.The following reel by professional colorist Juan Salvo uses a unique approach for reels by employing his narration to connect with the viewer, a style more familiar to advertising than demo reels. The result works. We not only see Salvo’s body of professional work, but we also see him at work – sitting at the boards, drafting out his color plan and building color grades in post. It has a humanizing effect, showing the person behind the color grading work.It’s an interesting approach to creating a demo or showreel, and one that could potentially be used for all types of production and post production positions. Something to think about. Inspiring work, Juan!last_img read more

Royalty Free Music Playlist: Spring Awakening

first_imgSpring is finally here! Bring your project to life with this curated playlist of uplifting royalty free music!The birds are chirping. The bees are buzzing. The flowers are blooming… The season of renewal is upon us! Whether you’re trying to capture the warmth of the new Spring sun or suggest the crisp refreshment of an April shower, adding these royalty free music tracks to your video and film projects will surely put your audience in a breezy mood!I’ve curated this collection of my favorite Spring-inspired royalty free music tracks from the PremiumBeat music library. We work with professional composers from around the world to ensure our extensive library of exclusive royalty free music remains high quality and constantly expanding. With thousands of tracks, PremiumBeat’s royalty free music music is ideal for your needs, whatever they may be. Music is our passion, and it’s our mission to share this passion with you.Remember: The PremiumBeat Standard License covers most usage, including ALL web video (Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, etc). Find the perfect track below and help your film or video project blossom!last_img read more

The Latest Gear and Camera News, Plus the Legalization of Drones

first_imgTake a look at last month’s top headlines. Camera news, upcoming gear, the latest rumors, and the commercialization of drones.Top image via CanonIt’s been a little while since our last news roundup, and there have been a ton of announcements since. New cameras from Canon, Panasonic and Lytro lead the news, but rumors of the GH5 steal all the attention. Big trade shows are near, so prepare for many more headlines to appear after IBC 2016 and Photokina.Canon Announces the 5D Mark IV, C700, XC15, and Sells Their CMOS Sensor to Third Parties.The new 5D Mark IV was a long time coming, and many feel disappointed by the minor advancements made.  The camera shoots 4K up to 30fps and the body starts at $3499. For more specs, read our full article on the 5D Mark IV release here.For studio and broadcast video producers, Canon also announced an all new A camera — Canon C700. This camera is their new flagship Cine EOS body, and it’s the manufacturer’s most modular cine camera body to date. The C700 starts at $28,000 and comes in three options: EF Mount CMOS Sensor, PL Mount CMOS Sensor, and PL Mount Global Shutter. See more Canon C700 specs and demo footage here.Canon also released one more camera that didn’t grab as many headlines or fanfare — the Canon XC15. The compact professional 4K camera starts at $2399. You can see more stats and info on the Canon XC15 over at Cinema5D.Finally, Canon quietly announced the decision to start selling their CMOS sensor to third parties, even though they won’t start for another two years. The move comes much later than Sony’s success with their collaboration with Panasonic, as well as RED’s collaboration with Panavision on the DXL.Speaking of the Sony and Panasonic collaboration…Panasonic Lumix GH5 Rumors and the HC-X1 Video CameraAhead of many of the biggest fall trade shows and conferences, new GH5 rumors have come to light. Rumors suggest the camera will use the same Sony 16MP sensor found in the GX80 and GX85 cameras. It’s believed the camera will shoot 4K video up to 60fps and take 6K stills. Read all about the Panasonic Lumix GH5 rumors here.Panasonic announced the HC-X1, a 4K video camera designed for news and documentary shooters. You can read more about the Panasonic HC-X1 on Cinema5D.The Legalization of Drones for Commercial UseThe FAA has officially released the steps for attaining the new Remote Pilot Certificate, a new certification made for pilots of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems. Hobbyist and those wanting to fly a Small UAS must register their drones with the FAA. The registration cost is $5. For those wanting to fly for commercial use, they must apply and test for a Remote Pilot Certificate. The 60-question test costs $150 and certification requires a passing grade of at least 70%.For all the steps involved, as well as the study guides, read our summary of the Remote Pilot Certificate process here.Lytro Releases Immerge VR Demo FootageLytro has been working on some really advanced futuristic cameras. Their cinema camera gives full control of footage in post-production, allowing editors to change the depth of field, focus, color, and a variety of other options. With their Immerge VR camera, video producers have the possibility to create infinite space.You can read more about the Lytro Immerge on No Film School.MIT Will Change the Future of FilmThe Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) released three papers that will impact the video production industry. Their work really must be seen to be believed. From manipulating objects in post-production, to artificial intelligence developing realistic sound effects, to a glasses-free 3D experience, you must get a glimpse of the future here.Edelkrone Releases a New Type of SliderGear manufacturer Edelkrone announced the Wing, a new compact slider that doesn’t work with rails. Don’t let the release video fool you, it is still a manually operated piece of equipment. However, it’s perfect for the travel videographer on the go.Read more about the Edelkrone Wing on Cinema5D.Cell Phone Cameras Get a BoostTwo stories of note here. Much like Zeiss’ iPhone lenses, Hasselblad looks to get into cell phone attachments with an add-on 10x zoom lens that captures RAW images for the Moto Z line of smartphones. The True Zoom gives users a physical shutter button and zoom controls designed in an ergonomically friendly cell phone attachment. Read more about the Hasselblad True Zoom on PetaPixel.Pinch to zoom comes to Instagram on iOS devices, with an update to Android coming in the coming weeks. This comes after the big update to add up to 60-second videos.Which of these news items excites you most? Share in the comments below!last_img read more

6 Creative Ways To Enhance Your Next Film with Gels

first_imgLearn how to easily use color gels to modify light and create breathtaking imagery for your film or video project.When it comes to cinematography, the easiest way to create color contrast is by using gels. Typically, a filmmaker will work with either tungsten- (3200k) or daylight (5600K) balanced lights, which only provide two different color temperatures. With gels, you can manipulate color and create the mood you need very easily.For this tutorial, we are using the color correction and color effects filter kits from Rosco. Orange TealTo quickly create a strong orange and teal look, throw a 1/2 CTO (color temperature orange) gel onto your 3200k key light. Then change the white balance of your camera to 3200k. If there is daylight peeking through the windows, you will have a orange teal look. If you don’t have daylight, balance any other lights affecting the background to daylight using blue gels. Neutral Skin, Blue BackgroundThis is similar to creating an orange and teal look; however, use a 1/4 CTO for your key light and balance your camera to the lights temperature. This will keep your subject’s skin tones neutral while maintaining a strong blue look in the background. Two-Tone LightingCreate two separate colors by using two gels. Our key light is using a primary blue gel while the fill light uses a middle rose gel. Golden HourTo create the crisp look of the sun during golden hour, make sure your light is tungsten-balanced. Then use a full CTO along with either a full CTS (Color Temperature Straw) or 1/2 CTS gel.center_img Looking for more on lighting? Check out these articles:Lighting 101: A Quick Guide for Lighting FilmSet Hack: Hollywood Lighting With Simple Household ItemsAdd Background Lighting To Achieve Three-Dimensional SpaceTips and Tricks for Harnessing the Lighting Power of FireLighting A Scene Solely With Practicals Color DepthLooking to shoot a party scene? The Rosco Color Effects kit has your solution. For our key light, we are using a daylight blue gel. The back light has a middle rose, and the wall light has a light red gel clipped on. White Light “Moonlight”To create a neutral, white light, use a no color blue gel from the Rosco Color effects kit.last_img read more

A Look at The Unmatched Versatility of the Canon C700FF

first_imgThe Options The C700 FF Gives YouOne of the most attractive aspects of the C700 FF is the ability to change between sensor sizes in camera. Specifically, you can change between full-frame and super 35, and impressively, you can even change to super 16.Why is this helpful? Well, there are many reasons, but it gives you a ton of different options. Not all lenses are capable of covering a full-frame sensor image circle. Many modern lenses are meant for a super 35 sensor, as that has become the most common with digital cinema cameras. However, many vintage lenses and some of the newest ones are capable of using with a full-frame sensor. Being able to change between them gives you the option to basically use any lens you can think of.Adding the ability to shoot with Super 16 opens up a ton of possibilities with lenses as well (especially some really interesting vintage lenses).How It Affects The Way You ShootIf you’re not familiar, sensor size affects a lot of aspects of shooting. A larger sensor will yield a much shallower depth-of-field, it will have better low-light capabilities, and (among many other image characteristics) on a more practical level it will change the field of view for specific focal lengths vs. a different sensor size — i.e. crop factor.So, for instance, being able to switch between sensor sizes makes it much easier to quickly swap between different crop factors, yielding tighter/wider images based on your lens. If you’ve ever shot with the Sony a-series cameras, most of which have the ability to switch between full-frame or APS-C mode, you know how beneficial that can be when shooting. Your 50mm lens can quickly punch into a tight shot with the touch of a few buttons.In the ShareGrid video, the filmmakers switched between full-frame vintage canon K35 lenses to more modern zoom lenses by switching the sensor size.Sometimes, you want the most dreamy, shallow depth of field, and sometimes you want to sharpen things up a bit. The full-frame sensor will yield that shallow depth of field, but of course, switching over to S35 will change that up a bit if you want.I love this new trend of full-frame cinema cameras, and I also love when the camera manufacturer gives us all the options we might want.Looking for more industry information? Check out these articles.A Look at The Masterclass Sound Editing of “A Quiet Place”Breaking: Aputure Releases Their New Line of Light-Shaping AccessoriesNikon Releases Their First Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera to Take on SonyFour Reasons You Should Be Renting Your Gear Out on ShareGridLens Review: How To Shoot Anamorphic with The Atlas Orion Lenses Everybody wants full-frame, but maybe not all the time. The Canon C700 FF’s versatility in sensor size options gives you everything you’d want and more.These days, the sensor size of each camera system seems to be one of the more hotly debated aspects of each new spec sheet. The ability to shoot on a full-frame sensor is almost an instant sell for many shooters, due to the beautiful depth of field, low-light capabilities, and other desirable image characteristics.The full-frame sensor size hasn’t been available in digital cinema cameras for a while (outside of the DSLR world),but full frame is finally making its way into digital filmmaking in a big way. Canon recently announced its entry into the full-frame cinema camera game with the C700 FF. Likely an answer to the Sony Venice (not to mention more recent releases from RED, and the ARRI LF), the C700 FF can switch between sensor sizes in-camera.In this video from ShareGrid, Brent Barbano shows us how the versatility of this camera changes the game.As you can see, there are quite a few benefits to the Canon C700 FF. (Beyond the fact that it looks fantastic.) If you’re not initiated, here is the spec list for the camera:5.9K Full-Frame CMOS Sensor with DAF.EF-Cinema Lock Type Mount.Dual Pixel AF, Triple DIGIC DV 5.XF-AVC and ProRes Recording to CFast 2.0.Internal Full-Frame up to 60 fps.Internal 4K/Super35 Crop up to 72 fps.Internal 2K/Super16 Crop up to 168 fps.Selectable Gamma and Log Curves.ACES Support.External Raw Recording Option.last_img read more

The Creative Motivation Behind Deep vs. Shallow Depth of Field

first_imgThis breakdown covers a range of creative motivations behind these two aperture settings, as well as the pros and cons of using each category.Determining the right aperture for a shot is just as important as choosing the right lens. Altering your aperture changes not only the depth of field (a.k.a. the blurry background), but it also controls the emotional tone of a shot. A higher F-stop is more fitting for wide vistas, while a lower one can create a feeling of isolation.In the following breakdown, I’ve narrowed the examples into two separate categories — shallow depth of field (F0.95 – F3.5) and deep depth of field (F4 – F16). Shallow Shots (F0.95 – F3.5)Let’s begin with a shallow depth of field (also known as a narrow depth of field). This low aperture control creates the feeling of isolation between the subject you’re capturing and the world around them because the background is blurrier. The lower the number, the more your primary subject stands out from their surroundings. Using a shallow depth of field enhances the visual style, and it creates a beautiful backdrop.Cons?Despite its dreamy quality, dialing your aperture any higher than an F2.8 creates the ongoing problem of keeping things in focus. Nailing that crisp shot can become tricky since the range of attention is so narrow.Getting Dynamic with Deep Shots (F4 – F16)I’ll openly admit that I’m a sucker for shallow depth of field shots. They’re creamy, dreamy, and, well . . . just super cinematic. That being said, there are some significant perks to filming with a higher aperture setting. First off, everything is in focus. You won’t struggle to get that razor-sharp image at an F16, because there’s no depth. This is helpful if you’re using manual focus, or shooting in nature and trying to capture a massive landscape with all its beautiful details.Cons?The most obvious con for deep depth is that there’s no depth. There’s nothing to separate your subject from the background. This can make character-driven shots look ugly, due to the distraction of the background. Another pitfall comes from your dirty sensor. That’s right! Capturing anything with an F-stop higher than an F4 brings out all the nasty specs on your sensor. Since there’s no depth of field, any piece of dust resting on your sensor or lens becomes much more present in the final frame.Interested in the tracks we used to create this video?“Blue Blood” by Aulx Studio“Success Story” by Vincent ToneLooking for more on cinematography? Check these out.Choosing Aspect Ratio: A Guide to Everything You Need to KnowWhy Filmmakers and Photographers Prefer to Use Soft LightCapturing the Cinematic Moment: Creative Uses for a Color MeterWhere to Find Vintage Lenses (and Tips on How to Use Them)4 Older Cinema Cameras That Hold Up to Today’s Standardslast_img read more

What You Need To Do

first_imgWhen you don’t want to get out of bed, when you want to hit the snooze button, when you really want to retreat to the warm comfort of a few more minutes sleep, that’s the time you most need to muster the will to get up and get moving.When you don’t want to step onto the treadmill, into the gym, or climb under the heavy bar, that’s the time you need to summon your strength and do the work.When the blank page tries to intimidate you into giving up, giving in, and moving on, that’s the time when you need to let loose the words and ideas buried deep inside you struggling to escape.When you don’t want to close the browser, shut the lid, and disconnect, that’s when you most need to stop procrastinating, do the work you are avoiding, and remember why you’re here.When you don’t want to make the call because there is too much at risk, there’s too much at stake, and there’s too much to lose, that’s when you need to unleash your hidden power and dial the seven digits.When you don’t want to do the work, grind it out, or exert the necessary effort to get results, that’s when you need to take action and begin.When your scared to death to start that new thing, to go it alone, to step out onto the ledge and risk the chance, that’s the time to look fear in the eye, to stare it down, and to do what you were made for.When others insist that you can’t, that you will fail, that you will be hurt and embarrassed, that’s when you need to recognize that their fears aren’t your fears, that failure is just one short stop on your life’s adventure, and that it’s more embarrassing to have wasted what’s deep inside of you than it is to stumble.Do what you need to do. Now. Get the Free eBook! Want to master cold calling? Download my free eBook! Many would have you believe that cold calling is dead, but the successful have no fear of the phone; they use it to outproduce their competitors. Download Nowlast_img read more

Faster At What Cost

first_imgMost of the things that make sales go faster are bad for long term relationships–and longer term results.Trying to close faster only creates resistance on the part of your buyer. Making sure that you take them through all of the stages of their process, even if it feels like it may take you longer, gets you to the final commitment sooner and with your relationships in tact.Telling the client what they want to hear so that you can make a sale might get you the business faster than telling them the truth about what they really need, but your deal will be short lived. By trading time for what is right, you damage the long term relationship, and you most certainly leave yourself open to be competitively displaced by a truth-telling salesperson.Avoiding consensus-building and collaboration because you fear it will take longer to strike a deal by involving more stakeholders might seem like a good plan to compress time and get the win across the line. But if for some reason your power sponsor gives you the green light, you will struggle with all kinds of execution problems because you didn’t really do the work to discover what your client needs and you didn’t allow the people you serve to collaborate on the solution. By neglecting and/or avoiding people, you damaged relationships.If you feel like you have to race to make your number, it’s because you don’t have enough opportunities to reach your goals and you aren’t gaining all of the smaller commitments you need to move forward the opportunities you do have. To go faster, you have to take your time and do better work during every sales interaction. Fast is slow, and slow is fast. Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

You Have Work To Do

first_imgYou have work to do.Why are you reliving the mistakes you made yesterday right now? Why are you still talking about the deal you lost a month ago? Living in the past keeps you from moving into the future.Why are you dwelling on what other people think of you? Why are you worried about someone else’s approval. Why are you waiting for permission that isn’t coming? You alone are responsible for your life, and this means that you have to trust yourself.Your manager, your CEO, your competitors, your government, and your parents are not capable of preventing you from doing the meaningful work you should be doing right now. In fact, no one is thinking about how to stop you. The only obstacle between you and the meaningful work you should be doing is staring back at you in the mirror each morning.There are thousands of distractions that continually and unceasingly compete for your attention. They are legion. Some of these distractions may be worth your time and attention. But no distraction is worthy of the time and energy you need to do your real work. Only you can put first things first.The small fires that fill up your inbox will burn up all of your psychic bandwidth and all of your emotional energy if you let them. If you are vigilantly keeping guard in hopes of stomping out every small flame, you will burn yourself. The fire that should be your priority every day is the one that is burning inside you. Your job is to feed it, not allow it to be extinguished.You have work to do. You should be doing this work now. You should be prioritizing this work and putting it above everything else.last_img read more

How to Be Passionate About Your Work

first_img Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Now If you want to do good work, it helps to be passionate about your work. There are a few ways to make it easier to be passionate about your work, even if they’re very basic ideas. First, get a good night’s sleep. Second, hydrate by drinking a big glass of water the minute you get up. Third, get a little exercise before you start working. Fourth, don’t let your Inner Critic complain about your work and recognize that billions of people would trade places with you in a heartbeat (this is gratitude, and it’s very helpful to maintaining a positive attitude).All of the things in the paragraph above will help you be more passionate about your work, but none of them are as important as this one: Make your work better.The reason you are not passionate about your work is because you are not passionate about your work. If you do anything believing it is a chore, that it is boring, and that you’d rather be doing something else, your work will reflect your beliefs, your attitude, and your state. When you don’t appreciate your work, you will not do it with passion or enthusiasm.This single question can change how you feel about your work: How do you make it better?How do you improve the outcome you are responsible for producing? If you were to change what you are doing or how you are doing it to produce a radically better result, what would you have to change?If you were to do something new, something that was going to delight your clients, your customers, or your peers, what would you need to differently? What could you do that would provide a surprise, a smile, a sense of joy? What might cause people to talk about your work?If you were to do work that was show-stopping and exceptional, how could it be boring? If you were to do more than check a box and bring your passionate engagement to your work, how different would your work feel?There are certain rewards for doing your work. There are different rewards for doing your work well. And then there are the rewards that accrue only to those who bring their best selves to their work, making it something exceptional by doing it with passion.You can be passionate about your work when you decide to make it better.last_img read more

Don’t Make Excuses for Not Calling on Your Dream Clients

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Now Most of us work in businesses that require us to win clients who are already working with our competitors, something we euphemistically refer to as a “competitive displacement.” It can be difficult to win your dream clients, and you can easily be discouraged by the time and effort it requires of you, especially if you don’t have a strategy for doing so (See my third book, Eat Their Lunch: Winning Customers Away from Your Competition for proven strategies and tactics).Win customers away from your competition. Check out Eat Their LunchThe following four excuses prevent salespeople from putting in the work necessary to displace their competitor and win their dream clients, along with a better, healthier way to think about winning your dream clients.They will never leave their current provider. Never is a very long time. So long, you can’t even imagine it, eternity being incomprehensible. Given a long enough timeline, every one of your dream clients is going to leave their current partner. Over that same timeline, you will lose all of your best clients for one reason or another, many lost through no fault of your own. If you aren’t nurturing relationships, when your dream client is willing to explore change, you won’t know it, now will they know you.They aren’t worth the time or trouble. Some clients are more challenging to win than others. They are more demanding, and they need more time and attention. Some of their demands would stretch you and your company, requiring you to grow. There may be easier prospects to target, and there may be fresh leads you believe are more valuable than your targets. Winning these clients can not only grow your capabilities, but it can also help you differentiate your offering, helping you win other clients.They are only interested in the lowest price and won’t invest. Some prospects in your territory only perceive “lowest price” as value. These prospects give you zero credit for your compelling differentiation, even when your higher price results in lower overall costs, something a lot of clients say they want until you hand them the pricing and a contract. Over time, as circumstances change, some of the price-sensitive prospects will decide they can no longer suffer the failures that inevitably come from the concessions they’ve made by accepting the lowest price, and conclude they need to spend more on their solution.We failed them once, and they’ll never use us again. In the course of my career, I have had several grouchy clients tell me they would never use my company again. So far, that has never proven to be true. Over time, the clients you fail will forgive you (and maybe you will forgive them). The stakeholders who were unhappy with you will move on, leaving their company for another opportunity, replaced by a new decision-maker. Another company will purchase that company and look at all of their partners to ensure they’re getting what they need.You are always going to be prospecting, and the time is going to pass whether you do this work or not. If you want to win your dream client, you will have to put forth the effort, believing that, over time, their circumstances will change, and you will be there to capitalize on the opportunity.last_img read more

After U.P., Bihar BJP demands anti-Romeo squads

first_imgTaking a cue from neighbouring Uttar Pradesh, Bhartiya Janata Party in Bihar on Friday demanded formation of anti-Romeo squads for the safety of girls and women in the State. “Bihar government should also constitute anti-Romeo squads to deal with anti-social elements… the squads should be deployed at schools, colleges, universities and busy markets,” demanded senior state BJP leader and former deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi. “ Anti-Romeo squads are must in the state in view of the growing number of cases of crime against women and girls on the streets,” Mr. Modi told journalists in Patna. ‘Ban illegal abattoirs’ On Thursday, Leader of Opposition and State BJP leader Prem Kumar had demanded a ban on illegal cattle slaughter houses. “Like Uttar Pradesh, the government here in Bihar too should ban illegal cattle slaughterhouses ,” demanded Prem Kumar. Responding his demand, Animal Husbandry Minister Awadhesh Kumar Singh said a report had already been sought from the district magistrates on the illegal slaughter houses in their respective districts “despite a ban on cattle slaughter in the state”. “There is a committee in every district headed by District Magistrates to monitor cattle slaughter…we’ve asked the DMs to submit a report on illegal slaughterhouses so that steps can be taken to stop such illegal activities”, said the minister.The Bihar Prevention and Improvement of Animal Act’ 1955 only allows slaughter of bovines either more than 15-years old or disabled. Such animals can be slaughtered only after ante-mortem to prevent spread of diseases. However, sources told The Hindu that many illegal cattle slaughter houses were operating in Seemanchal districts of Katihar, Kishanganj, Purnia and Araria. Very few of them were registered with the concerned local urban body.Meanwhile, some Bihar BJP leaders said that branches of the Hindu Yuva Vahini, an organization of Hindu youths founded by U.P. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, would be opened soon in the border districts of Bihar. “By June-July this year, I expect branches of Hindu Yuva Vahini to be opened in districts like Kishanganj, Purnia and Katihar…it is must,” said a State BJP leader working for the party in the Seemanchal areas.last_img read more

Curfew relaxed in Sirsa for 12 hours

first_imgAuthorities on Tuesday relaxed the curfew from 7 am to 7 pm in Sirsa after the sentencing of Dera Sach Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh in two rape cases.The decision was taken after no violent incident was reported in the area. This is the second time since Sunday the curfew has been relaxed, officials said.Sirsa town is home to the sprawling Dera headquarters where the sect’s followers had gathered in large numbers ahead of Ram Rahim’s conviction.“Authorities should lift the curfew permanently in the area as the law and order situation is under control,” Bobby Soni, a localite, said.“During the relaxation of curfew people can buy their household items. Also, schools colleges and other educations institutions will also remain open during the period,” Special Commissioner (Civil), V Umashankar said.Inspector General (Hisar range) A S Dhillon on Monday said there has been no report of violence by Dera followers in the district.A special CBI court on Monday sentenced Ram Rahim to 20 years in prison after his conviction in two rape cases.last_img read more

Former Punjab Minister fails to surrender in rape case

first_imgShiromani Akali Dal (SAD) leader Sucha Singh Langah, who was booked for allegedly raping a woman since 2009, is yet to surrender before the court even though he had promised to do so on Saturday.The Gurdaspur police on Friday lastfiled a case under Sections 376 (rape), 384 (extortion), 420 (cheating) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the IPC against the former Minister, following a complaint by a woman, who alleged that the Akali leader had repeatedly raped her on several occasions since 2009.Gurdaspur Superintendent of Police Jatinder Singh Mand told The Hindu that Mr. Langah had not yet surrendered. Investigation was under way and police teams were looking for the accused. The police said the victim had provided them a video of Mr. Langah allegedly raping her.Political vendettaAsserting that the allegation against him was a “classic case of political vendetta”, Mr. Langah had on Friday said that he has faith in judiciary and would surrender before the court on Saturday.Following the FIR, Mr. Langah, a member of SAD’s core committee, resigned from all party posts. Later, SAD president Sukhbir Singh Badal accepted his resignation.He also quit the membership of Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC).Mr. Langah hit out at the Congress party, alleging the case against him was a classic example of political vendetta perpetuated at the most political opportune moment when the byelection of the Gurdaspur parliamentary constituency is just round the corner.“The political witchhunt has started with the announcement of Gurdaspur byelection. I, along with my party colleagues, have met Punjab Director General of Police in August and complained against police officials who had registered false cases against Akali workers and leaders. Since then the State machinery and particularly the district police is hell bent on framing me in false cases in order to please their political bosses,” he said in a statement.“This episode shows the vendetta politics of unknown proportions that the Congress party believes in,” he added.last_img read more

Policeman killed in Pulwama

first_imgA police head-constable was killed by suspected militants when he was attending a wedding in Pulwama on Monday evening.A police spokesman told The Hindu that militants fired upon head constable Ashiq Hussain at Pulwama’s Padgampora village, where he had gone to attend a wedding. “He succumbed to the bullet injuries in the hospital,” said the police.The victim was posted at the Awantipora police station.last_img

ED notice to Yasin Malik

first_imgThe Enforcement Directorate has issued notice to Kashmiri separatist leader Yasin Malik and two others seeking their response to alleged foreign exchange rule violations involving ₹48.23 lakh. The money, seized from a Srinagar resident and his wife in 2011, was allegedly meant for Malik. During interrogation, Dar had allegedly disclosed that the money was for Yasin Malik. The latter was arrested in the case, after which he was released on bail.last_img

Farm experts favour super straw management system to fight smog

first_imgWith many parts of the northern States fighting a smog crisis, agriculture experts and officials are optimistic about effectively managing paddy-residue burning in the next season with the help of super straw management system.At a recent meeting at the Ludhiana-based Panjab Agricultural University, agriculture experts, progressive farmers and officials deliberated to devise a strategy to manage stubble burning next year in an environment-friendly manner.It was pointed out during the meeting, which was conducted at the instance of Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB), that the super straw management system on combine harvesters must be made compulsory so that farmers could easily manage the harvested straw.Dr. H.S. Sidhu of the Borlaugh Institute for South Asia stressed the need for incorporation of paddy straw in the field rather than its removal by way of bales as the latter may create other ecological issues. “Happy seeder was found to be very effective tool this season for direct sowing of wheat after paddy harvesting by combining harvesters fitted with super straw management system,” he said.Besides, it was observed that existing machines such as cutter-cum-spreaders (mulchers), reversible plough and happy seeders effectively managed paddy straw for wheat sowing.PAU developed super straw management system (Super SMS) in 2016.Dr. N.S.Bains, Director Research at the PAU, said the adoption of early maturing varieties of rice developed by the university is another option for farmers as it will not only provide more window for effective management of paddy straw but also save water.Dr. B.S Dhillon, PAU Vice-Chancellor, suggested that Krishi Vigyan Kendras and the agriculture department should hold large camps and field days to explain to farmers how wheat cen be sown without burning paddy straw.“It’s important that government ensures effective ban on stubble burning for better agro ecology and sustainability of agriculture,” experts pointed out.last_img read more

HJM tells schools not to celebrate Christmas

first_imgHindu Jagran Manch has asked schools in Aligarh not to celebrate Christmas. Sonu Savita, president of the Aligarh unit of HJM, said the celebration by Christian schools was “essentially a ploy to lure and convert Hindu children.” “I want to clarify here that we are not against Christians celebrating Christmas. But we do have a problem when a Christian festival is forced on Hindu children,” Mr. Savita told The Hindu. “This is completely unacceptable.”He said these schools survived only because of Hindu students. “No school has a majority of Christian students. So why do these schools where Hindu students are in majority celebrate Christmas?” The State secretary of HJM Sanju Bajaj confirmed the diktat. He said HJM volunteers were running an “awareness campaign” among the parents whose children studied in Christian schools. He said the HJM and other Hindutva groups would hold protests outside the schools if they “forced” Hindu children to celebrate Christmas. Pramod Singh of the Christian Legal Association told The Hindu that threats like these were an attempt to make minorities second class citizens. Many Aligarh based civil society group like Muslim Forum have approached SSP of Aligarh Rajesh Pandey against the HJM’s diktat. The SSP, however, said the police were not aware of such a threat, but would take action against elements who take the law into their own hands.last_img read more

BJP for CBI or judicial probe into Kathua rape case

first_imgJammu and Kashmir’s ruling coalition partner BJP on Monday expressed shock and anguish over alleged harassment of people during the investigation into the rape-and-murder of a minor girl in Kathua, and demanded a CBI or judicial probe into it. In a statement, State BJP spokesperson Virender Gupta claimed that the way investigating agencies were conducting the probe has led to a mass exodus in the area and deterioration in the law and order situation. The body of the eight-year-old girl was recovered from Rassana forest on January 17, a week after she had gone missing while grazing horses. On January 23, the government handed over the case to the State police’s crime branch which arrested a Special Police Officer (SPO) in February for his alleged involvement in the abduction and killing of the girl. Earlier, a special investigation team (SIT) had arrested a 15-year-old boy and claimed the accused had strangulated the victim after she resisted his rape attempt.Endorsing the demand of the people of Kathua for a CBI probe, the BJP spokesperson said the culprits had to be strictly dealt with and punished. He alleged that atrocities were being committed on the villagers compelling them to flee. If the law and order authorities continue to spread the reign of terror, this would result in serious repercussions, making the situation out of control, he said and appealed to the government to immediately order a CBI or judicial inquiry into the incident. The BJP leader also appealed to the general public and leaders of the area not to get swayed by emotional rhetoric of various agencies. He also warned the authorities against any sort of communal overtones in handling the situation. The BJP leader’s appeal came a day after Deputy Chief Minister and senior BJP leader Nirmal Singh assured the people of a fair probe into the crime.last_img read more

HC rejects Lalu Prasad’s bail petition once again

first_imgThe Jharkhand High Court on Friday rejected for the second time in two months the bail plea of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad in the fodder scam cases. Hearing Mr. Prasad’s interim bail plea on medical grounds, Justice Apresh Kumar Singh sought his medical reports from the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi, where he is currently admitted.After being convicted in as many as four fodder scam cases, the RJD chief is lodged in Birsa Munda jail of Ranchi since December 23, 2017. The court later fixed May 4 as the next date for hearing his bail petition.last_img